paisley from drone

I have been asked a few times ‘what is a blog?’ and what is its use in the Paisley website?

Well I will try and explain in layman’s terms, this blog is basically an online journal of an individual or individuals thoughts and wittering. I am trying to put things that cant be put into a section on a website into this blog, like the Chinese numbers, taxi numbers etc.

Also the blog can be written from anywhere and is archived in a chronological order from new listings at the top to oldest at the bottom.

Also I want people to comment or even write their own journals on here this way people who are visiting this website don’t get the view of one individual.

So how do you comment? well from the main paisley home page click on the header of the blog that is being listed and it will take you through to the new or blog page, at the bottom you will see your name, email and comment box so that you can write what you need to write “keep it clean” but please feel free.