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Sponsored Walk For MacMillan Cancer Charity

I am Irene McDonald, creator of the group

I created the group on 31st January 2012, with intentions of helping others. This is why I named the group FREE ITEMS IN PAISLEY ( give away free) aimed at helping others.
The group has been successful as we now have over 750 FANTASTIC MEMBERS, and it is still growing.

How the group works is we have very generous people who donate items on the site and give to people who need, e.g. people on low incomes, single parents, people who don’t have much.
We also have a wanted doc for people to put an ad on for a wanted item.

I have given items away on the site myself and feel really pleased I have been able to help someone. I have met people to give items to them and I feel great just being able to help, I’m over the moon when people say ‘thank you’, which makes my day.

People on the site have commented saying I’m a star, but really I’m just one human helping another and I am very proud to do this.

I have 3 admins on the site who are fantastic, myself, my husband and Anne whom I met online and she was very generous offering me her help. (Thank-you to Anne, very much appreciated).

The site has grown over the few months since we started it and we get a lot of satisfaction from it.

I work as a Sales assistant and have a young son still at home but I enjoy a challenge and meeting and helping others gives me real satisfaction. I enjoyed doing this so much as I enjoy helping others and I thought, I really enjoy what I am doing and I am happy, I then wanted to help people in an other way, so I thought about charities and spoke to my husband about MacMillan Cancer.
I then looked at the Just Giving page online and found the MacMillan Cancer page right at the top, WOW, was I pleased I found it and read what it was about.

I then registered my details with them. I then put the link on my FREE ITEMS IN PAISLEY (GIVE FOR FREE) Website.
I registered an event for a sponsored walk at Barshaw Park. Details of the event are – FREE IN PAISLEY 4MACMILLAN CANCER
AT Barshaw Park
Entry fee is £2 (all proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer)
FANTASTIC DAY out with raffle tickets on sale for FANTASTIC PRIZES.
People that would like to support us in this FANTASTIC CAUSE.
THANK-YOU and hope to see lots of people there x

We have had people offering to donate items for raffle prizes after the walk THIS IS FANTASTIC and shows people do care and want to help.
Would be FANTASTIC IS SOMEONE DONATED AN EASTER EGG as it is Easter Sunday and all proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer (WHAT A FANTASTIC CAUSE)