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Pirates were delighted to get their season off to a flying start at the weekend with two good wins.  On Saturday they travelled to North Ayr, taming the Wild with a 7-0 win.  

Their first home game on Sunday resulted in a 7-1 win against Kilmarnock Storm.

Paisley Pirates defeat Kilmarnock Storm 7-1 at Braehead on ,15 October , Picture: Al Goold (www.algooldphoto.com)

Coach Adam Walker said “It was really pleasing to get off to a good start last weekend.  We expected a test in both games, however, the team responded well to the challenge and grew in confidence as the weekend went on.  Obviously there is a long way to go and I think we had one or two tired bodies on Sunday in the latter stages, but that is to be expected with us not being game sharp. Fitness will improve as we work our way through the games.  We haven’t had the opportunity to play any pre season games and starting late means we will be a little behind for the first three or four games.  Both North Ayrshire Wild and Kilmarnock Storm were playing there seventh game against us, but I thought we coped well and were comfortable for long spells in each.  A real positive for the team is that every line had scoring at the weekend, which will enable us to rely on everybody to make an offensive contribution.  Everyone has a role on the team and we expect our top offensive players to contribute regularly, however, that secondary scoring is also vital if we are to be successful”


“This weekend we welcome Dundee Tigers to Braehead and although they haven’t got off to the best start we will go into the game prepared and ready for the challenges they bring.  They have some good players in the team that can pose a threat and we have to respect that.  Hopefully we can get the same support from the fans as we did last week.  They were excellent and the boys really appreciate the support, which inspires everyone to work hard, giving our fans a team to be proud of…”


Photograph courtesy of AL GOOLD PHOTO
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The waiting is just about over for Paisley Pirates fans, who are on countdown to a weekend which sees them in action twice after almost six months of inactivity, an away match against North Ayr Wild on Saturday preceding their opening home fixture at Braehead Arena on Sunday evening (face off 6.00pm) against Kilmarnock Storm.

“It’ll be good to get back onto the ice in competitive action after such a long spell of inactivity,” said Head Coach Ian Turley. “There’s been a freshness in training over the last few weeks, as the makeup of the team has changed quite a bit, and it’s been great for Adam and me to work with these guys, but we now have to put our ideas into practice on the ice. Indeed, the whole setup has a new freshness to it all, with Adam Walker joining me to double the coaching capacity within the club, and it’s certainly given me a boost to have someone as knowledgeable and proficient as him working alongside me. The new squad is absolutely desperate to learn and it’s a big boost to the pair of us to have such an attentive pool of players.”

“We got a bit of a chance at the recent Supporters Club function to put across a few things to the fans who turned up, and the healthy attendance suggests that they are just as keen as us to see the team out on the ice, even if they don’t quite know all the new faces yet. All of the squad present at the night were presented with their new team jerseys, and with the changes in the squad Chris Turley takes over as Captain, with Martyn Guy and Tom Johnston assisting as Alternate Captains.”

“We’ve two difficult games to start with against teams who’ve already been in competitive action, but it’s a situation we’ve been used to in recent years so again we’ll just get on with it. We’re at Auchenharvie Leisure Centre on Saturday, and the Wild will be keen to turn us over, seeing as apart from it being a local derby anyway we now have a number of former Wild players in our ranks, who’ll all be very keen to ensure they retain bragging rights over their former team mates. On the Sunday, we’re hoping for a big crowd at Braehead to welcome the team back onto home ice for the first time in 6 months, as we take on Kilmarnock Storm in another local derby. Storm have had a good start to the season and have already racked up a couple of wins, so they’ll be fancying their chances of coming into our place and keeping their good opening run going. Our first home match is also dedicated to the memory of two faithful supporters, Jess Donnelly and Jim Dinning, who both sadly passed away over the close season, so we have an extra special reason for doing well on the opening night. ”

“For our part, our fans have waited a long time to see us, and we’re hoping for two top notch performances to get our season underway, and show the newcomers in particular that they’ve come to a big club, where expectations are high every single time we have a fixture to fulfil, so round about 6pm on Sunday, we want the home fans to give every player in a Pirates’ jersey a very special welcome onto the ice!”

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Mum whose son can have sudden meltdown praises mall for staging Autism Hour

THE mum of an autistic teenager has told how the condition can lead to her son having a sudden “meltdown” in the middle of a crowded place.
Julie Macdonald says it’s like “shaking a bottle until it explodes” when 13-year-old Lewis is faced with an overload of sudden loud noises, bright lights or even different smells.

Julie, from Paisley was speaking as the intu Braehead shopping and leisure destination joined with the National Autistic Society to launch the first UK-wide Autism Hour.
Shopping malls owned by intu all over the country yesterday (Monday October 2) reduced their lights, music and other background noise for an hour at 10am. And Julie hopes this will encourage other businesses and organisations to make small adjustments that can make a big difference to autistic people and their families.

Julie also told how passers-by, who don’t understand what is really happening, often mistakenly assume that Lewis is just a badly-behaved teenager having a strop when things get too much for him.
She explains: “It can build up throughout the day, starting first thing when Lewis just isn’t himself. That’s the first shake of the bottle.
“Then we might be running a bit late and I have to tell him to hurry. That’s another shake.

“His computer might be running slow, or swimming might be cancelled, something might happen with his siblings and all the wee niggles build up and eventually he explodes. The final trigger could be the simplest thing.
“When this happens Lewis can flap, pace up and down, or just stay rigid and refuse to move. Sometimes, he even hits his head with his hands and people around us assume he’s having a teenage strop and they start tutting.”
Julie adds: “Sometimes Lewis holds my hand and that also makes people stare because he’s almost as tall as me.

“It’s upsetting and I feel like people are judging me, they think I’m a bad parent, that Lewis is spoiled, and I can’t control him.
“I would love to be able to explain to people what’s really going on, but it’s more important that I keep the situation with Lewis under control. I wish they weren’t so judgmental, but I just try to ignore it.”
The intu Braehead mall is Julie’s local shopping centre and she says: “I’m really pleased they‘re taking part in Autism Hour, because the lights, noises and smells can be difficult for autistic people.

“Lewis doesn’t always struggle in the shopping centre, as it really just depends what else has been happening that day and how he’s feeling. I tend to go shopping by myself, but not all parents of autistic children have someone who can help with childcare.
“I know that businesses need to operate. If they sell food, there’s going to be a food smell. Shops that sell bath products are going to have a smell. That’s just the way it is.

“However I do think shopping centres could do more to think about how bright and fluorescent lighting affect customers, and also about music – what volume it’s played at and how it feels when music from different shops clash.
And Julie’s message to other shoppers is: “Please don’t stare, tut, or frown if you see a child, young person, or adult who is having a meltdown or seems unable to cope. It’s really important that autistic people are able to live their lives and spend time with their families. We should all feel accepted.”

Mark Lever, Chief Executive at the National Autistic Society, said: “Like anyone, people on the autism spectrum and their families want the opportunity to go to the shops and access services. But many find the often busy, loud and unpredictable environment overwhelming.

“Our recent survey revealed 64% of autistic people avoid going to the shops because of their autism.

“intu has pioneered autism-friendly shopping and we hope that more venues will be inspired to do their bit and make sure autistic people and their families have the same chance to enjoy shopping as everyone else.”
Lydia Brown, intu Braehead’s community development manager said:“We want to put a smile on the face of everyone who visits an intu centre and this means training our staff, supporting our customers and working with brands in the centre as well as organisations like the National Autistic Society to provide a welcoming and accessible experience for all.”

Log on to www.autism.org.uk/autismhour for more information about the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour.


Tips for living off a state pension


The Daily Mail reported that the flat-rate state pension introduced last year is worryingly low – at just £159.99 per week – and that’s if you’ve managed to work at least 35 years of full national insurance contributions.


“A Freedom of Information request found that only 41 per cent of the 153,990 who claimed a state pension for the first time, got this amount,” reports the Daily Mail. With this figure in mind, it’s tricky to imagine being able to live purely off a state pension but this is the case for many. Here are a few tips detailing how you can make the most of your state pension money.

Could you downsize?

The amount you are left with each week doesn’t really leave room to pay a mortgage if you still have one, let alone expensive heating bills in a large home. Consider your happiness, rather than being sentimental and if you can, downsize to a home that you can afford the payments on.


You could be in the position to agree to a Lifetime mortgage arrangement, visit your mortgage provider and discuss your options. However, if you have paid off your mortgage on your home, a better option in order to live comfortably for the rest of your life could be to release some equity. This allows you to enjoy some spare spending money to enjoy your retirement and ensure the bills are paid.

Cut your spending

It’s an obvious one, but are you doing all you can to keep your expenditure at a minimum? Food is expensive these days, but when you compare something like chicken breasts to a whole chicken, it makes sense to create three meals out of the latter. Swapping to cheaper supermarkets – such as Lidl, Aldi or Asda – is another way of cutting costs.


Make shopping trips fun and looks for bargains, and keep your food waste to an absolute minimum. By browsing around you can find many websites with good advices on how to reduce cost like this blog where you will find meal plans and shopping lists to help you eat for a week on as little as £40. If you are living on a state pension, cutting any unnecessary spending can help the amount you receive go much further.  

Cut any bad habits

Gambling and smoking have no place in your new budget lifestyle, plus, they’re simply not very good for you. However, if you love going dancing, or to the theatre, make sure you find a way to keep these things in your life!


Happiness is still key and with amazing deals on cinema tickets, cheap standing tickets at the theatre and even free dance classes you can still enjoy these things on a budget. Check out a site such as Groupon, where you can find coupons and deals that can help you continue enjoying fun things while keeping costs low.

Look after your health

Even though we’re very lucky in this country to have the NHS, care is really expensive long term. You can prevent things running downhill by keeping yourself fit, and as a wise person once said, you have two doctors; your left leg and your right leg so what are you waiting for? Go exploring!


If you are receiving only a state pension, it is possible to make it work for you. Take on some of these tips that can help you lead a happier, healthier life with a little more change in your pocket.

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N’ice one as Olympic curler Eve coaches kids

OLYMPIC medal-winner Eve Muirhead helped curlers brush up on their skills with free coaching sessions.

Eve Muirhead giving a curling lesson to seven-year-old’s Grace Elston (wearing flowery jacket) and her cousin, Sophia Mills-Stoyle, from Johnstone, Renfrewshire

Eve was at the regular Saturday intu Braehead Curling Sweep, as part of her new role as Curling Ambassador at the rink.

And three generations of the same family were there to get some curling tips from Eve. Grandad, Peter Mills, from Houston, Renfrewshire, his daughter, Catriona Mills-Stoyle, and seven-year-old granddaughters Grade Elston and Sophia Mills-Stoyle, from Johnstone took to the ice with the Olympic curler.

From left Eve Muirhead, Sophia Mills-Stoyle, Grace Elston, Catriona Mills-Stoyle and Peter Mills.

It’s the first time an ice rink in Scotland has engaged a high-profile curler to promote the sport.

Now her image will be seen on giant posters by hundreds of thousands of people visiting the intu Braehead shopping centre, which has a dedicated curling rink.

Eve, 27, has enjoyed a successful curling career winning an Olympic bronze medal, gold, silver and bronze World and European Championship medals and four Junior World Championship gold medals.

And she’s been selected to represent Great Britain in her third Winter Olympics, which is being held in South Korea, in February, next year.

Eve aims to make curling a sport that’s popular with all ages and people from all social backgrounds. But admits that she’ll have to tackle the false perceptions of curling and curlers among people who don’t really know the sport.

She explains: “The image of curling has changed a lot since I first started playing as a nine-year-old, but a lot more can be done.

“I’m sure a lot of people think curling is for an older generation – but nothing could be further from the truth and nowadays there are a lot of younger people taking up the sport.

“And when it comes to competitive curling at the top level of the sport, the age range of the curlers is between 24 and 30.”

Eve continues: “People should know that curling is cool. It’s really quite fun and it’s a sport that can get you fit too, especially when you are throwing a 44-pound granite stone up a sheet of ice!”

There are more than 40 clubs and 1000 curlers of all ages and abilities playing on the curling rink at intu Braehead, which hosts starter sessions for the novice, to club competitions, disabled curling, to international tournaments featuring some of the world’s best curlers.

Scott Martin, general manager of intu Braehead Leisure says: “We have one of the best curling rinks in the country, which is available for anyone and everyone who wants to try out the very popular growing sport of curling.
“Eve is one of the country’s most successful curlers and an inspiring role model. I’m sure she will be a great ambassador and help promote and encourage more people to try curling.”

For more information about curling at intu Braehead, email the Curling Development Officer, David Horne at david.horne@intu.co.uk <david.horne@intu.co.ukor call 0141 885 4611.

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paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates’ fans have the opportunity to catch up with all the latest news about their team this Saturday (30 September), when the Supporters Club stages a Race Night and Question and Answer session within Priorscroft Bowling Club, Paisley, with doors opening at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

paisley pirates

“It’s going to be the first chance for fans of the club to find out about, and maybe even meet, some of the new signings made for the up and coming season, which is now only a fortnight away,” said Supporters Club Chairwoman Marie Cadenhead. “It’s been a a long close season, so everyone’s looking forward not just to the Race Night, which will be along traditional lines, but also the Question & Answer session, with coaches Ian Turley and Adam Walker taking questions from the floor about everything and anything. I’m anticipating the formation of this year’s team will be of particular interest to those attending, so all in all supporters will be getting a lot for their £3 admission fee.”

“We’re also intending to hold an auction at some stage during the night, with a couple of very valuable items on the table. We’d like to thank Morrisons from Lonend and Falside Rd, Arnold Clark Hillington, Chives Regal, Rangers Football Club, and Drennan’s Deli, all of whom have contributed substantially to the prizes and/or aution items which will be available on the night. There will also be a “Play Your Card Right” section during the evening so I don’t think anyone will be able to complain that they’re not getting excellent value for their £3, which can be paid at the door on the night.”

“We’ve had loads of support already, to the extent that we’re likely to have at least a couple of races “double booked”, so to speak, and just to add a Pirates’ theme to the races they’re going to be called after former coaches or people who have run the club over the years, so folk will see the likes of a “Doug Marsden Chase” and an “Allan Maxwell Handicap” during the night.

“It’s obviously before the start of the playing season for us but the task of fund raising is a 52 weeks of the year job, so we’re starting as early for the new campaign as we can. We’re hoping we get good support from fans and players alike as, let’s face it, all the money raised goes towards keeping our favourite ice hockey team on the ice. We’re also hoping our new team will do the business on the ice this year, so it’s up to us, the supporters, to do the same off the ice. We know it takes an awful lot of money to keep an ice hockey team afloat so the work in raising that cash starts now!”

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intu Braehead to launch first UK-wide Autism Hour

intu breahead

Scotland’s shops and businesses are being urged to sign up to the National Autistic Society’s first UK wide ‘Autism Hour’ which is being launched at intu Braehead.

Intu Braehead

intu Braehead is one of 14 intu shopping centres up and down the country working with the charity to launch the week-long event, with each of its retailers, restaurants and leisure operators being asked to reduce their lights, music and other background noise for an hour at 10am on Monday 2 October.

Shops and services across the UK will be encouraged to follow intu’s lead by taking 60 minutes during the week to provide autistic people with a break from the usual overload of ‘too much information’ and create better environments for autistic customers.

Staff at intu Braehead already receive training to provide autism-aware customer service and autistic people can also download guides that allow them to plan and prepare a visit to the centre at intu.co.uk/braehead.

intu Braehead has twice organised a Quiet Hour and last summer, shoppers were given the chance to try a virtual reality experience created by the National Autistic Society showing what an autistic person can experience in a shopping centre.

Lydia Brown, intu Braehead’s community development manager said: “We will be asking every shop, restaurant and leisure brand in our centres to dim their lights and reduce their music for an hour and to raise awareness of autism among their staff and customers.

“We hope that launching the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour at intu Braehead will encourage many more businesses to take these simple steps that will make life easier for the estimated 700,000 autistic people in the UK and their families.

“We want to put a smile on the face of everyone who visits an intu centre and this means training our staff, supporting our customers and working with brands in the centre as well as organisations like the National Autistic Society to provide a welcoming and accessible experience for all.”

A survey by The National Autistic Society suggests that 64% of autistic people avoid going to the shops, and 28% have been asked to leave a public place for reasons associated with their autism. The charity is asking shops and services to take simple steps for one hour to help create a more autism friendly world – from dimming the lights and turning down music to sharing information about autism with employees.

More than 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum which means that someone sees, hears and feels the world in a different, often more intense way to other people. Autistic people often find social situations difficult and struggle to filter out the sounds, smells, sights and information they experience which means they feel overwhelmed by ‘too much information’ when out in public.

Mark Lever, Chief Executive at the National Autistic Society, said: “We are delighted to team up with shopping centre owner intu for the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour. Like anyone, people on the autism spectrum and their families want the opportunity to go to the shops and access services. But many find the often busy, loud and unpredictable environment overwhelming. In fact, our recent survey revealed 64% of autistic people avoid going to the shops because of their autism.

“Our Too Much Information campaign is highlighting that the smallest changes can make the biggest difference for autistic people, that’s why, alongside intu, the National Autistic Society are asking shops and services to take simple steps for 60 minutes, from dimming the lights to turning down music.

“intu has pioneered autism-friendly shopping. We are honoured to continue our work with them, following the positive results we achieved when we launched our Too Much Information virtual reality experience at intu centres last year.

“We hope that more venues will be inspired to do their bit and make sure autistic people and their families have the same chance to enjoy shopping as everyone else.”

To find our more information about the National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour, please visit: www.autism.org.uk/autismhour

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MasterChef champ Gary shows why he is King of the Kitchen

MASTERCHEF champ Gary Maclean tantalised the tastebuds of food fans when he gave a cookery demonstration in Soar at intu Braehead.

Master chef champ Gary Maclean with presenter Cassi as he gave shoppers cooking demonstration in soar intu breahead

Crowned King of the Kitchen after winning the MasterChef: The Professionals title, last year, Gary shared some of the skills that brought him gastronomic glory during the leisure destination’s Totally Tasty event, over the weekend.

He teamed up with Clyde 1 presenter Cassi (correct) for the event, which attracted a big crowd with a few lucky ones getting to taste some of Gary’s culinary creations.
He cooked up a storm with an amazing menu of pan-seared loin of roe deer with raw spiced and caramelised cauliflower, oats, nuts, brambles, game chips and roe deer sauce.

Gary then went on to cook fresh homemade pasta with langoustine and scallops, spinach and pesto, followed by hot chocolate fondant with red berry compote and chocolate sugar.
And he finished up the top chef session with smoked haddock, pea and parsley risotto with the perfect poached egg.

Gary said: “It was great fun cooking for everyone who came along today and I hope I gave them all some food for thought when they get back to their own kitchens.”

Marketing manager for intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “It looks like there are to be a lot of fantastic dinners being put on tables this weekend.
“Gary did a superb job of showing everyone that they don’t have to be a master chef to cook fabulous food.”

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Hot fashions to beat winter chill

THE coats, hats and scarves are flying off the fashion rails as fast as the leaves are falling off the trees this autumn.

intu Brahead welcomes Fashion Bloggers
Mark F Gibson / Gibson Digital
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And that can only mean one thing – it’s time to find out about the latest trends for the coming season at the unique intu Braehead fashion garden, this weekend.

The shopping centre is holding a free Autumn Winter Fashion Event in the central atrium, which has been transformed into a unique interactive garden, featuring the latest fashions that will be setting the trend in the coming months.
There are lots of outfits and accessories from the fashion stores at intu Braehead to browse, as well as beauty products to try and demonstrations to see.

Fashion stylists and top make-up experts will be on hand to give out one-to-one advice on what’s hot and what’s not this winter.

Shoppers can also take an unusual selfie or two in the Fashion Garden’s Magic Mirror. And one person who posts their selfie on social media with #intuawfashion will win a £200 intu Gift Card.
The intu Braehead Autumn Winter Fashion Event began yesterday (Friday) and continues today, Saturday September 23 and tomorrow between noon and 4pm.

Marketing manager for intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “We’re quickly heading towards autumn and winter and that means it’s time for the girls – and boys – to update their wardrobe for the new season.
“Anyone in the slightest doubt what they should be wearing this autumn and winter should come along and get some free expert advice from our stylists.”

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Gary shows you how to cook up a storm

FOOD fans will get a masterclass on cooking from a master chef, this weekend.

Gary Maclean was crowned King of the Kitchen when millions saw him on television winning the MasterChef: The Professionals 2016 title, last December.

Now Gary will be sharing some of the tips and skills that brought him gastronomic glory after he battled through seven weeks of culinary challenges.

He will be teaming up with Clyde 1 presenter, Cassi for the Soar at intu Braehead Totally Tasty free event held between 2pm and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 23 and 24, in the central mall.

Gary will show the audience how to create four of his favourite dishes and Cassi will be hosting the event and asking Gary just how he manages to tantalise everyone’s tastebuds.

Totally Tasty isn’t just for the grown-ups, as there will be a kids’ cooking station, where talented little chefs can use their imagination to create their recipes of their own and there will also be arts and crafts to keep the youngsters amused.

Gary said: “You don’t need to be a MasterChef winner to cook fabulous food for your family and friends. Come along to Soar at intu Braehead and I’ll show you how to be a champ in the kitchen.”

Marketing manager for intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “We’ve all got our pots and pans at the ready and can’t wait for our cookery masterclass.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for people to meet Gary and pick up some great cookery tips and advice.

“And no doubt, there will be a queue of people wanting to get a taste of the dishes Gary prepares during our Totally Tasty event.”