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Paisley Abbey Gargoyles

Gargoyles are decorative devices designed to take rainwater away from the building without the use of downpipes, the water is directed away ensuring that it doesn’t run down the walls, causing dampness. I use the word “decorative” very loosely here because there are thousands if not millions of designs, from ordinary human ones to mythical creatures such as griffins & dragons and as you can see from the photograph below also a Gargoyle sculpted by a German Stonemason in the early 80’s which is the exactly like the Alien from the aforementioned film. A Xenomorph on Paisley Abbey, Scotland, built in the early 14th century featured in io9.

Paisley Abbey Alien Gargoyle

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In November 2012 I took delivery of a Tamron 70mm – 300mm lens and I thought ‘What will I try it out on?’… Paisley Abbey Gargoyles was my first thought, so here are a few shots of the Gargoyles.

All photos below were taken by Raymie Greenlees, who has kindly allowed us to add these to our Gallery.

Photographs of Paisley Abbey Gargoyles