St Mirren


As pledgers to the Individual Membership category we thought it appropriate to send you all the information regarding the other category of membership that exists within the Coop proposal.

This is the 87Club, which is effectively life membership of the CIC for a one off payment of £3000.

This life membership come with some Exclusive benefits which can be found at

Just download the PDF.

The 87Club Category is important to the whole process as its aim is to raise a significant lump sum of capital that can be used for the Coop purchase.

We would like to secure the pledges of at least 87 individuals or businesses to join the 87Club, if we get more than 87 then more the merrier

So please consider the proposal and complete you pledge or email if you have any specific questions regarding this category of Coop Membership.

Thanks for your consideration


Richard Atkinson
On Behalf of 10000hours