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Fairtrade Summer Roadshow

Paisley food Festival

Fairtrade Summer Roadshow

Renfrewshire’s Fairtrade steering group will be out and about this summer encouraging as many local people as possible to support Fairtrade.

The group’s army of volunteers will be at a series of gala days and community events over the coming weeks including:

– Barshaw Park gala day, Saturday 19 June
– Howwood Fete, Saturday 19 June
– Sma Shot Day, Saturday 3 July

The group are also celebrating the news that Renfrewshire’s Fairtrade zone status has been renewed for 2011. The Fairtrade Foundation praised the Renfrewshire campaigners’ dedication and energy and acknowledged the amount of time and hard work that goes into keeping the campaign going.

Councillor Brian Lawson, Chair of the Renfrewshire Fairtrade Steering Group, said: “I am delighted that the Fairtrade Foundation has once again recognised the efforts of all the local campaigners and volunteers who give up their own time to attend events and share their enthusiasm for Fairtrade with others.

“Buying Fairtrade products ensures the people who make these items get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. The more people choose Fairtrade items, the more available they will become and the more third world producers will benefit.

“The summer roadshow is a great way to reach out to more local people and in particular we are keen to support more towns and villages in Renfrewshire to become Fairtrade zones. Our volunteers will be on hand with loads of information about how to get involved in the campaign and how to set up a Fairtrade group in your community. There will also be the chance to enter a free draw for prizes including luxury Fairtrade hampers, Fairtrade footballs and rugby balls.

For more information about Fairtrade in Renfrewshire log on to www.renfrewshire.gov.uk.