We would like to help the traders who were close the George Pub fire, and we would like the Paisley Buddies to group together and help each business in return, the shop most affected was the closest shop to the fire casa bebe, he shop will re-open this week and we want you to show you care and also will be in with a chance to win £100 so get along later this week when the shop finally opens and just even pop in and say hello.. Lets support Paisley Traders…

Shop opened on 1st September 2012 selling Spanish baby furniture, accessories & homeware. Website www.casabebe.co.uk was launched around the same time.

I come from Paisley, as does my employee Maureen, therefore it was important to me that the business had to be here. The people of Paisley have been very supportive of the shop since it opened, and I have received lovely feedback from customers.

Just starting to get on a roll, when the fire in the adjacent building started less than six months after opening the shop. This was devastating for me, but I also felt really sorry for all the other people that were affected by this fire i.e. the people that lost their homes & businesses as a result.

Everyone has been so nice to me since the fire, there has been a real feeling of positive community spirit with everyone rallying round to see if they can help including other shop owners, Renfrewshire Council, my customers, friends, people I don’t even know in the local community and I’ll include you in that Brian !! (thanks you anytime)

When I heard the building was being demolished I was worried about any structural damage, but there was none, there has been water & smoke damage to the shop but the workers have been allowed in this week to begin the refurbishment and we hope to be up and running within the next couple of weeks (date to be confirmed). This all depends on when we receive delivery of all our new stock from Spain.

As a way of thanking everyone, and to celebrate re opening we are running a facebook competition. All you have to do is LIKE our page casa bebe uk, and SHARE our post about the competition to be in with a chance of winning one of FIVE £100 gift vouchers to spend in store or on our website www.casabebe.co.uk