Traditional Scottish design for the home

Whether or not the home is actually in Scotland there are plenty of Scottish designs that can be incorporated to create a feeling of highland living. Some of the ideas may mean a little remodelling of the home that is not always possible for those on a tight budget, but there are several tips and tricks that can be used by those who do not have a lot to spend but who still want to create a little taste of Scotland right there in their own home.


cottageFor those who do not mind a little remodelling of the home to create the look they want, then stone fireplaces are the way to go. Make it a feature of the room, and have the wall it is on covered in stone cladding. Done just right this can give the living area of the house the wow factor. It also means that it is possible to have a real fire blazing on those cold winter nights – just like in a traditional Scottish home. A wicker basket nearby containing logs for the fire will also look pleasing, and a lovely ornate fireguard can be used for both safety and style. Older style guards and fireplace tools can be bought from a reclamation or salvage yard for a little authenticity.


Tartan fabrics are synonymous with Scotland. If there is any Scottish heritage in the family it is possible to find out if the family has their own tartan pattern and colour, and then it can be utilised throughout the home. If there is no Scottish ancestry then simply pick a style that feels right – it can be used for curtains, throws and bedspreads. It can also be used to reupholster furniture. However, too much tartan will look overwhelming, so cushion covers in the chosen tartan fabric against a plain sofa will look great, just like a tartan bedspread and curtains would look very good in an otherwise neutral bedroom.


Scottish people are very family orientated so furniture is often large to accommodate plenty of seating space. If the home has enough space then a large 3-seater or 4-seater sofa and two armchairs will work well. The dining room is often the heart of the home so extending dining tables are a must-have item. This way they can be closed when there are only a few people eating or expanded when the whole family gets together for a meal.

Finishing touches

Vases of fresh flowers are a must and should be included in many of the rooms.  If they are wild flowers than that is even better, particularly when arranged in a rustic style vase. Scotland has many open spaces, it is full of beautiful countryside and fabulous wildlife, so the fresh wild flowers help to bring a little of that wonderful beauty into the home.  Wooden furniture should also be chosen. Large sideboards, dressers and tables with antique handles will look fabulous in a Scottish style home. Adorn the walls with framed canvases of sweeping highland landscapes to really finish off the look.


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