Council’s vital Welfare Fund top up takes effect to help local people.

Renfrewshire Council’s Scottish Welfare Fund top up of £150,000 proved vital this month when the initial Government pot was fully used up.

The Finance and Resources Policy Board heard recently that the Welfare Fund sum of £1,148,858 the council received from the Scottish Government in April 2013, stood at just £24,076 at the end of February. By 7 March, this was fully used up.

In January, the council feared the crucial support fund would run out before the new pot from the Scottish Government was in place at the start of April 2014, and the council top up was approved.


Councillor Mike Holmes, Depute Leader, said: “During the first week of March, our Scottish Welfare Fund budget from the Scottish Government was used up. Not only does this show that many local people have been pushed to the brink by harsh welfare cuts and the rising cost of living – but also that Renfrewshire should have received more support from the Scottish Government.

“We feared the Government’s welfare fund allocation would be used before the new financial year started and fortunately our £150,000 top up was able to take effect to make sure the people in our community who need help the most, can continue to receive it until the new Scottish Welfare Fund sum arrives at the beginning of April.

“I’m glad we were able to bridge this gap to make sure families facing hardship still have access to this crucial support fund.”

People who are facing crisis or hardship and would like to apply to the Scottish Welfare Fund should call 0300 300 0204.