The Great Tapestry of Scotland

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The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Threading West… the Atrium, Anchor Mill, Paisley.  Opens Saturday 3rd May until 8 June 2014

Seen by over 100,000 people in its first year and its only visit to the West of Scotland, don’t miss the 160 panels of this exquisite tapestry telling the story of Scotland from first settlers and the receding glaciers, Picts, Vikings, Bannockburn, Paisley Pattern, The Mills, WWI, rock’n roll to the creation of the Scottish parliament and everything in between. Initiated by Andrew McCall-Smith and designed by Andrew Crummy, over 1000 stitchers from across Scotland have created this the longest tapestry in the world including 3 panels stitched here in Renfrewshire.

This extraordinary exhibition is presented by a community collaboration – Weaving Musical Threads, Paisley Thread Mill Museum and West College Scotland – and can be seen in the beautiful and historic Atrium, Anchor Mill situated at The Hammills on the White Cart River.

Artistry – History – Community

“Most important have been our efforts to make a tapestry that distils Scotland’s unique sense of itself, to tell a story only of this place, and without bombast, pomp or ceremony, to ask the heart-swelling rhetorical question; Wha’s like us?”   – ALISTAIR MOFFAT, Historian (

Free entry. Donations welcome.
Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 6pm
Open Wednesday & Thursday 10am – 8pm