Hi there….I know this is a long shot but it’s worth a try…

My 8 yr old son’s bike went “missing” at some point last night/this
morning. Basically, it was taken from our doorstep ( we have a secure
entry system so someone has been let in…..!!! )
It is a mountain/bmx style one and is grey army camouflage in colour
& design. The front reflector is missing from it too – I have that
here as it broke off yesterday and was going to fix it today! It was
his xmas present and he used it daily for going to school as well as
going out to play on it – now he’ll have to walk to school whilst his
friends go on their bikes…

If anyone happens to notice it around anywhere in the top foxbar
area then could you please let me know asap?

Many thanks…

Paul T.