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Council Leader says Paisley rail timetable change is ‘too little, too late’


Council Leader says Paisley rail timetable change is ‘too little, too late’

Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan has criticised a decision to introduce an additional hourly off-peak service running on Saturdays only from  Glasgow to Ayr Gilmour Street via Paisley Gilmour Street  as ‘too little, too late.’

A timetable change introduced in December 2012 halved off-peak rail services from Paisley Gilmour Street to Ayr to two journeys per hour.

Renfrewshire_Council_ezg_1Now First Scotrail is planning to add a further hourly off-peak service on Saturdays only from May 2013.

The company says a similar change  will be put in place on services running between   Monday to Friday – but not until  2014.

Councillor Macmillan said:  “Renfrewshire Council, along with business and academic leaders, warned before the journey cuts were made in December 2012 that the cuts in the number of journeys from Paisley to Ayr was a mistake.

“Despite that, the timetable changes were forced through.  At the time, Transport Minister Keith Brown assured passengers there would be no significant impact.

“It has taken just two months for the true impact to become apparent and this change to be made.

“I welcome the fact the rail authorities have listened.  But more needs to be done – and quicker.

“This reversal of policy is also proof the efforts of Renfrewshire Council and others to speak up for Renfrewshire and make our case to government for fairer treatment on funding and services are bringing results.

“As regards rail transport, Paisley Gilmour Street is Scotland’s fourthth busiest rail station.  Reducing the number of services stopping at the station damages the regeneration effort for Paisley, Scotland’s largest town, and reduces transport connections to both Glasgow and Prestwick Airports.

“It also affects the student community travelling between the UWS campuses at Paisley and Ayr.

“We will continue to press for full restoration of rail services at Paisley Gilmour Street on a fast-track basis – not the year of delay and wasted opportunity which is presently on offer.”