Rudolf Hess Film Makers in Paisley

Paisley food Festival

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Adolf Hitler’s deputy’s ill-fated solo flight to be plot for new film.

Filmmakers were in Paisley Two weeks ago looking at locations as reported by Westender of

The ill-fated solo flight by Adolf Hitler’s deputy has inspired a Hollywood film.

Filmmaker Neil Marshall is planning to turn the story of the infamous plane crash that ended an attempt by Rudolf Hess to woo the Royal Family into a controversial blockbuster.

In a bid to contact Prince George, the Duke of Kent, in 1941, Hess parachuted out of his Messerschmitt fighter above Renfrewshire.

It is believed that his mission was to recruit Britain as a German ally. Instead he was swiftly arrested by a farmhand wielding a pitch fork and held at Army barracks in Glasgow.

Marshall said: “It’s about a hypothetical rescue attempt on Rudolf Hess after he parachuted into Scotland.”

Hess was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment in West Berlin’s Spandau prison, where he committed suicide in 1987.

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