The Paisley Centre

The B-listed High Street facade of the Paisley Centre started life as the Picture House around 1912, designed by George A Boswell. It was re-opened in 1930, seating 2,300. After this it was sold to the West Regent Circuit, then to Green’s, followed by Mecca in the 1960s when it became a bingo hall. This was demolished in the late 80s to make way for the current shopping centre.





The Paisley Centre was opened in 1992 by Princess Diana and was upgraded in 2006.

Fascinating rumours about the building include one that the centre is haunted, having been built on top of a historic graveyard. The ghost has apparently even been caught on CCTV! There are also crop circle – style markings on the roof area – even aliens need to shop!

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Cinema interior photograph courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive at the National Library  of Scotland