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“Mission X” feature film by local film maker


“Mission X” feature film by local filmmaker screens at the Paisley Arts Centre. For more information please click here.

Video Trailer:

For more information on the Paisley Film Society please click here.

Mission X Blog here

Weather warning


Please be careful out on the streets of Paisley today stay in if you can as there are floods everywhere, some people are trapped in their cars at the bottom of Ferguslie main road at Aldi and the road to the main hospital the Royal Alexandra Hospital RAH Paisley is under water as the Ferguslie cricket ground has flooded over onto the main road, so basically its chaos out there …

Check out and bookmark this link for weather warnings in Paisley and surrounding areas…

John Smeaton


I just read there that John Smeaton one of the heroes at the Glasgow Airport Terrorist attack is now awake from a 2 week coma in the Royal Alexandra Hospital Paisley, we at would just like to wish him all the best and wish him a speedy recovery and convey our best wishes to his family…

Cmon Big John get better…

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