Many businesses, both local and nationwide, ignore the potential impact that they can have through a simple thing like their choice of envelope. Just think, for many people it’s the first interaction they may have with your business to receive mail from you. Thinking outside the box and using something different to the competition is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re giving your recipients the right message when you send them mail. Local businesses in Paisley should profit from this benefit to get their business know within the region.

The options are essentially endless; just spend a few minutes browsing around an online specialist website and you will see how easy and affordable it is to have something printed just for you. Square envelopes are available in many options and are a good way to be distinct and capture the attention. So what can you use these square envelopes for? Here are some ideas.


Be Different with a General Mailing

Using a square envelope is a great way to mark yourself out from the crowd and give a subtle cue to your recipients that you do things differently to the rest. After all, you’re even being different with something small like your choices of mailing stationary. Whether it be to your customers or business to business, you’re going to be sending a very subtle but no less poignant message, and it’s a great way for you to differentiate yourself without needing to spend much money.


Envelopes for Invoices

A square envelope can have a much more practical application too and can be easily used for more mundane business tasks such as accounting and invoicing. Thanks to their practical shape, a square envelope makes the job much easier. It can also serve as an easy way of keeping the process of keeping your books efficient – if you only use those envelopes for invoicing then it makes it much simpler to keep track of your paperwork.


Send Special Invitations

Using a square envelope is ideal for a more “special” purpose than your day to day mailings, if you want to help make sure your recipients don’t confuse what you have sent them for something more “mundane”. This becomes particularly useful for something like invitations to local events in Paisley and functions that you’re taking part in or organising. It´s allowing you to make sure that your recipients understand from the moment it comes through the letterbox that it’s something special, something different from the norm.


These are just some of the ways that a square envelope can be used to make your business stand out from the rest in mailings. Just remember that there are no rules, and anything you can do to enhance your business’ appeal economically and easily, has to be worth considering.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, met with Renfrew YMCA to discuss the vital work they do in the local community and the role they play in supporting young people with mental health issues.

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is centred around stress and the fact that two thirds of individuals experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes. In addition, mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 people children and young people.

Renfrew YMCA run activities to promote a healthy lifestyle by organising awareness sessions on a range of subjects including mental health. They provide a safe environment for young people to discuss issues in an open and honest manner. They also work with young people to break down barriers in the community and build positive relationships with other community members, supporting them to reach their full potential.

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“Mental Health problems affect around 1 in 10 of our children and young people and it’s clear that we all need to devote greater attention on this issue to help people who are experiencing poor mental health. It is alarming that 70% of children and young people who have experienced mental health problems have not had the appropriate early intervention. It is therefore extremely important that those affected have the correct support available as emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health.

“Organisations such as Renfrew YMCA can play an important part in helping those young people who suffer from poor mental health. They regularly engage with young people and are in a fantastic position to positively help those young people who have mental health problems. The Renfrew YMCA already support young people through physical activity, involvement in community activities or offering a safe space. All these activities are key in helping to improve a person’s mental health”


According to a recent study, the global value of the online e-commerce community is at least $2.3 trillion dollars (£1.7 trillion pounds). Not only is this a burgeoning industry, but even those with little experience will be able to enjoy their own “piece of the pie”. This is why building an efficient, attractive and user-friendly e-commerce website is of critical importance. Thankfully, this venture will not necessarily have to cost a great deal of money. Those who are concerned about limited funds will be pleased to know that there are economically viable alternatives at their disposal. Let’s break the concept of a free web store down into its core components. 

Coding Conundrums and Much More 

Coding is arguably the most daunting challenge facing those who have never built an e-commerce platform from the ground up. One of the primary benefits associated with many modern website templates is that they automatically assume that the user has little experience. They are also flexible in terms of the input (incorporating different options such as CSS and HTML). So, prior expertise is no longer required. 

Another issue involves what can only be called a sense of anonymity. Older website generators only supplied a handful of themes to select. As a result, many portals were associated with a rather bland appearance. This dramatically impacted their visual appeal and as a direct result, sales suffered. 

It is now possible to access an abundance of pre-formatted themes. Not only are these highly advanced, but they are able to accommodate the viewing requirements of mobile devices. Such “liquid” templates can likewise be adjusted with the click of a button; providing the owner with an amazing level of personalised control. 

Quick, Simple and Modular 

The ability to uncover a successful e-commerce solution does not necessarily have to involve brain surgery. In fact, there are many programs which have been specifically designed in order to suit the needs of those who are looking for quick and efficient solutions. Shopify provides several unique advantages such as: 

  • Customised themes and templates.
  • A modular nature (the ability to add or subtract elements as may be required in the future). 
  • Options and payment plans to suit discrete budgetary constraints.

Above all, the creative process is much more efficient when compared to many typical in-house design solutions. This will enable you to have your site up and running in no time at all. These advantages are then enhanced through a wealth of downloadable apps which will allow you to proactively manage any portal while addressing basic concerns such as SEO and marketing. Such an all-around sense of functionality has been engineered to address even the most daunting CMS requirements. 

Assuming that you possess a viable product or service, the next logical step is to present these options to the online customer. No longer will you be forced to deal with a middleman in regards to web design and e-commerce solutions. The power is now entirely in your hands.

A campaign to boost foster carer numbers in Renfrewshire is asking  ‘Can you help us reach 100?’

Renfrewshire Council is aiming to increase numbers of foster carers by almost a fifth, from 81 to 100.

A series of drop in events were set up to allow anyone who thinks the role may be for them to meet the Council’s specialist team, as well as existing foster carers.

Education and Children’s Services Convener, Councillor Jim Paterson, visited one of the information and advice sessions at Paisley’s Lagoon Centre, held to mark Foster Care Fortnight which runs until 27 May.

He said: “It was great to come along today and meet some of our foster carers and hear what amazing work they do.

“By becoming a foster carer you could make a positive difference to a child or young person’s life.

“What is also apparent is how much that the foster carers themselves personally get out of the role and how rewarding it is.

“We want to encourage people who think that becoming a foster carer could be for them to get in touch.

“You will be fully supported, with specialist training and also support from your peers.”

Foster carers can be in work or unemployed, be single, married or in in a same sex or heterosexual relationship and can own or rent the property they live in.

As well as training and support, carers receive an allowance.

Anyone interested in more detail can call the team at Renfrewshire Council on 0300 300 1199 or email at

Last weeks open evening for former and present pupils to attend to see the old building before it is replaced by the new School under construction right in front of the old building right now, many memories were shared, old faces recognised and friendships over the years were rekindled at the school which was opened in 1960 and has seen many generations of Foxbar youngsters attend the school.

Many thanks to Fiona McCreadie for the photographs.

Thanks to Norma Connelly & Mrs Gavin, Louise Maher the head teacher who organised the celebration evening.

What a fantastic evening we had to celebrate the 58 years of success of this school building. Huge thanks to all those who turned out, around 300 over the course of the evening. I am sure you will agree that Fr Joe Burke, celebrated a beautiful mass and there has been great feedback about how valued and appreciated this event was by many people.

Thanks to the staff who worked hard to prepare especially Mrs Connelly, Mrs Gavin and Mrs Nicholson and also to Mrs Scott from St Andrew’s Academy who supported us with music preparation. The liturgy of the mass made this a truly memorable event. The psalm was beautifully sung by the Welsh family and the parent council helped serving refreshments to the many visitors. A real community event and a wonderful atmosphere. Hopefully will have many more events to come.

Goodbye St Pauls old building hello new..

New Office Space Available Soon – Flexible Terms 
4 offices between 190 sqft to 250 sqft plus parking 
Mirren Court (One), 119 Renfrew Road

Hot on the success of our splitting the ground floor in April 2018 into five offices – which are all now let we have just started a similar exercise on the floor above.

Small office space is highly in demand and to meet this current trend we have just undertaken a refurbishment to create 4 small offices on first floor.
Our new space will be freshly decorated, newly carpeted, have new LED lighting with central heating and lost of natural day light. The offices have a large shared break out / tea prep area.

Our rentals are “all-inclusive” i.e. space, service charge costs and consumables.

A floor plan with all-inclusive prices below:

If we can help save on your current office running costs please give us a call 0141 843 4211 and arrange to view our space. 

Glasgow Airport has today (Wednesday 16 May) confirmed that Mark Johnston has been appointed as Managing Director.

Mark Johnston is currently the airport’s Operations Director, a position he has held since 2015.

He first joined Glasgow in 2004 and went on to hold a number of senior roles including Head of Terminal and Security, and Head of Infrastructure and Technical services.

Mark will take up his position on 1 June 2018 reporting directly to Derek Provan who recently took up the post of Chief Executive of AGS Airports Ltd, which owns Aberdeen International, Glasgow and Southampton airports.

Commenting on the appointment, Derek Provan said: “Since joining AGS in April I’ve had the opportunity to review the organisation with a view to creating a simple, transparent and consistent management structure across our three airports. As a result, and as is the case with Aberdeen and Southampton airports, this has led to the introduction of a standalone Managing Director role for Glasgow.

“Mark has held a series of senior positions during what has been an extremely successful 14 year career at Glasgow Airport and I am looking forward to working closely with him in his new role to help deliver even further success.”

Mark Johnston added: “The connectivity provided by Glasgow Airport plays such an important role in supporting the wider Scottish economy so I am relishing the opportunity of taking on the role of Managing Director. We are operating in what is a challenging marketplace, however, we are firmly committed to ensuring Glasgow delivers for the city, for Scotland and for the millions of passengers who travel through our doors every year.”

George Adam MSP is backing a charity’s call for Paisley Buddies to volunteer for a new service supporting older veterans whose lives have been distressed by hearing loss or tinnitus.

The MSP for Paisley found about Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s Hearing Forces service and its need for more volunteers during the charity’s Deaf Awareness Week parliamentary reception on Tuesday 15 May


Hearing Forces, which is part of the Unforgotten Forces consortium led by Poppyscotland, is looking for volunteers to give a few hours each month to provide veterans aged 65 or over, their families and carers with vital information and support to help them to cope with hearing loss or tinnitus.


The volunteers will be trained to clean, re-tube and adjust NHS hearing aids and provide vital information about ways to reduce the impacts of tinnitus and advice about assistive equipment, such as amplified telephones or personal listeners, which can make everyday life easier.


George Adam MSP said: “As a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Armed Forces and the Veterans Community, I’m always interested in finding out about the range of national or local support that is available for veterans living in Paisley.


“I’m delighted to discover that Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is working with 14 partners in the Unforgotten Forces consortium to provide holistic support for local older veterans and I encourage people in Paisley to come forward for the charity’s Hearing Forces service which aims to provide one-to-one support for those who are affected by hearing loss.”


Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s Director, Teri Devine, said: “We appreciate George Adam MSP’s backing for our volunteers appeal for our new Hearing Forces service.


“We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with people from Paisley interested in helping to ensure that older veterans as well as their families or carers who have hearing loss or tinnitus are supported to hear family, friends or neighbours and remain active in their community.”

For information about volunteering for Hearing Forces, email: or telephone/text 07388 227407.

Hit BBC Scotland TV show Still Game captured the camaraderie of residents living in high rise homes.

And Renfrewshire’s very own Jack, Victor and Isa – or Frank, Martin and Myra to be more precise – have become great friends thanks to the welcoming environment at their 15-storey Glencairn Court building.

The Gallowhill block boasts a community garden and ground floor social area complete with a darts board, kitchen, TV and plenty comfy chairs.

“You can go out without having to go outside,” jokes sixth floor resident Martin Heron, who moved to Paisley five years ago to be closer to his two sons. “I’ve met many folks since I came here and it really is the best move I’ve ever made.”

“This social area is great,” adds 12th floor resident of 40 years and counting Myra Young. “We meet on a Monday and a Thursday night to play games and on Tuesday morning we have a coffee morning. We play dominos; I win most of the time, but not all the time. I’m down here so much my daughters keep phoning me to find out where I am.”

Frank Milne, swapped Bridge of Weir for his high rise home 15 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He said: “They’ve fair spent the money on it and it’s a really nice, safe environment. It’s very good here because of the friendship and company – you’ve got to have that friendship and knowledge of the people you live with.”

Glencairn Court is one of 14 Renfrewshire Council run multi-storey blocks, providing more than 1000 homes across the region.

Significant sums are being invested inside and out to ensure residents have homes to be proud of. Alongside social areas like the one at Glencairn Court, many flats have benefited from new kitchens and bathrooms.

There has been electrical re-wiring, all-new foyer areas, new heating systems installed and high quality insulation added to the exteriors, improving both the building’s energy efficiency and its aesthetic appearance.

Five blocks have also seen tailored improvements to cater for elderly and disabled residents, such as walk-in showers and easier to reach switch and socket points.

Add in a friendly concierge or caretaker on hand to offer advice and assistance and it really is a welcoming and warm environment.

“We know how popular our high rise housing is with both Council tenants and private owners alike, as demand continues to outstrip supply,” explains Councillor John McNaughtan, Depute Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board.

“It makes up eight per cent of the Council’s total housing stock and it is very important to us that all the homes we provide are well-maintained, sustainable and attractive to residents now and in the future.

“That’s why we’re spending £15million this year to continue to upgrade our housing stock and ensure people have homes they are proud to live in as we look to create positive, thriving communities throughout Renfrewshire.”

Councillors will note the ongoing investment in Renfrewshire’s multi-storey housing and its fire safety arrangements in a report to the Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board on Tuesday 22 May.

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London, Council staff have been working closely with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to ensure effective fire safety management practices are in place across Renfrewshire high rise housing.

Fire alarm systems are being enhanced in all blocks while work is also under way throughout 2018 to upgrade smoke and heat detectors, and fire suppression systems are being installed in bin areas.

Councillor McNaughtan added: “We know from close partnership working with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service that our properties are well-maintained and have excellent fire safety arrangements in place, but we must not be complacent.

“We commissioned an independent audit of our fire safety measures and this is informing ongoing works across our estate. We will also support any further guidance and advice from the Scottish Government on any future fire safety improvements and residents can discuss the fire safety arrangements with our dedicated concierge and caretaking team.”

Glasgow strengthens Scotland’s growing links with China by working closely with one of country’s largest airport groups –  


Glasgow Airport and Shanghai Airport Authority have today (Thursday, May 17) signed a partnership agreement that will see the two cities work together to jointly petition China’s main airlines to establish a direct air link in the future between the West of Scotland and the Chinese powerhouse city of Shanghai.


Glasgow Airport and Shanghai Airport Authority, which operates the city’s Pudong and Hongqiao airports, have formed the Shanghai Airport Authority and Glasgow Airport Alliance with the goal of jointly developing a strategy to increase the number of passengers travelling between China and Scotland.

The partnership will see the airports work together to share expertise and best practice in all aspects of airport business and exchange ideas in order to help promote tourism opportunities between the two cities while creating an attractive environment for future direct air links.


The decision to form the alliance is as a result of months of discussions involving Shanghai Airport Authority’s president and senior executives and representatives from Glasgow Airport. It was during these discussions that representatives from Glasgow shared their vision for expansion into China and the potential appeal of the airport and city as the gateway to Scotland for tourists from the Shanghai area and beyond.

Commercial Director Francois Bourienne, who today signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of Glasgow Airport, said: “It is a tremendous honour to be in Shanghai today to sign this partnership agreement, which marks a significant milestone in the relationship between the cities of Glasgow and Shanghai.


“This Memorandum of Understanding provides us with a unique opportunity to work alongside and share ideas with our new colleagues from Shanghai Airport Authority, which is responsible for operating the Chinese mega-city’s two main airports, handling in excess of 100 million passengers combined annually.


“The alliance will ensure both partners not only learn from one another, but work together to further enhance the growing business and tourism links between Scotland and China.

“As well as being the country’s leading long-haul airport, Glasgow is a popular gateway to Scotland for hundreds of thousands of visitors from the Asia each year. This partnership will seek to build on this.


“Through the exchange of ideas and continued collaboration, this strong partnership could bring the very real prospect of introducing a direct air link between the West of Scotland and China’s biggest city closer than it has ever been before.”


Mr Ruijun Jia, Vice President of Shanghai Airport Authority, said: “Shanghai Airport Authority is delighted to enter in to this long-term partnership with the airport of Scotland’s largest city; Glasgow Airport.


“Our aim is to work collaboratively with the management of Glasgow Airport to exchange best practices in airport operations and to jointly implement initiatives to grow visitor numbers between Glasgow, Scotland and Shanghai.”


Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Stuart Patrick said: “This is a fantastic coup for Glasgow Airport, and one that the Chamber will support with great vigour not least since the majority of Scotland’s Chinese community live and work in Glasgow. The airport team is to be warmly congratulated for their initiative.   


“China is at the top of our international trade priority list, with Shanghai one of its most strategically important cities. There are enormous opportunities in China which has gone through three decades of extraordinary change and where the Scottish Chambers of Commerce has been active in developing connections.”


David Leven, Greater China Director for Scottish Enterprise, said: “This is a great step forward in efforts to secure deeper collaboration and another direct link between China and Scotland, and between Glasgow and Shanghai specifically, one of the world’s largest and most dynamic cities.  


“China has recently become a top 5 source of inward investment for Scotland and Shanghai is an increasingly important export market for a wide range of Scottish goods and services, from financial services to education to seafood.”