Four Scottish hockey players have scored the opportunity of a lifetime as they join the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship on the upcoming world tour.

The players – Graham McCamley (26) of the Paisley Blackhawks, Liam Brady (28) of the Hamilton Hawks, Callum Boyd (20) of Kilmarnock Storm and Haydn Bain (16) of North Ayrshire Wilds – will join a world tour that starts in February, taking in cities such as: Helsinki, Finland; St. Paul, Minnesota, USA; Quebec, Canada and Moscow, Russia.

Red Bull Crashed Ice is an extreme sports race, which pits four competitors from all over the world against each other on a steep ice track involving sharp turns, rolling jumps, and high vertical drops.

Graham said, “I can’t wait to get started. I’ve played hockey since I was 10 years old and been lucky to play in some amazing places but this will be a completely different experience.”

Before heading off to a week long training camp at the permanent course in Switzerland the boys visited hockey equipment specialists, Cold Blooded Sports, Lawn Street, Paisley to be fitted out with top of the range Alkali inline skates to help with their preparation.

Owner of Cold Blooded Sports, Steven Gardner, said “The guys beat competition from all over Europe at the qualifying event at Murrayfield ice rink in Edinburgh, so we’re more than happy to help them take on the rest of the world!”

The youngest member of the team, Haydn, who has to reschedule his prelim exams at Greenwood Academy to take part said, “I’ve been to America before on family holidays but to get the chance to tour the world doing something like this is a bit of a dream. My dad is just as excited as me so hopefully he can come out and see one of the events.”

The Red Bull Crashed Ice tour starts in Helsinki on 31 January before visiting St. Paul on 20 February, Moscow on 6 March and finally Quebec City on 20 March with all of the events broadcast live online at

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