Mod Phaislig 2013

The Royal National Mod will be running from Friday 11th October to Saturday 19th October.

This is the first time the prestigious festival has been held in Paisley and so to answer any questions or queries regarding the festival, the local organising committee of Mod Phaislig 2013 would like to invite you to come to an informal information event where you can have a cup of tea and find out more about the Mòd and what it means for Paisley.

This will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 27 March at
The Wynd Centre, School Wynd, Paisley

This event will give the committee a chance to outline plans for the Mòd and to take on board the opinions and ideas of those present. It will also give them an opportunity to let interested parties know how they can get involved in making Mòd Phàislig a great success.

To rsvp to the event email