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Sma Shot Cottages Public Ghost Hunt

Public Ghost Hunt run by Lanarkshire Paranormal to raise funds for the Sma’ Shot Cottages on Sunday 23rd September. Call 07837 949356 and ask for Janice, or visit the website (link below).

Lanarkshire Paranormal

Lanarkshire Paranormal are a dedicated team of paranormal researchers. Based in Scotland, we investigate both private locations and organize many nationwide events. With the latest in hi-tech equipment and over 16 years experience, Lanarkshire Paranormal are at the forefront of paranormal investigations. We are solely driven to find the truth behind the sightings and reports that have been debated for centuries. Lanarkshire Paranormal arrange and cooordinate exciting paranormal investigations throughout the country for people to experience the unexplained realms of the paranormal. Lanarkshire Paranormal are a non-profit organization, raising funds for many charities throughout the UK So please check our events pages for more details on how to book and secure your place for an experience you will never forget. If you would like us to visit your own property, please feel free to contact Lanarkshire Paranormal.

Sma Shot Cottages

Sma Shot Cottages, Paisley is a fully restored and furnished 18th century weavers cottages with photographs, artifacts of local interest and a tearoom. Also featuring a row of mill workers houses from the 1840’s. Out with opening hours visits are by prior arrangement.

The cottage on the left is a typical weaver’s cottage and is one of the only two remaining in Paisley. It was originally built in the 1740′s and its layout exactly matches written descriptions of such cottages as found in histories of the town. Slight alterations were made during the 1800′s in order to increase the size of the back room, thus providing more living space for the weaver and his family.

The cottage has three rooms, two of which were living quarters, the third being a loom shop where the weaver and his family worked.
Back in the 1700′s the cottage was a workshop as well as a home. Over and above looking after her husband, her children and the cottage, the weaver’s wife would spin and use the pirnwheel.

The weaver would have to work very long hours in order to make enough money to support his wife and family.

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