[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Travelling between Paisley and London for Christmas: What You Need to Know


Paisley and London enjoy a positive flow of tourism between the two each year. Expats from both locations visit or live in the other city, thus offering a healthy mix of English and Scottish cultures during the festive period. Many expats choose this time of year to travel back home again, hosting reunions and parties that help them to come together with their loved ones. Both cities have plenty to offer citizens and expats,  just as both have plenty of great venues available for reunions and events to take part in. If you happen to be an expat living in either location, this guide will help you to plan out your vacation and decide which location you wish to stay in.


Planning Christmas in Paisley


Paisley is fresh, charming, and beautiful during the festive season. This small town has plenty of charm for citizens and expats alike, and tends to draw in visitors each and every year. While this swells the local population by a small number, Paisley still has a small-town Scotland feel that’s particularly inviting around the festive period. People are friendly, and local shops and restaurants are more than welcoming.


Finding a venue in Paisley for simple accommodations–or even a party room for get-togethers– isn’t difficult, provided that you search and book far enough in advance. UKwed.com may be designed for weddings, but it also has a long list of Scottish venues available. Remember that Paisley is considerably smaller than London, so you may be more limited in what choices you have available to you.


Sherbrooke Castle, Pollok House, and the Erskine Resort & Spa all make for beautiful get-together spaces. Each of these is also a beautiful spot for those who adore history. The town is packed with Scottish historical buildings, with the beautiful Paisley Abbey and the town hall being the focus of most tours. Aside from these two buildings, much of the core town itself has maintained facades from 100 or more years ago. This makes for a beautiful stroll through the streets during the festive period, especially when the lights are up and twinkling. To get a true feel for local Scottish culture, stop in at any one of the many pubs and restaurants during the festive period. You’re sure to feel right at home.





Planning Christmas in London


If low-key isn’t really your thing, consider planning your festive period in London. It’s close enough to Scotland that you can travel easily and affordably, even if you don’t own your own vehicle. London turns into a fast-paced city full of excitement and Christmas spirit each year, with enough events and happenings that you’ll never be able to attend every single one. This means that it’s usually possible to wander around the city and find something to do, even without an itinerary.


When searching for a venue in London, you have a plethora of options available to you–both big and small. If you aren’t interested in a private party, you can attend one of the shared party night venues, each of which is hosted by local events companies. These can be a more affordable way for families and friends to enjoy the fun of a party without worrying about high venue hire costs or timeframes.


If you do want to rent a private venue, your budget will mostly dictate what is available to you. Click here to visit Venuesearchlondon.com; this website will allow you to search for venue hires based on your needs and your budget. Also be sure to check out:


  • The Hop Exchange
  • The Vaults
  • Christmas at Battersea
  • The Dream Circus at Battersea
  •  Austin Friars
  • 11 Cavendish Square
  • Southbank
  • The Alpine Lodge, Billiard Room, 8 Northumberland
  • OXO Tower’s Candy Store


Each of these has their own unique offerings. The Ritz London and many other local hotels can also be a great place to seek out both group rates for accommodation and conference or party rates, too. As an added bonus, each typically has event planners on staff that can help you to create the perfect experience for your group.


When you’re ready to head out on the town, check out Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace for a taste of English history. The London Bridge is also lit up during the festive period, providing a jolly taste of Christmas spirit. Regent Street, Oxford Street, Santa’s Grotto, and any of the numerous Christmas performances held throughout the city are also sure to charm and excite visitors. When you’re done, stop by Somerset House ice rink for a taste of outdoor skating amidst the lights.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]