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Area’s land-use plan reaches key milestone

The planning overview which will govern how Renfrewshire’s land can be used for the next five years has reached another key milestone.

The Local Development Plan is the council’s view of how land should be used for different purposes – such as housing, industrial or retail use. Once agreed, it will be used as the basis for all future planning decisions.

Last year, the council approved new version of the plan, which was published and advertised in January, giving the Renfrewshire public six weeks to have its say on the contents.

All representations received have been compiled into a single report, which has now been published on the council’s website and was this week circulated around councillors on the Planning and Property Policy Board.

Around 1,780 parties responded to the consultation, and their comments have been grouped into 46 issues.

The next stage is for the council to pass the proposed plan, the objections made to it, and the council’s response to those objections, to Scottish Ministers.

They will review all the material and will report back early next year with a decision on any changes that should be made to the plan.

Councillor Terry Kelly, Convener of the Planning and Property Policy Board, said: “We want to ensure Renfrewshire continues to be an attractive place to live, visit and do business.

“The Local Development Plan is a vital part of that, as it lays down guidelines designed to ensure the right developments take place in the right place at the right time.

“We have to strike a balance between using the area’s land in a way which encourages economic growth, while also protecting our communities and the environment.

“The area of the plan which has attracted the most comment is land for housing. The local economy cannot grow without some degree of expansion for new homes.

“The strategy laid out in the plan is for the vast majority – 88% – of future housing development to be contained within brownfield sites.

“Provision has been made for some limited release of greenbelt land, but residents should be assured this will only happen in areas where we feel any development would be sustainable and appropriate.”

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