RAH Parking problems

For those staff and those affected by the parking problems in and around the Royal Alexandra Hospital Paisley, the health board has been taken to task by Renfrewshire Council and its councillors, this was sent in to me by Councillor George Adam explaining the head of Roads reply to a stern letter written to the Health board regarding the problems.

Following recent problems over parking displacement onto streets around the
RAH, we met again yesterday afternoon with senior management of the Health
Board. Management of the RAH propose to issue a further 200
(approximately) permits to staff and allocate a significant proportion of
the short stay car park (the large car park to the front of the hospital)
for staff parking. These measures should be in place by Monday next week.

This should have an impact on the amount of cars parked on street around
the hospital and we will monitor the effect of this. It is likely that we
will meet again with management later next week to discuss the outcome. RAH
and Health Board management have committed to resolving the current problem
whereby on site parking is under utilised.

Are you a staff member or a patient and have been inconvenienced by the whole experience please contact us at enquiries@paisley.org.uk or leave a comment below.

Thanks to Councillor Adam for keeping us up to date and also to the council for their efforts to resolve the issue.