Lloyds TSB is a joke

Paisley food Festival

What a joke Lloyds TSB is on Paisley high street, I cant believe some of these people are in charge of our money.

We have been trying to setup a bank account with them for the Paisley website just basically a club bank account which gives you the very basic of banking facilities “enough for us to apply for funding” however our secretary and one of our committee members went down to apply for the account yesterday and had all the correct information that was to show their identity “I checked the forms too” and some woman in Lloyds TSb said that it was insufficient, now let me tell you she actually had three or four more items that were insufficient “not according the the guidelines they weren’t” so our committee member was told to bring another form of ID back with her the next day.

On returning the next day “this morning” she was told that that said form of ID was not acceptable.

I am raging at them, if any other company’s organisations, Charity’s, clubs individuals please do not setup an account with Lloyds TSB you will have nothing but hassle with them.. Support Paisley on the web and go to somewhere else the Royal Bank of Scotland or something somebody who actually you can get through to and speak to.. This is what we should have done first…

Take heed Lloyds TSB we wont put up with your nonsense..