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A rising young boxer helped by Pro-Life Paisley

Pro-Life managed by Renfrewshire Sports Charity

A rising young boxer being trained by former British welterweight champ Kevin McIntyre was a real knockout when he donned his new lucky shorts and went on to lift his first title after just four months in the sport.

Paisley’s Kieran McIntyre – Kevin’s nephew – proved he could pack a punch when he took to the ring in the elite Scottish Schoolboy Championships and won the 38kg category title.

The 12-year-old Todholm primary pupil puts his winning performance down to the snazzy customised shorts bought by Renfrewshire Sport Charity which operates the Pro-Life Fitness Centre in Paisley to raise funds for ACCORD and St Vincent’s hospices.

Having his uncle Kevin, one of his sporting heroes in the corner, also spurred Kieran on to a magnificent performance in his bout to arrive back to his home town a winner…just like his uncle before him.

Kieran is the first sportsman to win sponsorship from a special Sports Fund which was set up by RSC in the wake of well known fitness expert Alex Whelan retiring and gifting his gym to the charity which receives all the profits from the operation.

And already the young puncher is showing the potential to follow in the footsteps of Kevin who is training and mentoring him.

Kieran who was delighted to win his bout at the event at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow said: “It was great to get a medal. It’s the first one I’ve ever won in my life for anything. I usually just get them for participating not being a winner so this is a good feeling.

“The shorts made a huge difference, really they did. They were hand made for me and cost £180 and made me feel like a real fighter. I felt great in them and they gave me a real boost and I felt more confident going into the ring. They are definitely my lucky shorts.

“ There’s no way I could have got them without this sponsorship from Pro-Life so I just want to say thanks and I’ll stick in at the training.”

A delighted Kieran, a member of Renfrewshire Amateur Boxing Club, added: “I thought about giving it up but not anymore. I train for two hours three nights a week just now so you have to be committed to it.

“Since I started boxing just a few months ago I’ve had five fights with four wins and one loss. This latest one has made me believe in myself a bit and think that with a lot of hard work this could be the sport for me.”

Kevin a former British, Scottish and Celtic Welterweight champion is backing the young star to go far as long as he works hard and takes care of himself.

He said: “If you look good, you feel good and you box good. Your confidence just soars so what Kieran says is right. You are more self-assured if you look and feel the part so I’m sure his new shorts did play a big part in the win.

“Kieran’s done really well at training, working hard and putting the hours in at the gym and that’s what being a great sportsman is all about. He’s still young so we won’t be too hard on him. This sponsorship deal with Renfrewshire Sports Charity will make a huge difference to Kieran and his family. Without something like this kind of support achieving your goals is always so much harder.

“Pro-Life helped me through my career and now they’re giving my nephew the support he needs to go on and be a success which is a wonderful gesture.”

Kieran’s proud dad Garry, 32, added: “We are all delighted for Kieran. We never expected him to have so much success so quickly but this big win has motivated him to stick in at it. And those shorts – he never stops talking about them.

“We are obviously grateful to Pro-Life for backing Kieran in this way and it is an honour for him to be the first recipient of sponsorship from the new RSC.”

Gayle Brannigan, chief executive of RSC, said: “I am delighted to be part of this historic award. Kieran is the first sportsperson to be sponsored by the charity. It’s an exciting and vibrant time for everyone and he is exactly the type of person we are looking to help.

“He’s young, new into his sport, has ambition and commitment and is developing into a dedicated boxer. I can’t believe he’s already a champion after such a short time in the sport and we will continue to help him out whenever we can.”

Pic captions:
Kevin: Young Kieran with his hero and trainer former British welterweight champ Kevin McIntyre.
Shorts: Kieran, who is pictured with Gayle Brannigan from Renfrewshire Sports Charity at Pro-Life, says the shorts gave him a belief he could win.
More information from Anne Dalrymple on 07969 143686[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_single_image image=”21323″ img_size=”full” animate=”afb” animate_delay=”0.2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Food Train Renfrewshire celebrate National Volunteers‘ Week

Volunteers’ Week is taking place between 1-7 June – a national celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK.


Since the launch of Food Train in Renfrewshire on 1st October 2013, we have recruited 33 local volunteers – all individual and unique, volunteering for different reasons – and collectively they make a brilliant team. In the 8 months since we launched, they have donated 2,336 hours of their time, making1,436 deliveries to 103 local older people.


So, we’re shining a big bright light on our fabulous team. Enjoy the trailer to our celebration film attached. But save some of the popcorn for next week – the longer version ends with some genuine, lovely messages from grateful customers. Please join us on Facebook (Food Train Renfrewshire), our CEO Michelle on Twitter (@FoodTrainScot) and our website (www.thefoodtrain.co.uk) for more celebrations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Two of Scotland’s Commonwealth Games team joined some of the Renfrewshire youngsters who will benefit from an award of £25,000 from Glasgow Airport to improve sports coaching in the area.

Kilbarchan marathon runner Derek Hawkins, 24, and Erskine badminton player Rebekka Findlay, 20, took time out from their busy training schedules to pass on some tips to school pupils attending an after school sports club in Erskine.

With Glasgow Airport set to be the gateway to this year’s Commonwealth Games, its FlightPath Fund decided the one-off award should benefit grassroots sports coaching and participation in Renfrewshire. The money will be used to recruit hundreds of new sports coaches and deliver further training for existing coaches and volunteers.

The Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan Community Sports Hub was established in 2012 and represents 11 sports clubs and their 1,100 participants in the three towns.

The Glasgow Airport support will fund 400 spaces on coach education awards for local people over a two year period. Sports covered include athletics, badminton, basketball, cycling, dance, disability sport, football, rugby, swimming and tennis.

The Community Sport Hub initiative is a key component of sportscotland’s contribution to the Scottish Government’s 2014 legacy plan and will help ensure the best use of facilities and boost the number of opportunities for local people to participate in sport through playing, coaching, volunteering or officiating.

At least half of the 400 spaces will be set aside for new coaches and volunteers with recruitment focusing on senior pupils from the local high schools, Park Mains High and Trinity High, as well as young people who are not in education, employment or training. The remainder will be allocated to existing club coaches and volunteers.

Hundreds of additional spaces on first aid, child protection and SportsLeader UK courses will also be facilitated by the FlightPath Fund award. Glasgow Airport had invited local charities and community groups to apply for a one-off ‘Challenge Fund’ of £50,000.

Councillor Iain Nicolson, a member of the FlightPath Fund committee, said: “The standard of application we received for the Challenge Fund was extremely high, but what really stood out about the sports hub project was the number of people of all ages who will benefit, and of course the wide variety of sports covered.”

Councillor Sam Mullin, who also sits on the FlightPath Fund committee, said: “With this being the year Scotland will host its biggst ever sporting event, there will never be a better opportunity to make the most of the feelgood factor around the Commonwealth Games to promote grassroots coaching and participation.”

Ross Williams, Chair of Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan Community Sports Hub, said: “We want to encourage as many people as possible – particularly young people – to use this fantastic opportunity to develop new coaching skills. The coach education programme will deliver a real legacy for sport in the community and ensure we make the most of the opportunities coming our way as a result of the Commonwealth Games.”

Councillor Jim Harte, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Sport, Leisure and Culture Policy Board, said: “A passion for sport stays with people and exercise really is the magic bullet for many of the chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease that plague our society. Exercise is also great for kids as it helps them sleep and improves their self esteem and mental health. This award will contribute towards our goal of creating a well qualified bank of coaches to support sports clubs and encourage people to adopt a more active lifestyle.”

Stewart Harris, Chief Executive of sportscotland, said: “This funding is a fantastic boost for Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan Community Sports Hub. As the hub continues to develop it will help to provide more opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved in sport and physical activity, which is a key objective for sportscotland.”

Flightpath FundPic Peter Devlin[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_column_text]Courtesy of Glasgow Airport Flightpath Fund:

• The Glasgow Airport FlightPath Fund was established in 2010 to support community groups, charitable organisations and innovative projects with positive outcomes in three areas – education, employment and the environment.

• It has awarded in excess of £700,000 to more than 200 community groups and charities in parts of Glasgow, Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire and West Dunbartonshire. In 2013 the FlightPath Fund made awards totalling more than £200,000.

Notes for Community sport hubs:

• Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan Community Sports Hub is made up of representatives of local clubs and supported by partners including Renfrewshire Council, sportscotland, Renfrewshire Leisure, the Scottish Football Association and other national sporting governing bodies.

• The Community Sport Hub initiative is a key component of sportscotland’s contributuion to the Scottish Government’s 2014 legacy plan. Since financial year 2010/2011, sportscotland has been investing £1.5 million of Lottery funding per annum into developing at least 150 hubs across all 32 of Scotland’s local authorities by 2016.

• With 131 hubs already up-and-running across Scotland, sportscotland is working with Renfrewshire Council to progress the seven hubs which are planned for the area.

• Community sport hubs provide information, training, support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities to make it easier for people to pursue a more active and healthier lifestyle.

• The specifics of community sport hubs vary according to local need and resource, but all follow five key principles:

o Growth in participation
o Engage the local community
o Promote community leadership
o Offer a range of sporting opportunities
o Bring all appropriate (key) partners/groups/people together.

• The 11 sports clubs which make up Erskine, Bishopton and Inchinnan Community Sports Hub cover 400 playing members aged 18 and over, and 700 playing members aged under 18.

• There are 124 volunteer coaches aged 18 and over, along with 38 volunteers who are aged under 18.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

council logo

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Open House for tenants to have their say

Renfrewshire Council is opening its doors and its ears to housing tenants at a series of events next week.
The Council is keen to get feedback from tenants on the services it provides and to work with tenants to improve services.

The Open House events will provide the council’s 12,000 tenants with an opportunity to speak to housing staff, and to get advice and assistance on a range of housing issues.
A range of staff from the council’s Housing and Development Services, along with representatives from partner agencies such as the Police and Fire Service, will be on hand to meet tenants face to face, answer their questions and hear their experiences first hand.

There will be four events:
Renfrew – Monday 2 June, Renfrew Town Hall, 3pm-7pm
Paisley North – Wednesday 4 June, Paisley Town Hall, 3pm-7pm
Paisley South – Thursday 5 June, Paisley Town Hall, 3pm-7pm
Johnstone – Monday 9 June, Johnstone Community Sports Complex, 12.30pm-4.30pm

Councillor Tommy Williams, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Housing and Community Safety Policy Board, said: “It’s really important that we listen to our tenants and use their feedback and experiences to continually inform and improve the services we offer. These Open House events are an opportunity to meet people face to face, listen to them and answer their questions.

“There will be four events so that tenants from each area of Renfrewshire have their chance to take part. I’d urge all tenants to come along, no appointments needed just drop in and have your say.”

Courtesy Renfrewshire Council[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”14664″ img_size=”full”][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Barshaw Park plays host to a new theatrical cycling experience

Get on your bike for a theatrical cycling experience as part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme.

Touring parks and green spaces across Scotland in June and July, The Spokesmen, created by Visible Fictions Theatre Company, will visit Barshaw Park in Paisley on 4, 5 and 6 June.



The Spokesmen is an outdoor theatre performance with a difference: the audience and cast are all on bikes!

This whirlwind cycle of discovery will take you to haunted woods, the natural habitat of some surprising creatures and a historical battle ground – all with a little pop culture sprinkled into the mix.

Directed and written by Douglas Irvine and performed by Alan McHugh and Simon Donaldson, this comedy piece has been created for a family audience. Designed by Sergey Jakovsky, you’ll be amazed what a bike can do!

The Spokesmen’s writer and director Douglas Irvine commented:

“There’s something magical about riding a bike, particularly if you haven’t been on one for a while; it transports you to another place, one of freedom and childhood. This outdoor theatre piece has a sense of play and adventure about it and we hope that young and old alike will be inspired to get on their bikes and experience the great outdoors.”

Feel the wind in your hair as you pedal through this bonkers show, Barshaw Park will never be the same again.

The Spokesmen is suitable for families with children aged 8 and over. All bikes and safety equipment will be provided.

Performances of The Spokesmen will take place at Barshaw Park on 4, 5 and 6 June at 6pm each day. Tickets cost £8 and are available now at the Box Office at Paisley Arts Centre or by phone on 0300 300 1210. Please note we will require age and height information for all participants at the point of booking in order to fit bikes and safety equipment.

For further information on The Spokesmen, future events and exhibitions log onto www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/events or follow us on www.facebook.com/renfrewshirearts or www.twitter.com/RenArtsMuseums[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Historical Wills of Scottish Soldiers Go Online

The last wishes of Scottish soldiers at the Front: The National Records of Scotland release Soldiers’ Wills from WW1, WW2, the Boer War, Korean War and other conflicts between 1857 and 1964

The wills of 31,000 Scottish soldiers are being made available online by the National Records of Scotland as part of commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. The poignant documents include the last wishes of 26,000 ordinary Scottish soldiers who died in the Great War.


The new records contain the wills for ancestors of some famous Scots. For instance, John Feeley, the great-great-grandfather of the Paisley musician, Paolo Nutini, is included. Private Feeley served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and died of wounds sustained during the Battle of Arras on 23 April 1917. Feeley left all of his property and effects to his wife, Annie, who lived until 1964.

Researchers at the National Records of Scotland have also discovered the will of Andrew Cox, the uncle of Dundee-born actor, Brian Cox. A rope-worker before the war, Private Andrew Cox served with the Highland Light Infantry and was killed in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, aged 22 – sadly, his body was never identified. Like many unmarried soldiers, Andrew Cox left all of his possessions to his mother, Elizabeth.

The records are drawn from all the Scottish infantry and cavalry regiments, as well as the Royal Artillery, Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Army Service Corps, the Machine Gun Corps and other units, and a few who served in the Royal Flying Corps and the RAF. Almost all the wills were written by soldiers below officer rank, but some wills for commissioned officers are also included.

In addition to the wills from the Great War, there are almost 5,000 from Scots soldiers serving in all theatres during the Second World War, several hundred from the Boer War and Korean War, and wills from other conflicts between 1857 and 1964.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs in the Scottish Government, said:

“These small but powerful documents are a testament to the sacrifice in wartime made by thousands of Scots, not only the soldiers themselves, but also their families and loved ones.”

Tim Ellis, Registrar General and Keeper of the Records of Scotland, said:

“We are privileged to be marking the centenary of the start of the First World War by making these remarkable records available. They give us a unique insight into the service of Scottish soldiers during the First and Second World Wars, but also in other conflicts before and since.”

Annelies van den Belt, the CEO of DC Thomson Family History, who enable the ScotlandsPeople website on behalf of the National Records of Scotland, said:

“We’re very pleased to add this new set of records to the ScotlandsPeople site. These fascinating documents make for poignant reading and we’re sure that anyone who views the wills will feel a strong emotional connection to those who lost their lives in these conflicts.”

The Soldiers’ Wills are available at www.ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk, at the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh, and at local family history centres in Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Hawick and Inverness.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Johnstone housing campaigner receives BEM

A Johnstone woman has been presented with the BEM (British Empire Medal) in recognition of her campaigning efforts on behalf of social housing tenants.

Nanette Reid, from Johnstone, was presented her medal and certificate by Lord-Lieutenant Guy Clark, the Queen’s representative in Renfrewshire, at a special ceremony held in Renfrewshire Council’s HQ in Paisley.

The ceremony was also attended by Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall, and Nanette’s family and friends.

The medal was awarded to Nanette for her voluntary service to social housing in Scotland. Mrs Reid first became involved in social housing in 1994 and since then has represented tenants’ rights and employee rights within social housing organizations across Scotland.

Nanette sits on a number of social housing boards including Linstone Housing Association steering group and Tenancy Participation for Scotland group.

Lord-Lieutenant Clark said “I was delighted to present the British Empire Medal to Mrs Nanette Reid on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen at Renfrewshire Council Headquarters on 14th May.

“This accolade is only awarded to those who have demonstrated dedicated service at the highest level, and who have made a real impact to the community.

Nanette Reid BEM 09

“This richly deserved Award has been granted to Mrs Reid for her considerable contribution for the promotion of the rights of tenants to good quality and affordable housing. It is the first BEM to be awarded in the district of Renfrewshire since the reintroduction of the medal in 2012.”

Nanette Reid was overwhelmed with pride to receive the award. “This used to be an award given to soldiers so I am really honoured to been recognised with this medal. Our soldiers are truly brave so to receive an award that recognising their achievements is very humbling.

“My voluntary work in social housing all started when my own home was changing ownership and I became involved by putting forward the rights of all tenants to help shape the new landlordship. I enjoyed it so much that I continued to be part of many tenancy boards and I’ve no plans to stop anytime soon.

“I am overwhelmed to be receiving this award as I don’t really think I am doing anything special. My role allows me to meet and work with a lot of different people and we each bring something to the table. I am just a small part of that.”

Provost Hall said “I was delighted to be a part of this special event in recognising one of our residents who works tirelessly for others in the community. Nanette’s passion and enthusiasm are an inspiration to many.

“Nanette has helped shaped social housing within the local community and her work continues to do so today.”[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][vc_column_text]

IMAGE 1: Lord-Lieutenant Guy Clark presents Nanette Reid with the BEM at the ceremony.

IMAGE 2: l-r Lord-Lieutenant Guy Clark with Nanette Reid BEM and Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall at the ceremony.

IMAGE 3: Nanette Reid BEM proudly shows off her medal.

IMAGE 4: Nanette Reid’s was joined at the ceremony by son Derek, his wife, Karen, and their children, Heather and William

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west college scotland

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Food for thought at local summit meeting

Renfrewshire Council, the NHS, and other public organisations in the area are getting together with local community groups to tackle food poverty.

A ‘Food Matters’ event at West College Scotland on Wednesday 25 June will look at food poverty and the health and environmental aspects of food-related issues, with members of the Renfrewshire public encouraged to attend.

west college scotland

The discussion will cover: growing more food; making fresh, healthy food more available to people; teaching people to prepare and cook food; and reducing food waste.

Councillor Mark Macmillan, Chair of Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership, said: “Food poverty is a pressing issue for many people in our communities and we need bring all of our public sector and community organisations together to tackle it. The issue is central to two of the themes of our new community plan which focus on improving the health of local people and developing a greener Renfrewshire.

“The aim of the ‘Food Matters’ event is to agree a joint approach to food poverty and to develop plans to ensure we have a sustainable approach to making healthy food available to people in all of our communities.

“I hope that community organisations that have a connection with these issues in any aspect of their work will come along to this event.”

Food Matters will take place at the Abercorn Centre, West College Scotland in Paisley on Wednesday 25 June from 9.30am to 2pm.

Local charities, voluntary organisations and community groups can sign up to attend the summit by contacting Renfrewshire Council on 0141 618 7075 or by emailing cara.mulrooney@renfrewshire.gov.uk[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Huge turnout for youth football festival

Hundreds of young football fanatics took part in this year’s Street Stuff football festival at St Mirren Park in Paisley.

The turnout at this year’s event has been the highest there’s ever been with over 400 kids taking part in the festival.

As well as playing on the pitch, youngsters also got the chance to meet the first team squad and the winning teams received top prizes.


The annual end-of-season festival is part of the hugely successful Street Stuff youth diversionary project and is supported by the Renfrewshire Council’s community safety team and a wide range of partner organisations.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said “We are delighted that so many kids took part in the football festival and have made it the most successful one yet. It is always one of the highlights of the Street Stuff calendar.

“Street Stuff has been a very successful programme and has contributed to a reduction in youth disorder across Renfrewshire. Since it began in 2009 there has been a 75% fall in anti-social behaviour and youth disorder rates have fallen by 35% alone since last year.

“The scheme is a team effort with our partners who have all worked together to make it so successful. We would like to thank St Mirren for hosting this great event and for the contribution of the players and staff both in preparation of the event and on the night itself.”

The award-winning youth diversionary scheme offers a range of activities for young people around the area, such as street football, The Dome – an indoor facility with a mini gym, table tennis, football and games room – and The Box – a multi-functional activity unit used for dance mats, portable music devices and the latest gaming consoles.

Street Stuff is a partnership between Renfrewshire Council, St Mirren Football Club, Scottish Football Association, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Engage Renfrewshire.

The Street Stuff timetable can be viewed at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Photographs taken by Stephen Gallacher from St Mirren FC[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Renfrewshire S1s to become super savers with iSave launch

Every S1 pupil in Renfrewshire is being given the chance to open a Credit Union account – complete with a £10 deposit from the council – as part of an overall drive to curb the rise of payday lenders.

Pupils set to start high school in August have recently been given applications to join the iSave credit union initiative, with the hope that as many as possible get their forms in before the end of term.

iSave pic

Renfrewshire Council Leader, Councillor Mark Macmillan, said: “Application forms for our iSave Credit Union Initiative are now with our P7 pupils and their parents to sign and return to us. I’d urge as many as possible to get their forms back secondary school before the end of term to make sure we can get the accounts with the £10 opened in time for August.

“We want to encourage young people to take a responsible approach to money issues and this initiative is a worthwhile investment to equip pupils with the right skills and attitudes to deal with finances and that will hopefully stay with them into adulthood.

“Credit unions have such an important role to play in our community by encouraging saving and ensuring access to affordable credit rates. Getting young people involved with credit unions can mean that later in life, they have a reasonable and dependable alternative to payday lenders if they need to borrow money.”

The credit union accounts will be opened in August and pupils will receive their account details in the post during the summer holidays. Once they start high school, they will learn more about the benefits of saving and budgeting through financial education.

Councillor Macmillan added: “We have a track record of taking practical steps to curb the rise in payday lenders and reduce the negative impact they have on communities. We have banned access to their websites from our PCs, we will not allow them to lease council premises, and we have written to UK Government to urge that councils be given powers to regulate payday loan companies.

“I’m delighted that we’re building on this by launching our iSave initiative to open credit union accounts for our S1 pupils every summer from 2014.”

Three Credit Unions are working with the council so set up iSave: Johnstone Credit Union, Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union and ScotWest. Every secondary school has been matched with one of these.

Parents and pupils looking for more information about iSave should visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/isave or call 0141 618 2527.

Attached photograph shows, from left: Councillor Mark Macmillan, Council Leader; T-Jay Robertson and Demi Martin (both P7 at Brediland Primary School); and Councillor Jacqueline Henry, Education Convener.

T-Jay and Demi have recently been given their iSave application forms and are also involved in the Brediland Primary School Credit Union.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Icelandair has responded to strong demand from the North American market for flights to Glasgow by adding extra capacity for the Ryder Cup in September.

September’s additional flights mean that Icelandair, which is one of Glasgow Airport’s longest serving airlines and provides Scotland with important connections to North America, will operate 12 flights over a two week period.

The Icelandic flag carrier has already increased seat capacity by 25% in 2014 with the addition of a fifth weekly flight to Reykjavik from Scotland’s largest city.

The addition of a fifth weekly flight has increased Icelandair’s capacity at Glasgow Airport by an extra 15,000 seats per year. Passengers connecting in Reykjavik can choose from an extensive list of onward destinations including Boston, Denver, New York, Halifax and Toronto.

Visitors from the USA and Canada together account for more than 110,000 visits every year and generate around £50 million for the city’s economy.

Andres Jonsson, Icelandair´s General Manager UK, said: “Icelandair has been serving Glasgow for many years and since 2010 we have experienced a positive momentum in travel to and from Glasgow with our increased frequency, and we plan to build on that.

“We are very excited about 2014 and the extra capacity will allow us to offer our customers even more seamless connections to our 12 destinations in North America. Travelling with Icelandair to and from Glasgow is often the fastest way to go.

“With the introduction of both Edmonton and Vancouver to our network and increased frequency on Toronto we expect strong demand from business and leisure travellers looking to travel to Canada.

“The Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup will also prove popular among North American customers as many are golfers and like to shop so they appreciate having two 23kg complimentary checked-in bags when they travel on an economy ticket.”

Amanda McMillan, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said: “The Ryder Cup is a huge draw for North American visitors and it is no surprise that Icelandair has reacted to an increase in demand by announcing additional capacity.

“Icelandair has clearly demonstrated its confidence in the Scottish market, which it has served since the 1940s, by adding significant new capacity for two years running.”

Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, said: “The USA and Canada are key markets for Glasgow and our research shows that golf, history and culture are huge draws for North American visitors.

“Increased capacity is a strong reflection of the popularity of Icelandair’s service and presents greater scope to grow both leisure and business tourism to Glasgow during September; delivering a welcome economic boost to the city’s hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and other businesses.”

This year’s Ryder Cup, the biennial professional match-play golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States, takes place at Gleneagles in September.

The flights are on sale now at www.icelandair.co.uk and the extra Saturday departures will take place on the 13th and 20th of September, using Boeing 757-200 aircraft with seating for 183 passengers.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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New line-up for monthly comedy show ‘A Buddy Good Laugh’

A Buddy Good Laugh, the monthly comedy night created by Renfrewshire Arts & Museums in partnership with local promoter Dead Sheep Comedy will be back at Paisley Arts Centre on 29 May.

On the bill this month are comedians Mark Nelson, Davey Connor and headliner Iain Stirling plus resident MC and Dead Sheep Comedy creator Scott Gibson.

Widely regarded of as ‘one of the best joke writers in the circuit’ (GQ), Iain Stirling has received huge critical acclaim since he first burst onto the comedy scene in 2008.

Starting his stand-up career while still at university, he came runner-up in the Chortle Student Comedy Awards and then the Scottish Comedian of the Year Awards; firmly establishing his place as an exciting, emerging act on the UK comedy scene.

A Buddy Good Laugh is a monthly stand-up show featuring the very best of Scotland’s comedy talent. Since launching in September 2013 names like Garry Little, Daniel Sloss, Des Clarke, Janey Godley and Des McLean have all taken to the stage at Paisley Arts Centre, and often in front of a sold out crowd.

Enjoy A Buddy Good Laugh at Paisley Arts Centre on Thursday 29 May, 8.30pm. Tickets cost £10 (£8 conc) and can be booked at the Box Office at Paisley Arts Centre, by phone on 0300 300 1210 or online at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/onlinebooking

For further information on A Buddy Good Laugh, future events and exhibitions log onto www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/events or follow us on www.facebook.com/renfrewshirearts or www.twitter.com/RenArtsMuseums[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”18815″ img_size=”full”][vc_separator icon=”star”][/vc_column][/vc_row]