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We are doomed! Councillor Terry Kelly is now on our defence… if there is one man who should not stick up for Paisley or even be a councillor… why not MSP George Adam or Eddie Devine, people who actually do positive things in the town? I could add more to that list but this is embarrassing… (just for the record this is non political and as you see I have picked both SNP and a Labour Candidate)


This is the post taken from the Paisley Daily Express:

Paisley fights back after being nominated for title of ‘most dismal town in Scotland’

Mar 8 2013 by Chris Taylor, Paisley Daily Express

A vigorous defence of Paisley was launched yesterday … after it was nominated for the dreaded title of worst town in Scotland.

Organisers of this year’s Carbuncle Awards have revealed Paisley is in the running, with critics branding the town as “filthy” and “full of boarded-up windows.”

The nomination comes just two years after neighbouring Linwood was awarded the ‘prize’ – also known as The Plook On A Plinth.

However, last night, civic leaders hit back by insisting Paisley people have much to be proud of.

Councillor Terry Kelly, convener of Renfrewshire’s Planning and Property Policy Board, said: “Anyone making a fair comparison between Paisley and other towns on the list would surely conclude that Paisley is in a far stronger position to tackle the challenges facing it.

“Like many traditional town centres, Paisley had to deal with the long-term impact of out-of-town shopping and the decline of traditional employers.

“No-one would deny there are more empty shops on the High Street than we’d want but look at the positive work that is going on to turn that around.

“There’s a programme which addresses not only retail issues, vital though those are, but also accepts that the way ahead is to improve the town’s environment and architecture and makes Paisley a place where people want to live in or visit.

“Last year, at long last, the vacant Littlewoods site was occupied by a new store that created over 60 jobs.

“And, next week, councillors will debate a move to open up the High Street to cars and taxis between 4.30pm and 10.30am.”

The Carbuncle Awards were first launched in 2005 by architecture magazine Urban Realm and aim to identify “the most dismal town in Scotland” – with a view to shaming town planners into action.

Linwood was handed the 2011 title due to the state of its rundown shopping centre, while other previous winners include the likes of Coatbridge.

This year, Paisley has been nominated by members of the public, who posted online comments about the state of the town.

Caroline McCalman complained of “grubby streets” and “too many bookmakers,” while Laura Townson wrote: “So many closed shops, To Let signs, charity shops almost every two doors and pound shops.”

John Glenday, editor of Urban Realm, has accused Paisley of “failing to maximise its potential.”

He told the Paisley Daily Express: “Perhaps it is suffering from being in close proximity to Glasgow but you also have the twin blows of Braehead and Silverburn, which have effectively sounded the death knell for the town’s High Street.”

However, Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan has highlighted recent investment in the town centre, as well as Paisley’s strong sense of identity and community.

He said: “We are investing an extra £1.5million in the town centre over the next two years, including £500,000 to boost tourism and support the successful events programme.

“Later this year, Paisley will host the Royal National Mòd and the second staging of the national arts festival, The Spree.

“The revamped Paisley Town Hall, with a new tourist information facility, will feature prominently after its refurbishment.”

Other towns in the running for this year’s Plook On A Plinth include Blantyre, Cowdenbeath, Kirkintilloch and Whitburn.

Bosses at Urban Realm will declare the winner later this month.

This is the entry for Paisley..

Paisley (Renfrewshire)

So many closed shops, to let signs, charity shops almost every two doors, or £ shops, Nominated by: Laura Townson———————Reason for nomination: It is the most dismal place I have seen in a long time. Just loving the shopping ….. NOT.

Nominated by: Brian


The Paisley town centre is dirty with rubbish lying in doorways & on the streets & in bus stops it makes the place feel grubby. There is too many empty shops. The boarded up windows of these units are covered in layers of Bill posters. The High St is made up of Charity Shops & Pound Shops there is no other choice, even the M&S is a discount store! Around the main Railway station the are too many Bookmakers in a small area. There are old shops that have been empty for a decade eg Arnotts, these could have been made into beautiful flats but it has been a boarded up mess for too long. Paisley needs to stop blaming Glasgow for the state it’s in & actually get on with attracting new buisinesses to the town centre. Nominated by: Caroline McCalman

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