Residents asked to do their bit to clean up area

A new drive has been launched to encourage Renfrewshire residents to play their part in helping the area look at its best.

The council’s Do Your Bit campaign aims to get residents to think about things they can do – big and small – to help improve the local environment.

A key strand will be to help locals who want to take part in community clean-up work, such as litter-picking, by offering practical support.

To officially launch the campaign, an event was held in Renfrew’s Kirklandneuk Park, attended by representatives from the council and its partners.

Council staff were joined by around 30 Primary 5 pupils from Kirklandneuk Primary, plus staff from the police and fire service.

The youngsters were equipped with Do Your Bit materials and litter picks, before taking part in a clean-up around the park.

St Mirren players Paul Dummett and Conor Newton also popped along to lend a hand to the tidy-up effort.

The award-winning Street Stuff youth diversionary project, run by the council, St Mirren and a range of other partners, will also support Do Your Bit through its Kick and Collect initiative, which sees youngsters rewarded for community work.

Councillor Eddie Devine, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environment Policy Board, said: “The aim of Do Your Bit is to get people thinking about what they can do to make the area a more pleasant place to live, visit and do business.

“Do Your Bit is about asking people to support the work of the council by having pride in and taking care of their local areas, and helping to improve them for the benefit of everybody.

“We have teams of street cleaners, wardens and other staff who work very hard to improve the local environment.

“But it is impossible to keep the area looking at its best unless people are willing to work with us, and play their part.

“Doing your bit doesn’t need to involve a big contribution. Things like not dropping litter or picking up after your dogs are ways in which you can help.

“Issues like rubbish-dumping, graffiti and fly-posting all have a negative impact on the look of the area.

“If the public are willing to bring these issues to our attention, council staff will be able to do something about them.

“Any schools, employers or community groups who have an idea for a clean-up or environmental improvement project should get in touch.

“Staff will advise on how they can help, whether by providing equipment and practical support, or by suggesting where financial help may be available.”

Kirklandneuk Primary teacher Emma Maxwell added: “We are really active as an eco-school and things like picking up litter are a big part of that.

“It is wonderful for the kids to get out and about for things like this. We have really good links with the community.”

For more information about how you can Do Your Bit, call 0300 300 0300 or email