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Doors Open Days 2014: Photographer Damian Shields engaged by Scottish Civic Trust to capture Scotland through the Keyhole

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Doors Open Days 2014: Photographer Damian Shields engaged by Scottish Civic Trust to capture Scotland through the Keyhole

Doors Open Days, with some help from Homecoming Scotland 1014, has commissioned Scottish photographer Damian Shields to make a portfolio of images that showcase the very best of Doors Open Days venues across the country.

cloch-lighthouseAs we speak Damian is out and about, roving and roaming across the glens, streets and shores of Scotland capturing the very essence of what makes a great Doors Open Days site.


From firm favourites like our world renowned castles to our contemporary new builds, or our historical outdoor sites and many more, Damian is documenting it all. With over 1000 venues to choose from Damian has a tough job ahead in both selecting the sites and in making it around them all.


So far Damian has been to more than half of this year’s participating local authority areas, for a full list of areas taking part see our websitewww.doorsopendays.org.uk

This photographic portfolio will be completed soon and work will be available to view online and Doors Open Days teams are looking for a gallery to support an exhibition of this work in September during the festival.


Damian Shields says:
‘I can trace the beginnings of my affair with landscape photography to childhood exploration and the simple pleasure of discovery. It is within this spirit of discovery that I have been given the exciting opportunity to photograph some of Scotland’s finest hidden architectural gems for Doors Open Days. This is a project I will enjoy immensely and I’m looking forward to helping promote the exploration of Scotland’s rich architectural heritage and the sculptural snapshots of an era waiting to be discovered.’

Pauline McCloy-Turtle, Doors Open Days national Coordinator, says:
‘Exploration and discovery are at the very core of Doors Open Days and that is why Damian is the perfect partner to help us portray these parts of our festival. With his portfolio of work we look forward to revealing some of Scotland’s more beautiful landscapes and multi-faceted built environments to our residents and visitors alike and to showcasing a photographic taster of Scotland through the Keyhole.’

Caroline Packman, Homecoming Scotland Director says:

‘Homecoming is the opportunity to celebrate Scotland’s rich culture, heritage, natural resources and creativity. It’s also about celebrating everything that’s great about our country and placing the spotlight on our greatest assets – some of which will be captured through Damian Shield’s fantastic work.  The images will leave a lasting legacy for the 2014 festival and we are delighted to be supporting Doors Open Day as it presents a fantastic opportunity for visitors and locals to enjoy a huge variety of fantastic venues – from the majestic to the less well known hidden gems.’

To see Samples of Damian Shields current work see 
To find out more about Damian’s work the Doors Open Days see our website 
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