Brian McGuire, Alisdair Connell from and Johnstone Scout Group.

Paisley on the web pledge support to Johnstone Scout Group Appeal

We feature in the Paisley Daily Express today 7th August 2013, Page 4 thanks to Lynn Jolly

Pictured is Alisdair Connell from the Johnstone Scout group (right) along with Brian McGuire from after handing over £100 to help their target of £1,000 to pay for the installation of a new CCTV system due to a serious attack on the building whilst the kids had a sleepover at the start of the summer holidays, please see the bottom of this email to enable you to help the Scouts achieve their goal.

Brian McGuire, Alisdair Connell from and Johnstone Scout Group.

On behalf of Johnstone Scout Group, I would like to sincerely thank for their very kind donation of £100 towards the installation costs of our new CCTV system, following on from our recent spate of break-ins at the Scout Hall.

I would also like to thank Brian McGuire who runs the site for all his help in promoting our appeal for financial assistance and getting the appeal put out into the public domain. Without the generosity of Brian, and and other local businesses, we would not be able to install this CCTV system to protect our kids, leaders and property.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to you all.

If any businesses would like to help contribute towards the costs of this system, then your donations would be gratefully received. We are still short of our required target by a few hundred pounds. If you are able to help, please visit

Many thanks.

Alisdair Connell, Group Scout Leader, Johnstone Scout Group.

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