Planning blueprint set to be unveiled

The masterplan which will govern how Renfrewshire’s land is used over the next five years is set to be unveiled to the public.

Councillors on Renfrewshire Council’s Planning and Economic Development Policy Board have agreed that a draft version of the Renfrewshire Local Development Plan will be published for consultation early in the new year.

The proposed plan sets out which areas of land within Renfrewshire are suitable for different types of development – for example, residential, retail or industrial use.

The finalised document will be used as a guide for future planning decisions.

The draft version will be subject to a six-week consultation as of 14 January, where the public can make representations in support of or objecting to any part of it.

Copies of the proposed plan will be available at council headquarters in Paisley, at all council libraries, and online at

Councillor Terry Kelly, Convener of the Planning and Economic Development Policy Board, said: “The proposed Local Development Plan is intended to help make the area a more attractive place to live, do business and visit.

“The plan aims to provide high-quality places with land in the right locations to encourage investment, create sustainable communities and help tackle climate change.

“Equally importantly, it identifies areas which, for various reasons, should not be considered for major development, or need explicit protection for their conservation value.

“The process is designed to be transparent and key to that is for people to have the chance to voice their opinions on the contents of the document, which is why I would encourage residents to take part in this consultation.”

Renfrewshire is required to produce an updated local plan every five years, which must fit in with the Strategic Development Plan for the Glasgow and Clyde Valley area.

Council planners have been working on the new version of the document since last year and have already received a substantial amount of feedback.