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Bands, Musician, Promoters and Volunteers Wanted.

Are you passionate about music? Think you could organise a live music event? LnP Promotions are seeking people, bands and organisations to host live music as part of Paisley Live, a weeklong of live music and arts events in Paisley 1 – 7 September 2014.

There are loads of ways to get involved with Paisley Live and be a part of the UK’s Paisley’s biggest festival line up We are looking for local bands, groups, choirs and individual musicians to take this opportunity create their own part of this live community event.

Whatever you’re into – metal, dance, classical – as long as you’re into music Paisley Live is for you. Your gig can be whatever you want it to be; big or small, on a street corner or in a concert hall. Raise money for an incredible cause, enhance your CV, and have fun with your mates while you’re at it.

We’ll give you everything you need to put on a great event, with tips, advice, training, and other resources.

Be Part of the Paisley Revival

Paisley town centre has been in decline for over a decade and the whole community is looking for help to re energise the town both from a community spirit perspective and an economic one.

The aim of Paisley Music Week is to bring local music and arts organisations together and establish a week-long festival of music in Paisley. The vision is to restore Paisley’s reputation as a live music town and help rebuild the town centre as a visitor destination. For us to help deliver this vision, we need you.

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