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Apollo Music, Causeyside Street, Paisley is proud to announce that Jill Jackson will be singing songs from her new album this Saturday (feb 26th) in the store at 1PM,come along and listen to what a great talent she is,then you can buy the album and get it signed,entry is free.

As a valued customer of Dobbies Paisley we wanted to reassure you that your local Dobbies Garden Centre will remain open as we expand our roots with the opening of our new Braehead store.
We have an exciting new Spring collection in-store now and will continue to focus on offering quality plants & gardening products with the same expert advice and excellent customer service you have come to expect from your local Dobbies Garden Centre Paisley.

All of our hardy plants carry a 5 year hardy plant guarantee* to give you peace of mind and when you join our Gardening Club you can take advantage of great savings with 10% off all plants everyday and generous loyalty reward points on all purchases over £10.

Helping Paisley Grow

Don’t forget to visit our licensed restaurant where you can meet our new restaurant
manager and enjoy a delicious range of freshly prepared meals, healthy snacks and mouth watering homebakes.

Download our menu by clicking here. Dobbies Garden Centre

There are also a few events for your diary at Dobbies Garden Centre.

  • Pancake week -7th march till 13th march
  • St Patrick’s day- 16th & 17th march, Irish themed menu & cakes
  • Mothers day – 3rd April , menu an cakes
  • Easter bunny breakfast – 22nd April til 25th April for kids, breakfast with the Easter bunny, egg hunt, face painting, and games

Also do you run or do you know anyone who runs any healthy eating initiatives or local produce growers? Then please get in touch Dobbies would like to hear from you.

It feels like summer has been a long time gone, but thankfully Spring is nearly here and I can get out and take some nice new photographs for the website, I was going over some old snaps and wondered what I could do to refresh them and make them stand out from the thousands we have on our Gallery page.

Well why not make it into a model town, literally… I have used a photography term called “Tilt Shift” basically making BIG look small…. Its the first time I have tried this and will take some photographs with this in mind so they look much better.

But here are my first efforts and it makes the town look like its part of some model collectors table. I have shared these on our Gallery page and our Facebook Group page, please click the links to make some comments on them if you wish.

Press Release: Renfrewshire set to reconsider changes to primary school week.

Renfrewshire Council is set to reconsider its proposed changes to the primary school week.

The Council had planned a pilot programme starting in August where specialist support staff would work with primary school classes for 2.5 hours a week on issues such as healthy lifestyle, citizenship, sport and culture.

Now councillors at the meeting of Renfrewshire Council’s Education Policy Board on Thursday February 24 will be asked to suspend the new approach.

The council would instead raise issues such as affordability, teacher class contact time and the role of other staff in schools, in its formal submission to the McCormac Review on teacher employment.

As a result, the council is proposing to suspend the pilot scheme, and also the training and recruitment of the new employees who would have delivered it.

“How all councils deliver good quality education in this era of drastically reduced funding remains an issue,” said Councillor Lorraine Cameron, Convener of Renfrewshire

“We believe that our proposal has merit in taking an innovative approach to delivering learning experiences while avoiding damaging cuts.

“However, we know that it would be a major change. We have listened to the concerns of parents who felt that the pace and scope of that change was too much at this time.

“In the last few days, I have had the chance to consider the terms of reference of Professor McCormac’s review on teacher employment. On that basis, it seems best that the issues Renfrewshire has been exploring are considered in a national context. Those involved in education in Renfrewshire and in Scotland can then have their say before any new approaches are taken forward.

“I now think it is better that Renfrewshire doesn’t implement its own proposals when those could well be affected and shaped by the outcome of that national review so we won’t be proceeding with our original proposal at this time.

“I will be inviting all members of the Education Policy Board to work with the council to make a practical and effective submission to the review and on developing the future of primary education in Renfrewshire.”

Council Leader Derek Mackay said: “I will be meeting parent council chairs (on Tuesday February 22) along with Councillor Cameron and outlining to them in detail the reasons for suspending the programme. We want their input into how the education service in Renfrewshire can continue to maintain high standards while tackling the savings we will be forced to make.

“Renfrewshire has consistently prioritised education and the service has been asked to make half of the average savings asked of other departments in this year’s budget.

“The impact of reduced funding is here for the foreseeable future. Difficult choices will still need to be made.

“However, it’s now clear that the McCormac review will have a detailed look at teaching and the curriculum in Scotland when it reports in the summer.

“Once that review is published and considered fully, Renfrewshire will bring forward its response to the review’s findings.

“Should the national review recommend new options then we’ll discuss our approach with parents and others in advance.”

Paisley’s Gilmour Street station is to be upgraded in a 9 Million pound revamp.

“photo from

Text Below is from The World Construction Network website.

Network Rail has begun construction work on a £9 million ($14 million) project to revamp Paisley Gilmour Street station in Scotland.

Before staring the actual project, Network Rail will install roof measuring 4,740 square metres in sections over the next nine months, to minimise any disruption to train services and the B-listed station itself.

Under the project, Network Rail will remove the current platform canopies, repair and paint the existing steelwork and strengthen the foundations of the station. The project will also involve alteration of overhead power lines in the station and repainting of some buildings on the platforms. The roof will be installed in three sections, with the initial phase of the works taking place above the east end of the station.

During the work decks will be installed between the roof and the platforms to allow engineers to work safely while the station is open.

At the same time, work will take place on the £170 million ($274 million) Paisley Corridor Improvements (PCI) project. It will upgrade the track and signalling on the busy rail corridor between Shields junction in Glasgow and Paisley Gilmour Street station. Once complete, the project will improve capacity on the route and increase levels of service between Glasgow and Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Inverclyde.

The works will be funded by Transport Scotland and Network Rail.

An event is being held to promote a Renfrewshire service helping young homeless people develop the skills they need to get their own homes.

The Paisley Project is a partnership between Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association (BTHA) and Renfrewshire Council and provides support for homeless young people in the Renfrewshire area between the ages of 16-25.

The project is delivered at two sites in Paisley, one at Argyle Street, which is owned by Paisley South Housing Association and one at Bruce Court, Dundonald Road, which provide supported accommodation for young homeless people.

Each young person gets their own one bedroom furnished flat within the two main units and there are also four flats available within the West End area, where young people can take a further step towards independent living.

Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association provides staff at the two sites to enable the young people to develop their skills to sustain their own tenancies and empower them to develop and realise their own potential and become part of the community.

The activities involved include budgeting, cooking, domestic skills, confidence building, educational development, health care, social skills and leisure activities. The project is also now able to provide follow on support for young people moving out of the project and into their own home.

The funding of the staff team is provided by Renfrewshire Council.

Councillor Brian Lawson, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Housing and Community Safety Policy Board, said: “There can be a number of reasons why young people become homeless and this can be a very difficult situation to get out of. This innovative project sees the council working in partnership with Blue Triangle Housing Association to help young people get back on their feet and empower them to go on to get their own homes and feel part of the community again.”

The aim of the service is to work with the most marginalised young people and BTHA operate an “open access” policy which ensures that they work with individuals facing a wide range of issues and will only exclude from the service if it would mean others would put at risk.
Since January 2010 the new joint service has taken 74 referrals and 54% of those have succeeded in moving on to their own tenancy. The average length of stay for each service user is between four and six months.

Fiona Stringfellow from Blue Triangle Housing Association, said: “We are delighted to be working with Renfrewshire Council on this project which is all about changing people’s lives for the better. We know homelessness is often not resolved by just giving someone a house as there are many and complex reasons for their homelessness. We at Blue Triangle work with the young people to ensure that they leave the project equipped with a range of skills that hopefully means they won’t come back into the system. The young people can be challenging, however, seeing someone that the staff have worked with leaving and taking their first steps towards independent living is always rewarding.”

The project works with a range of partners to ensure a joined up approach to support young people to gain skills, including Social Work Through Care, Paisley Threads (Barnardos), First Crisis (Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health) Renfrewshire Council on Alcohol, Renfrewshire Drugs Service, Kibble Works, Princess Trust, Reid Kerr College, Buddies for Learning, Spark of Genius, Apex, Careers, Furniture Initiative and Renfrewshire Workforce Plus.

The event is being held to provide partners and other organisations with a better awareness and understanding of the work that is undertaken and the support provided to young people in Renfrewshire.


10 – 12 March Tron Theatre Glasgow.                                                      All performances 7.30pm

In support of Limelight Music, Maggie Reilly will be performing her first Scottish concerts in over 20 years,  beginning a European tour with her new band for 2011 at the Tron Theatre Glasgow on the 11th and 12th March .

From her early days with iconic Glasgow band Cado Belle, the internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter Maggie Reilly has written and performed on such major international hits as “Moonlight Shadow” and “To France” with Mike Oldfield, written the chart topping USA hit “Family Man” for Daryl Hall and John Oates and most recently Maggie won industry awards for the most played song on American radio when her European hit “Everytime We Touch” again reached No.1 in the USA.

“I have been a supporter of Limelight Music for over 20 years and I’m delighted to perform at The Limelight Music Festival”             Maggie Reilly Feb 2011

Limelight Music:
Limelight is Scotland’s first professional music production company run by people with impairments.  We are the UK’s leading producer of high quality Inclusive music and specialise in raising the profile of disabled artists in the mainstream music and theatre industries. We are Scotland’s first generation of multi award winning professional disabled musicians who run fully accessible recording and rehearsal facilities at Limelight Studios in the centre of Glasgow. From our base in the Trongate we collaborate with mainstream theatre companies, musicians and music producers to compose, record, write and direct music productions for theatre, film, television, and dance.

“I Feel Alone” single release:
Limelight Musicians have recently recorded the song “I Feel Alone” on which Maggie sings lead vocals at the Limelight Studios. The song is also part of the soundtrack for the feature film “Fast Romance”.
“I Feel Alone” will be available for download March 2011.

Limelight Artistic Directors

The Limelight Music Festival is artistically directed by Gordon Dougall (who is known to Tron Theatre audiences as the director and co-writer of the famous Tron Panto) and Sally Clay the Panto’s composer/musical director. Audience totalling over 10,000 have seen their work at The Tron, since 2003.

“I’m sure our Panto audiences will be delighted with all our Limelight Music Festival concerts and will enjoy a fab post panto night out”:      Gordon Dougall Feb 2011

“I’m really looking forward to showing off the cream of Scotland’s disabled talent to the world…Which includes me of course!”                         : Sally Clay Feb 2011

If you would like more information about the event, or to schedule an interview with Maggie Reilly, Sally Clay or Gordon Dougall please contact:

Limelight Music Contact: email: 07920 269181

or Maggie Reilly Contact: or tel: 07770 211555

The Paisley Pirates is one of the of the oldest ice Hockey clubs in Scotland they were formed in 1946, they continue to this day and now play at the Braehead Arena due to the Paisley Lagoon ice rink being unserviceable.

Here is a brief history of the Paisley Pirates taken from the Paisley History section

You can also go straight to the Paisley Pirates history page on

The main attraction of Paisley ice rink, to young and old, was the Paisley Pirates ice hockey team. The early teams were mainly Canadians. This brought a kind of North American culture and hero worship to Paisley. After each game, wee Paisley boys stood impatiently at the doors, clamouring for autographs. But it did not stop there. If you were lucky in the scramble, you might be given a broken hockey stick, quickly have it repaired with black electricians tape then play with it in the street and, with double ball bearing roller skates gliding over the tarmac, you became a Paisley Pirate”!

“Paisley pirates “

The “Paisley Pirates” were the epitome of the game in Scotland. In season 1953-4 they won the Autumn Cup, the Scottish Cup and the Canada Cup.

Their success brought them to the British League, but local supporters could ill afford to travel down South and gradually support waned. The junior team, the Wildcats, were wound up, followed by the Pirates. The Mohawks replaced them, but could not generate the enthusiasm of the Pirates. Paisley Buddies were delighted that the Pirates were relaunched in the 1990’s with the opening of the new ice rink and are living up to past glories.

In the late 1950’s, Paisley ice rink saw special exhibition tennis matches performed by Wimbledon stars Lew Hoad, Ken Rosewall, Pancho Segura and Rod Laver. Trouble was, the balls were hit so fast that they could barely be seen!

On 20th August 1965, a wee bit of history was made in Paisley. Cassius Clay, the world boxing champion heavyweight boxer, gave an exhibition bout to exited Scottish boxing fans. Paisley had never seen the likes since Benny Lynch fought a world title at Love Street in 1933!

Alas, in 1970, the old ice rink closed to ice sports, ostensibly for repairs. In November that year, only professional wrestling took place. Shortly after 1973 the building was closed, to be replaced by a supermarket.

The Paisley Pirates have a website and also are on Facebook and Twitter. Please click the links to find out and follow the Paisley Pirates who will forever be a part of Paisley’s proud history

Why are People from Paisley called Paisley Buddies?

We have posted this before but its a question I am still asked even by Paisley Buddies.

As far as I can read up on in the books that I have its an old Scottish Quote saying that people from the Highlands called themselves Highland Gentlemen and they also mentioned Lowland Farmers and Paisley ‘Bodies’ “pronounced Buddie” it was just a way that described someone from a town.

It has nothing to do with the American saying of Buddy “Pal, Friend” it is an old Scottish word simply meaning people, or folk.

We are apparently more reserved than our City neighbours Glasgow and suspicious of strangers but I think that’s rubbish and that we are the most friendliest wee ‘Toon’ in Scotland with a rich and colourful History. Discover more of Paisley’s History here.

“Buddie” is the old local prononciation for “body”. It is said that during a local meeting, in the past, the speaker referred to Paisley as a town of 10,000 souls. He was corrected by a shout of ” you mean 10,000 bodies” from the crowd.
( taken from: Paisley, a history by Sylvia Clark, suggested on Facebook by Anne Marie Fraser)

Also another visitor to our Facebook page George Adam said that through Family history he heard that there was a political meeting in the town- no idea who, what, where or why. But during this meeting one of the speakers said something that caused some discussion. A member of the audience was then alledged to have asked,” what about aw buddie?”. Which was incorrectly interpreted to mean ,”what about all the buddies?”. What was meant was, “what about everybody else?”. Since then we’ve all been called buddies

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The next issue of the ACCORDian is due for publication next month. If you do not currently receive this and would like to find out a bit more about what we are all about, please let us know and we will happily post you a copy. Alternatively you will be able to download it from our website

Please contact for more information on any of the following events

26th February Songs of Love by the Kilbarchan Singers

in aid of ACCORD and St Vincents

The Wynd Centre, Paisley  £8

17th April                            Pooches In The Park

sponsored dog walk around Barshaw Park.

bookings now being taken

28th April – 18th May        Art Exhibition

we have moved to Paisley Abbey this year

featuring the works of 40 artists

30th April – 1st May           Challenge Weekend

climbing the hills around Ardgartan.

Minimum sponsorship £100

15th May                             ACCORD 5K Barshaw Park

kindly sponsored by Good2Run

15th May Ladies Lunch Glynhill Hotel    £28pp

Guest Annabel Goldie MSP

11th June Summer Fayre

24th June Midnight Walk Erskine Bridge

We are now taking bookings

14th September Golf Competition Western Gailes GC  £120pp

16th September                  Provost’s Hospices Ball

Mar Hall, Bishopton   £70pp

30th September Sparkles Ladies Night Glynhill Hotel   £30pp

1st -11th October Lombok Overseas Challenge, Indonesia