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The website seems to have just gone off, I did get an email last week telling me it may go down for approx 15 mins so hopefully this is that 15 mins.. They are installing some server side technologies into the host for me which I can have a play with…

If not I will get on the blower and update everyone vie this blog

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Got a letter from the council today and they apologised but said that normally when someone reports a repair that there is no need for the council to get back in touch with that person, IM sure though that I had told them that they would get someone to call me back.

However they go on to say that they have been very busy “[b]and quoted my blog, so blogs can get their attention[/b]” and said that they could see there was significant damage and that they would need the scaffolders to erect the structure before they can fix the damage, but listen to this [b]the target date is the 4th March[/b] thats a month away bloody hell.

Last night was bad again, we never used to have it so bad up here until a good few years ago Scottish power removed the trees in front of our house and since then its been hellish each year and the same tiles always come off the roof..

Only one tile came off last night and thats a result as far as Im concerned..

But also just before dinner time “I had written to my local councilor Lorraine Cameron” I had an email from Lorraine Cameron emailing someone in repairs and just conveying how angry I was that no one had come back to me “which they said they would” and on seeing my damage it should be treated as urgent.. so another result, I am Thankfull to Councillor Cameron for her time and reply it is very much appreciated and also shows that if you need something done Blog it and tell everyone about it…

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Now i know you are on the edge of your seat about my roof problems, so I thought I would update you, I called the council again today as still no one had got back to me and I have found out they have to organise the scaffold company to come out and repair the damage, funnily enough on saturday of this week they were about five doors down from me.. mmmmm

anyways the target date is the 5th march so hopefully my roof holds out until then if not Im gonna be drookit or roofless…

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Ive added a new menu, hopefully it displays well and everyone can see it alright, if you cant or the text is too small please let me know and i will increase the size as I think its bordering on the small for now, but on the plus side it gives me tons of room to add more links…

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I have taken some video of my roof and the damage that the winds at the start of January did to my house 3 weeks ago on writing this blog, Renfrewshire council have done nothing “granted thy may be busy” but they have not so much as returned my calls or even came out to look at the damage, look just under the chimney and you will see the lead flashing has been cracked as well..

lets hope for our sake its not my bloody chimney..

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I have now designed my own website and uploaded it last night check out it offers my services such as web design “obvioulsy” hosting, domain name registration, email etc

its a really nice design and was inspired by my picture of tree face out my backdoor lol also as i have also noticed the last few days i had been seeing the same image of a tree on my calendar which is the bbc nature calendar weird but hey thats how marketing works…

check out Paisley Web Design website now.. let me know your thoughts on it??


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tree face, originally uploaded by paisleyorguk.

This was taken when the winds and the rain were a distant memory, it was taken in .. cant remember that name… ahhhhh summer…

its the wee tree out my backdoor and it has its very own personality now thanks to my stupid imagination.

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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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Got great news one of our visitors has kindly donated and this has been of great help and Ive managed to pay for the pro gallery that we needed in flickr so that I can now show as many sets and photographs thats needed..

whoooohoooo and thanks to that person…

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I have had some time this month tp really get the website moving and judging by all the emails being sent out and recieved, its been well recieved.

This makes me think, if the website was paid for by advertising rather than out of my sky rocket then I could do this and move the website to the next level providing quality content and information to provide people with an updated website…

if you know someone who would liek to sponsor or donate to the website then please tell them to get in touch.

much appreciated


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I have introduced the Renfrewshire Business Directory back into the website after deliberating whether or not to, why not I hear you ask? (got great hearing haven’t I) well one simple reason, Business in Renfrewshire who don’t have money to advertise on costly directory’s can add their listings for free and be promoted through the larger website for nothing, free, diddly squat, or they can get a web page up and running for £50 that will give them email and a place to list their business services.

You can visit the website which is the old design “i like it” if your a business owner, don’tforget to sign up and add your business for FREE!!!

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This is an enterprising test of the youtube video showing google ads, fingers crossed it works