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Paisley Abbey Set to go Back to Medieval Times

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Paisley Abbey Set to go Back to Medieval Times

Paisley’s Abbey Close is to be transformed back to medieval times with knights, jesters and musicians for a special event celebrating the town’s historic Abbey.

A medieval fair featuring historic re-enactments and old-fashioned children’s games, will be held in and around Paisley Abbey on Saturday 15 May as part of a weekend of events taking place in Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Glasgow.

From Friday 14– Sunday 16 May the ancient abbeys of Paisley and Crossraguel, in Ayrshire, will be the focus of European attention as part of celebrations taking place to mark the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of the Abbey of Cluny in Burgundy, France.
The Scottish abbeys, the only two Cluniac houses in Scotland, are the furthest flung from Cluny which once had a network of over 1,400 priories stretching from Poland to Portugal, from Scotland to Italy.
The medieval fair is open to everyone and will include historic re-enactors such as an apothecary, a calligrapher, musicians, an arrow maker, a blacksmith and weavers as well as knights in combat.

There will also be a craft fair and a range of children’s activities. Coach tours will run from Paisley Abbey to Crossraguel, Dundonald Castle and Kelburne Castle in Ayrshire with historic re-enactments taking place at the various venues.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Celia Lawson said: “Paisley Abbey has a very rich and varied history and, along with Crossraguel in Ayrshire, is one of the only two of these monasteries in Scotland.

“The weekend of Cluny celebrations offers something for everyone. From the medieval fair which will give children and families the chance to step back in time and enjoy some medieval games and activities, to the exhibition, concert and conference which will bring a huge range of people into the town to celebrate the unique history of the Abbey.”
The Cluny celebrations in Paisley will also see leading historians and archeologists flock to the town for a major conference in Paisley Town Hall on Scotland’s Cluniac Heritage.

There will also be an exhibition of medieval treasures in Paisley Museum called Chamber pots and Charters, including the Arbuthnot Missal, a French book of Hours and the chamber pot rescued from Paisley Abbey’s unique Great Drain.
The evening of Saturday 15 May will see an impressive choral and organ concert in Paisley Abbey with French music of the 13th and 14th century being performed as well as the Requiem by the French composer, Duruflé.

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