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Paisley Photographs Brediland Allotments

brediland allotments

Paisley Photographs

Paisley Photographs of Brediland Allotments taken on Doors Open Day 2012 by Mags MacGee for

Brediland Allotments

The Brediland Allotments were established in 1916, local knowledge states it was gifted by a generous farmer.

There are 41 plots of various sizes with a section for pigeon lofts. Over the years the allotment has changed from a men only past-time to having more women, families and even the local nursery starting to grow their own food.
There has been a massive revival of interest in people wanting to grow their own fruit and vegetables in
recent years. As a result, Renfrewshire is starting to see the development of a number of innovative community led projects to allow people to start growing their own fresh produce.

Therefore today’s visit is an opportunity to learn more about the secret world of allotment gardening, pick up some tips on gardening which you might apply in your own garden or even gain inspiration to start a community gardening project in your own neighbourhood.

Paisley Photographs Day

Paisley Photographs Day will take place on Paisley Doors Open day 2012, what better day to offer you a personal photographic challenge?

This is a chance to take part in something unique. We are challenging you to take a Paisley Photograph on 8th September, Doors Open Day. Now the rules for this are pretty simple and all ages can take part.

paisley town hallWherever you are and at any time of day on 8th September you simply take one picture and send it into us with your details. We need:

  • Your name and email
  • Who shot it.
  • Where it was taken.
  • What it is a picture of.
  • Why did you choose this?

I hear some of you saying “But I’m not in Paisley!”  No problem! If you’re from Paisley and have moved abroad, take a photo of wherever you are on 8th September, anywhere in the world. For those of you on different planets, I can’t wait to see the results…

This will be a snapshot of life taken by Paisley folk, wherever they are, on one day and shared with everyone, so capture something that means a lot to you.

We have to have some simple rules and they can’t be bent, however long I’ve know you or if even if you offer me money!

  • Do not take pictures of children, this goes without saying. However if it is your child or a friend’s child and you have permission then great.
  • People must give their consent, street photography is very cool but permission must be asked. Without permission their faces must either not be visible or they are in a group of people. If you are photographing the High Street then use common sense.
  • Rude or offensive material will be binned immediately.
  • I am not against showing negative images of the town as everywhere has undesirable areas. But please don’t go out of your way to focus on that, try to be positive.
  • Make sure your photo does not show nudity, unless it’s of an animal – they’re all naked right?


By sending in one photo, we assume your permission to copy the photo to add to our collection of images. All credit will be given, and we shall not use it for any purpose other than for the Paisley Photo Challenge.

So it’s very simple, take a photo and send it in to or via twitter or Facebook.


We will be organising photo tours on that day as it coincides with Paisley Doors Open day 2012. For more information on these, watch this space.

This is not a competition, there are no prizes apart from seeing your photo on the website, it is a personal challenge, enjoy!

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Nutshell Theatre presents Allotment at Brediland Allotments

Get out of the theatre and into… the Allotment?

Not ones for conforming to the norm, site specific specialists, Nutshell Theatre like to get out and about with their performances and engage with local communities. On June 8 they take their newest production Allotment, to Brediland Allotments in Foxbar for 3 performances of their Edinburgh Fringe Festival smash.

Allotment follows the complex and quirky relationship between sisters Dora and Maddy as they live out the seasons on their allotment, playing out their rivalries among the plants.

This dark comedy is a celebration of gardening, with the actresses digging, planting and performing on top of a shed. With changeable weather constantly shifting the nature of the Allotment, the sibling rivalry is a feast for the senses – a tale of life, death, Pink Fir Apple potatoes and the secret power of worms…There’s also tonnes of homemade scones, jam and free tea, so come along a DIG IN!

The 3 performances of Allotment begin at 2pm, 5pm and 7pm on Friday 8 June.

Allotment travels with a unique cross-generational planting project. In partnership with venues, Nutshell Theatre are pairing up local mother and toddler groups with older people from day care centres or sheltered housing in the local community.

They come together once a week to plant seeds and grow the living set for the show.

Tickets cost £10 (£6 conc) and are available online at or by calling 0141 887 1010.

Brediland Allotments, Cardell Drive, Foxbar, PA2 9AE. For travel info log onto or call 0871 200 2233.

For further information log onto or follow us on facebook at