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A Buddy Good Laugh Paisley Review


A Buddy Good Laugh Paisley Review.

Interview by Peter Greenwood of

Paisley’s annual comedy festival, aptly named A Buddy Good Laugh, returned to the Paisley Arts Centre in February. I must admit, going in I wasn’t sure what I’d be able to write about. As I said last time, comedy is such a subjective thing that it’s difficult to get a handle on to review.

Another aspect to writing a comedy review, is that you have to be careful what you actually write. Some comedians take weeks and months to perfect their set, then some bozo like me comes along and writes “then big Stevie said this about the microwave” and it ruins their act.


So going into this, I’ve chosen to write from a few angles; firstly, touch on the elements that the comedians spoke of, and secondly, I went with my friend Emma to this event, and I picked up on what I think she did and didn’t enjoy, so I’m going to try to look at this through Emma’s eyes as well.

We arrived at the Arts Centre and took our seats. The stage was decorated with banners for the Dead Sheep Comedy, something which immediately grabbed Emma’s attention. “Why do the sheep need to be dead” she protested. “Because living sheep aren’t as funny?” I suggested.

The audience filtered in slowly, and the show started with host Scott Gibson coming out to welcome us, and inform us how he felt about a performance going on at the Paisley Town Hall that night.
As he likes to do, Scott turned to the crowd and started chatting with a member of the audience, who informed us he’s a cow farmer. During the course of the evening we’d find out that you can get £1,000 for a cow, farmers tend not to have favourite cows and that Scott can do a pretty decent impression of a cow giving the “come hither” look.

The first act onstage was Kier McAllister, which started a slight East Coast takeover in the room. A regular at the Strand comedy club in Edinburgh, as well as a pod caster, Kier started talking about Scotland, and his observation that we don’t really do anything proper for tourists in this country. He then shifted over to a story about an unfortunate accidental stalking incident in Edinburgh, which I think every man in the room could relate to at some point in their lives. As an opener, he was great fun and as he left the stage, Scott came on to tell us it was the first break, but that we had a special surprise guest coming on directly after.

I only got the surprises first name, Gareth, but he was pretty great. He looked like he was about fifteen though, something he immediately addressed and admitted to by sharing a story about how a group of teenagers outside asked him to buy them alcohol, and how well that ended up for him. Gareth was only on for a short amount of time, before giving way to Owen McGuire.

Owen came out, and divided the crowd, but by the end of his set he won people back with stories about how he was a teacher, and the highs and lows of vegetarianism before we were released to our second break.
Then headliners Stu and Garry came on, and I’ve got a slight confession to make. I’d already seen these guys perform live at the first Spree festival, as part of Scotland’s only improv group they come through from Edinburgh and play Glasgow sometimes too, and I knew they were hysterical. And right I was. Emma was beside me, tears streaming down her face with joy, as Stu and Garry re-enacted a scene set on a train in different styles, such as Star Wars characters, from the suggestions of a delighted audience.

A Buddy Good Laugh gets better every time I go, this is something every Buddy should get behind and support as much as possible.

Interview with Stu and Garry by Peter Greenwood and S.J Gribben


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A Buddy Good Laugh at Paisley Arts Centre Photographs

A Buddy Good Laugh at Paisley Arts Centre Photographs.

Father Ted actor and comedian Michael Redmond as he performed at Paisley Arts Centre’s dead sheep comedy club the other week as part of Dead Sheep Comedy’s ‘A Buddy Good Laugh’ at Paisley Arts Centre

All photographs taken for Paisley on the web by Alex Kyle Photography.

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Laugh Yourself Silly Comedy Night at Paisley Arts Centre

1 Night, 5 Comedians = Lots of Laughs

In association with the Scottish Comedy Agency, the 5 act stand-up comedy show Laugh Yourself Silly will take place at Paisley Arts Centre on Friday 22 June.

Laugh Yourself Silly comes to Renfrewshire Arts and Museums in conjunction with the largest producer of live comedy in Scotland, the Scottish Comedy Agency, an organisation renowned for representing only the most exciting, original talent. The show will be led by quick-witted Susan Calman, who will introduce the Stand Comedy Club regulars Bruce Morton, John Ross and Barry McDonald to the floor as well as local newcomer Tommy Reid.

Tickets cost £12 (£10 concession) and the show is suitable for ages 18 and over. Doors open at 8pm.

Tickets are available at or call 0141 887 1010

For further information on Laugh Yourself Silly, future events and exhibitions log onto or follow us on

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Monkey Poet Presents Welcome

Monkey Poet presents Welcome at Paisley Arts Centre on Sat 21 April, 7.30pm

Described as a cross between Bill Hicks and Mark Thomas, Matt Panesh brings his double bill of critical acclaimed comedy to Paisley Arts Centre.

 is two acts of no-holds barred, full blown onslaught of engaging, interesting and topical stand up which is brought to you by a performer with seamless delivery and passion.

Act 1 – Welcome… to Afghanistan

The first half of the show is a one-man comedy play telling the story of the first Afghan wars in the 1840s.  

”Welcome to Afghanistan” is based on a soldiers memoir first published in 1844.  Lt John Greenwood joins up and journeys to India, taking the audience on a whistle-stop tour of the colonial continent, before arriving in Afghanistan, and the greatest disaster in British Military history; The 90-mile retreat from Kabul in which 16,000 people lost their lives…..And  It’s a comedy!Monkey Poet leaps from character to character, from cynical Generals to Indian beggars, and all walks of life in between. A Stage Must See show – Edinburgh Fringe.

Act 2 – Welcome… to the UK

The second half of the show is a selection of Panesh’s verse on the state of the UK today. Targets include the economy crisis, the BNP, the tabloid media, celebrity culture and whatever else is on his mind on the night.

Act 2 is satiric stand-up in rhyme. Likened to Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, Mark Thomas & Billy Bragg this is not for the faint-hearted or dainty-eared!

is mixture of theatre, comedy and poetry from a very enthusiastic performer who has won 7 fringe awards for poetry including Best Poet at San Fransisco Fringe two years running.

Expect plenty of audience participation and a medley of group shouting targeted at politicians. 

 cost £10 (£6 conc) and are available online at or by calling 0141 887 1010.

For further information please visit or follow us on facebook

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Dorothy Paul At Paisley Town Hall Plus Pre – Theatre Offer

Rapture Theatre presents Dorothy Paul at Paisley Town Hall on Wed 11 April, 7.30pm

BAFTA award winning actress and Scottish showbiz legend, Dorothy Paul, is coming to Paisley Town Hall with her brand new show, “Retiring from Retirement”!  

Enjoy an evening of wonderful music and outrageous comedy in the company of one of Scotland’s best loved performers.  Hear hilarious gossip about Dorothy’s starry pals, past and present.  Accompany her in her tales of hysterical bus runs, topical tram rides and family soirees.  Meet the unstoppable Cleaner, with her numerous jobs and university degrees, her best friend, Wilma, her Zumba class and her long-suffering husband, who still gets his daily ear-bashing!

This show is part comedy, part music, 100% entertainment.

Tickets cost £16 (£14 conc) however you can take advantage of our great pre-theatre offer with The Watermill Hotel where an extra £20 will get you two courses for two people plus tea and coffee. Offer is only available between 5pm-7pm.

Tickets are available online at or by calling 0141 887 1010.

For further information log onto or follow us on facebook

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Comedy Night

There is going to be a comedy night at Up Yer Kilt inPaisley! There will be some of the finest acts within theUKcircuit and also open mic nights with a cash prize. The acts include Graham Mackie, comedy legend… Jamie Dalglish… Scottish comedienne of 2011 Anna Devitt … Lee Mack’s all star cast… Sarah-May Philo, Comedy Central winner and loads more!

  • Happening every Tuesday night from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.
  • Tickets prices £5 or £3 with student ID are available from the bar or at the door.

Laugh your way into May


This Saturday, the 1st of May (the day you wash your face in the morning dew in order that you remain fresh skinned all year) sees one of the best stand up comedians in the country appear in Hamishes’ Hoose, Raymond Mearns (for it is he) has the sharpest. keenest and rapier like wit of anyone I have ever seen. I have seen him a number of times as he used to MC the Joke Box many moons ago. I never tire of seeing him as he always has me in stitches ( I need to stop him carrying that ice pick). He is learned, has studied law and the female form and is an all round smart ars*. Deffo one to catch. also on the bill is MC Scott Agnew, Mark Nelson and Davey See. You can pay at the door or to ensure to get in, pop into the pub and buy a ticket before Saturday.

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