paisley from drone

Got a letter from the council today and they apologised but said that normally when someone reports a repair that there is no need for the council to get back in touch with that person, IM sure though that I had told them that they would get someone to call me back.

However they go on to say that they have been very busy “[b]and quoted my blog, so blogs can get their attention[/b]” and said that they could see there was significant damage and that they would need the scaffolders to erect the structure before they can fix the damage, but listen to this [b]the target date is the 4th March[/b] thats a month away bloody hell.

Last night was bad again, we never used to have it so bad up here until a good few years ago Scottish power removed the trees in front of our house and since then its been hellish each year and the same tiles always come off the roof..

Only one tile came off last night and thats a result as far as Im concerned..

But also just before dinner time “I had written to my local councilor Lorraine Cameron” I had an email from Lorraine Cameron emailing someone in repairs and just conveying how angry I was that no one had come back to me “which they said they would” and on seeing my damage it should be treated as urgent.. so another result, I am Thankfull to Councillor Cameron for her time and reply it is very much appreciated and also shows that if you need something done Blog it and tell everyone about it…