Facebay Fundraising donate to the PDSA in Glasgow

Irene and Ian McDonald from Facebay Fundraising donate £826.40 and pet items to the PDSA in Glasgow.

This was a FANTASTIC DAY. The staff were very grateful for the donations and we were shown around the PDSA pet hospital and had the opportunity to see the vets at work and how the donations will be used.

The cash was raised by people donating their unwanted items via https://www.facebook.com/groups/FacebayFundraising/ .

Facebay fundraising has been operating since April 2012 and currently supports five charities via their site which are: MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT, Alzheimer Scotland, R.A.H CHILDREN’S WARD, PDSA and (MND) Motor Neurone Disease.

Facebay Fundraising has raised over £5000 to date, £3000 of which has been given to Macmillan cancer support.

How the group works: People donate their unwanted items to the site and they choose which charity they want the money raised from sale of their items to go to.

There are ‘Just Giving’ links on the site for each charity if people want to use this method of payment.

The site is doing really well and we are looking to add a few more charities to the site.

Everyone is welcome to join the site using the link above, if you are having a clear-out don’t throw unwanted items out, PLEASE give to Facebay Fundraising and help charity. Anything someone else can use is appreciated on the site, clothes, household items, toys etc.

Thank you to everyone who donated unwanted items.

Also a big thank-you to our admins Genevieve Watt and Anne Clark, also to Teresa Martin and her son Peter who collect and deliver items.


Facebay fundraising is run by Irene McDonald and Ian McDonald.

The group was set up in April of 2012 to help people who are struggling to buy household items, while at the same time helping charities.

So far we have raised over £5000 in total by selling items donated to the group.

We have also taken part in sponsored walks and cycle rides.