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The Russell Institute

Hey folks! The Paisley Development Trust is looking at the Russell Institute with a view to convincing the Health Board to donate it to the trust for Paisley’s community use. This will take some doing in today’s climate but if we can mobilise all the good folk of Paisley and create a plan for use of the building and present it to the Health Board it would strengthen our hand.

Though we need to think rationally about this possibility and realise that it will take £150k per year just to run the place, how are we going to pay for it? How can we make community ownership of the building sustainable? We in the PDT have some ideas, but what do you think? Do you know any group or organisation that would pay to use the Russell’s fine facilities?

Don your thinking caps and put your thoughts down either on paper through the leaflets available in our office in the YMCA, 39 High Street (corner of New St.) or visit the facebook page or the www.thepdt.org.uk website, or email us on paisley_development_trust@yahoo.co.uk

Join the Facebook Group by signing up here https://www.facebook.com/groups/305377819482995/