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Hi, just to let everyone know I have found our missing cat. Thanks to
everyone who offered help. Brian, Lynn, Margaret, thanks.


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Hi All,
I just want to let you know there is a new Yoga and Relaxation hall
open in Murray street Paisley. I attended my first class there today
and really enjoyed the experience. The girl that runs the course, Julie
Burns, has asked if i could let as many people know about her
opening/launch night on Friday the 3rd October from 5-9pm. You can
watch class demonstrations or sample a variety of therapies and
holistic treatments. There will also be a finger buffet and soft drinks
for further information contact Julie at
or look at the website
Thanx Kirstie

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I always like to promote business in and around Paisley but every now and again it just isn’t possible, due to being put in a position from the actual business themselves.

This just so happened to me yesterday with a member of staff “the bosses wife” being so cheeky and believe me it isn’t the first time and not just to me either from the same person in Forgotten dreams fancy dress costume hire in Johnstone, In the past I have just ignored her being ignorant and somewhat cheeky to customers and speaks to people like she is doing them a favour, now the same could not be said of her husband who is a true gentleman and very helpful, however I must dissuade people from using this store and seek their costume hire somewhere else.

Yesterday I went in to hire 8 costumes, it would have been 12 but the other ones who were going to hire costumes already said they would not use forgotten dreams as they had no intentions of being spoken to in such a manner as the way they had been treated in the past before by the same woman. My wife and mother had already been in to book the costumes and were told that Saturday would be fine for the costumes.. and I had already spoke to the boss about getting a good deal and he said there would be no problem, however when I turned up on Saturday I got told that I was actually paying more for a costume that I had previously hired for cheaper??? bizarre and having to wait ten minutes to be seen and then be approached as if I was an alien “no i wasn’t in fancy dress” was weird and then to be spoken to as if I was a child who had been naughty and as if I was wasting her time.

Anyways I will be sending a written complaint to the shop tomorrow and I will also be asking people from this website not to use Forgotten Dreams in Johnstone and get their costumes elsewhere until this woman changes her attitude towards customers.

If you agree or disagree with what I am saying please leave a comment, as you may be aware I never do this sort of rant on this website and takes a lot for me to become disheartened with people but this is the third time this has happened to me with this person and enough is enough…

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Hi, my little girls cat has disappeared. It was last seen yesterday
lunch time near glenburn parish church, it is black with a little white
underneath, has a red collar with a bell on, and is 6 months old. If
anybody hears anything could they contact me please.


if you have any info on the missing cat please email us at

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I bought this book the other week from Sma Shot cottages and it was a great wee book I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. I have included the link to the book on amazon if anyone wants to buy it.

I had the authors sign the book, if you want this then take it to Sma Shot cottages on a Saturday.

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I am trialing our very own social network, similar to that of bebo and the likes, but please don’t let that put you off as this one will certainly be different and will have one common goal of bringing people together to promote the town of Paisley and also discuss the problems that face us all in this economic crisis.

The new “Paisley Community” section will let members show their own profile, update their pictures, add pictures to their own gallery, create their own online journal, invite friends, add video or music and one other thing we now have video and audio chat yes that’s video and audio chat so you can now meet and see and hear people that you have been talking to through the years via plain text.

Remember it is in its early stages as yet but it looks like a worthy inclusion to the Paisley website.

Note: members who have already signed up for the message board have immediate access and you just have to use your existing user-name and password to gain access to the Paisley Community social network.

if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.

Access the Paisley Community website here.

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3,172 people were killed on the UK’s roads each year. That means that every day, nine police officers have to visit nine families and break the news that a loved one has suffered a sudden, violent death.  A further 28,673 people are seriously injured in road crashes. That’s more than 70 people every day suffering injuries which include brain damage, paralysis, loss of limbs, severe burning or facial disfigurement – injuries that can change lives forever.

KDS are dedicated to reducing these figures.

KDS recently won a Fleet Safety Forum award for excellence for its outstanding commitment to road safety. By re-branding its vehicles it aims to keep road safety at the forefront of the minds of employees and other road users.

Our aim,  is to initiate a sea change in attitudes towards road safety and proposing proactive ways of reducing the unacceptable record of death and injury on UK roads.

We will be using this petition to raise this issue with the British and Scottish Parliaments.

Sign the petition by visiting this page.

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Just to prove that with the help of volunteers of this website we can help you unearth the past and help answer some questions realting to your family’s Genealogy. One such case is that of Russell who has managed to find the roots of his family from Paisley in the topic titled: Descendants of Thomas Reid and Agnes Walker

Russell wrote: Thanks to the site I have found three second cousins of my wife in Canada and between us we have sorted out all the missing families and generations including a few we didn’t know about. We have uncovered more in the last two months than my wife and I had in the preceeding two years.

We even found the youngest son of a big weaving family as an English teacher in the Grammar school !!!

So a big thanks to site moderators/admin and keep the good work going.
Thanks to Nancy for giving me the nod about

I just want to say thanks to all those volunteers from who helped Russell out on his quest.

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Dont forget we try our best to bring the latest events in the Renfrewshire and Paisley area to you, for the latest events visit our Paisley events page by clicking here.

September 20th: “”event now cancelled””
Charity Auction for Accord Hospice, Lylesland Church Hall, Rowan Street, Paisley, Items can be viewed from 12noon until 1pm when the auction will commence.
For further information please contact Vanessa on 0141 581 2000 or email

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The saying Paisley Buddy applies to every person who is from Paisley and is believed to be a corruption of the old Scottish term for bodies. It has been used for many centuries to describe the townsfolk of Paisley and its origins are now in the dim and distant past.

Other towns around Scotland have their local names if you are from Glasgow you are a Weegie and if your from Edinburgh you are called Edinbuggers and you will find more Scottish townsfolk have other names..

So if your from Paisley you are a Buddy..

Paisley Buddy and proud.

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Over the last couple of days myself and Michael “aka westender” have been chaperoning a travel reporter Candace Leslie of Scottish Life Magazine, which is a wideley known American/Canadian magazine that does features on parts of Scotland, and due to Candace seeing the website she booked a trip to spend two days here.

Well I booked a good few places for Candace to visit and I suppose when people are saying there is nothing to do in Paisley they could follow this small but handy guide to see the town of Paisley, see its buildings and meet its people and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed.

Our itinerary that I scheduled was as follows. (now please remember we did not rush any place and sometimes spent a good hour or two at a venue because the people themselves were very interesting)

Day 1: We were met at Paisley Abbey by a good friend Les Fernie, who greeted our visitors and introduced the town of Paisley and gave a brief and concise history of the town, we then went on a tour around Paisley Abbey.

Inside Paisley Abbey we were shown the rich and colourful history of just about everything that was present within the Abbey and also found out more about Les and his tours.

We then went to the Paisley Town Hall and were shown the different statues and architecture surrounding this building.

We then proceeded to the War Memorial and the location of the old Town Toll Booth, where Les concluded his tour due to the rain pelting from the sky “well it is Paisley in Scotland”

We then walked towards Hamishes Hoose along the way and Les showed us the Glen Cinema and explained about the tragedy that befell the town and its children of that dark day.

After a splendid lunch we went along Oakshaw and towards the Wynd Centre, Church Hill, The Liberal Club “where Burns once stood”, the Bull Inn and then went towards the Paisley Museum and Library.

Inside the museum we met Dan Coughlan, who is a Gem of a man and real credit to our town he explained more about the weaving industry and showed us some original looms on show in side the Paisley museum.

We then went up the Coats Observatory to look around and see the historic telescope which is still used to this day.

And to finish things off for the first day we went along to John Witherspoons statue and finished things off there, we were supposed to meet Sandy Stoddart but due to an urgent appointment we couldn’t do this at this time.

Day 2: Day two was a more structured day and we began by meeting David Osborne, who was brilliant and explained everything about Oakshaw Trinity church “the high church” and gave our guests a guided tour of the Church and we were also allowed out on the balcony just below the steeple, where the sun shone on us and gave us a lovely view of Paisley below us. Inside the Oakshaw Trinity church is one of the most amazing looking rooms you will ever see with the largest known unsupported roof of its kind.

We then went to Robert Tannahills cottage where our good friend Les Fernie met us and gave the tour and story of Tannahill’s life and death, which was amazing..

We also went to the Gallow Green and the Horseshoe at Maxwelton.

We ventured to Sma’ Shot cottages for some lunch in their splendid tea room and then met up with Ellen Farmer of the Old Paisley Society and were given an excellent and informative tour of the weaving cottages.

We then went to the Paisley Thread Mill Museum to learn about the Mill workers and the demise of the Thread mills of Paisley and were given a tour By some former mill workers May and Nessie who were both excellent and very interesting.

And last but not least we finished off our tour by visiting Coats Memorial Church.

There was so much more that I wanted to show them around Paisley but our guests were amazed at Paisley and its history and don’t let it be said there is nothing to do in our town.. get out there and have a look… and don’t just look, listen.!!

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We are going to create a monthly desktop wallpaper calendar for you to use on your pc free of charge, I know we are a tiny bit late this month, this months calendar is that of Robert Tannahills cottage, simply click here and go to the downloads and wallpaper section, click the image and when the big image displays simply right click it and set as desktop wallpaper..

If you have any problems please let me know and if you wish a bigger size image please let me know.