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Renfrewshire Hit with £60 million Welfare Cuts

Renfrewshire is going to be hit with £60 million of cuts through welfare reform each year.  This has been revealed from research carried out by Sheffield Hallam University, amounting to £530 for each and every adult in Renfrewshire.  This is a straight removal of money from the local economy.

Speaking on the newly revealed figures, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, said:

‘This is a significant hit against those most in need in Renfrewshire.

‘Eight out of ten households affected by the bedroom tax are the homes of disabled people.

‘This is where we are, the most vulnerable in society being targeted, ‘Bedroom Tax’ being collected from the disabled.

‘We must remember that the UK is the 4th most unequal society in the developed world.  This is the current situation as part of the UK, the gap between rich and poor widening.

‘At the same time there has been a reduction in tax for millionaires, getting a tax cut of £100,000.

‘This is not the fairer society that we want to see.  Times are hard but seeing the disabled being crushed with millionaires getting hundreds of thousands of pounds turns my stomach.

‘I joined the SNP in the eighties after seeing injustice done in Scotland with industry being destroyed and the ‘Poll Tax’ inflicted on Scotland a year before the rest of the UK.

‘’With financial powers outwith our control Scotland is still being hit with policies that we did not vote for.

‘We must recognise that the Westminster Government’s own figures say that if Scotland had full control over finance every man, woman and child in Scotland would be £824 better off.

‘We have the chance to change this unfair society.  We must take it.’