Warning over public entertainment licence switch

Renfrewshire licensing chiefs are warning anyone planning an event locally not to be caught out by upcoming changes to the rules governing public entertainment.

Anyone planning to run a live performance or a fireworks display, among other things, will require a public entertainment licence as of this summer.

The rule-changes are set to come into force on 3 June of this year – meaning anyone organising events for the summer should think ahead now to make sure they get the licence they need.

Renfrewshire_Council_ezg_1Current examples of events which need a public entertainment licence include outdoor concerts, circuses, fairgrounds or large fetes, other than those run and hosted by schools, churches or voluntary groups.

As of June, licences will also be needed for video machine arcades, concert halls, fireworks displays, live performances, musical shows, paintball games, bungee jumping and motor shows.

Councillor John Hood, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Regulatory Functions Board, said: “We want organisers to be aware of these changes now so they can make sure all the paperwork is in place for any events they hold in the summer and beyond.

“We are keen to avoid a situation where we have to take action to stop events from happening because those running it weren’t aware the rules had changed and hadn’t got the proper licence.

“Organisers should bear in mind any application for a public entertainment licence will have to go through a four-week-minimum statutory notice period during which the public can make objections.

“Depending on the circumstances, the period for finalising an application could be significantly longer than four weeks – which is why we would encourage potential applicants to find out what they have to do ahead of any summer events.

“The council’s licensing staff can offer advice on what the rule-changes mean. They be reached by calling 0141 842 4499 or by emailing”