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Glasgow Airport invests in multi-million pound road upgrade and pick-up and drop-off facility

Glasgow Airport has unveiled plans for a dedicated pick-up and drop-off facility as part of a wider scheme of works aimed at reducing congestion and improving the flow of traffic on the airport’s road network.

The current pick-up and drop-off areas will move to the ground floor of the new facility which will be located directly opposite the main terminal building. Construction work is underway and the new facility will open to the public at the end of April.

For the first time, the airport will introduce a charging structure for drop-off with customers paying £2 for a stay of up to 10 minutes. A pick-up fee has been in place since 2010. Anyone wishing to use the new combined pick-up and drop-off facility for more than 10 minutes should continue to use the short stay car park. There will be no change in the current arrangements for blue badge holders who are entitled to up to 30 minutes free parking in the short stay car park.

The airport will continue to offer a free pick-up and drop-off area which will be located in the long stay car park. Customers can park for free for up to 30 minutes and a shuttle bus, which takes approximately five minutes and runs every 10 minutes, will take customers directly to and from the main terminal building.

Amanda McMillan, managing director at Glasgow Airport, said: “This investment represents one of the most significant upgrades to our road network in over 10 years. In addition to addressing the very real issue of congestion, it will allow us to accommodate the marked increase in vehicles now using our road system and deal with recent and expected growth.

“It has been apparent for some time that our current drop-off area, which suffers from severe congestion on a daily basis, is simply no longer fit for purpose. It was implemented at a time when we were carrying 6.5 million passengers, however, we have since enjoyed sustained growth and are now fast approaching the 10 million mark.

“It is also the case that people travelling to and from the airport are wholly dependent on road access and the current arrangements are unable to cope with such a large volume of traffic. It is important, therefore, that we have a safe and efficient system in place.

“I appreciate that not everyone will be supportive of the new charging structure, however, we will always continue to provide a free option. We have resisted introducing a drop-off charge despite most airports of our size having similar arrangements in place for many years, however, having exhausted all possible alternatives we have now reached a point whereby a chargeable facility is the only way to address congestion, discourage non-airport traffic and encourage best use of our road network.”

The airport engaged global engineering firm Arup to carry out extensive modelling research to identify the best possible solution for its road network. The upgrade of its wider road network will also involve reversing the traffic flow on St Andrew’s Drive where the Holiday Inn Express is located. This will come into effect in March.

A further £4 million is being invested in a new consolidated car rental centre which will house all the rental companies that currently operate from Glasgow Airport namely Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise and Dollar/Thrifty. The centre will open on 13 February and is located next to terminal two.

Full details of the new multi-million pound facility, including a video fly-through, are available at http://www.glasgowairport.com/corporate/media-centre/.

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Tips To Prepare An Effective Essay


Essay writing requires a little precision on your end. If you want to prepare an essay effectively then you need to be well aware about certain rules of essay writing. You cannot simply jot down the points and expect to prepare an effective essay. With the advancement of technology nothing has remained out of reach, be it the essay writing techniques or anything you say. With so much of essay writing material that you can avail online, essay writing has no longer remained to be a hectic task. For many of you, who are not at all enthusiastic about essay writing there is a good news. The news is that, now instead of seeking help at writing an essay, you can directly hire the professionals from http://gplabs.com/uk/  who can do the same for you for a minimal charge that you as a student can easily afford and the other benefits that you can avail are many.

Besides, if you do not wish somebody else to do the essay writing task for you, then you can simply seek the help online and prepare an essay on your own. Here is a list of certain tips that you can follow in order to score well in an essay writing assignment:

  1. Follow the format: comply by the format when you begin writing an essay. Keep the word limited quoted and the paragraph formation idea in your mind when you sit down to prepare an essay.
  2. Maintain relevancy in content: essay writing is not all about including those ideas as a part of content that hit your brain but those which are actually relevant. Include the ideas that most closely relates to the topic of the essay. Giving indirect points will surely help you to complete the format in terms of the word limit but will not satisfy the criteria of content relevancy.
  3. Use appropriate vocabulary: Do not add the words that you consider to be a part of your vocabulary just for the sake of making it a part of your content. Make use of the vocabulary appropriately and at the places where they render some useful meaning to the content.
  4. Proper placement of idioms and proverbs: idioms and proverbs form the important part of the linguistic range in an essay that has its own motive to satisfy. However, excessive use of these or else the wrong placement of the same can have an adverse impact on the quality of your content as well as the representation of your essay work.
  5. Do not indulge in plagiarism: you should surely use internet where a whole lot of ideas are present these days but the only restriction is that you use it as a source of help to get ideas and in no case indulge in the intellectual copying of someone else’s text which means plagiarism.

All in all, following these basic tricks can help you a lot in your essay writing task and you can surely prepare an effective essay with the help of these tips.

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Most Tentative Mistakes To Be Avoided While Essay Writing


Are you getting a less score on your essay despite the hard work that you have put in? If yes, then you need to know that there is somewhere an error that you are making unknowingly. No body intentionally leaves an error in the work that he does with so much of interest and effort.

All in all, these are the errors that might have occurred in your essay because of which you are unable to score good marks. Next time you write an essay, make sure that you do not make any of these errors. Do proof read your essay, this will help you a lot to avoid all the mistakes. You can also read the essays online to see this in practical.

Such is a case with you also who is sitting there, reading the article and wondering where you lack that every time you score less. Your confusion is now going to end with the list of common errors that you tend to make being listed here. These errors are as follows:

  1. 1. Negligence of the criteria of format: It many times so happen that you do the best on your part but then when it comes to scoring you get less. One reason is the format that somehow has slipped of your mind. Every time you tend to be lenient with the format, you lose a good proportion of score.
  2. 2. Repetition: This is another place where you lose marks. Sometimes you tend to repeat the words time and again and sometimes it so happen that you give the same ideas and fact repeatedly claiming it to be a fresh one by rephrasing it each time. This results in use of poor vocabulary and the linguistic range.
  3. 3. Irrelevancy: Sometimes it so happen that you cite plethora of ideas in your essay but again less scores. All your vocabulary and linguistic range tends to fail when it comes to scoring well. This might be because the content that you are delivering in the essay sometimes tend to be irrelevant or less relevant. In such a case despite the good ideas you tend to lose scores on the ground of irrelevancy.
  4. 4. Grammatical errors: It is not true that you get marked for the essay if you give good ideas. The truth is that each and every aspect of your essay is checked. Here the grammar plays the most vital role. Every time you tend to make a grammatical mistake you lose a good proportion of your scores. Sentence formation and use of punctuations play an equally important role here.
  5. Spellings: Sometimes you tend to ignore the little things that actually count a lot. Spelling of different words is one such thing. When you are brainstorming you tend to have an inclination towards writing each and everything that comes in your mind. In this attempt you tend to rush through the task. While rushing through it, ignorantly you make many spelling mistakes that actually can be avoided. Here you lose a great proportion of your marks again.
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5 Important Aspects Of Essay Writing


Whether you are good at brainstorming ideas or not is not the only thing that matters when it comes to preparing an essay. There are several other things that are important attributes of essay writing. You cannot solely depend on one thing and reap the benefits if you are good at it or suffer a pitfall in the opposite case. Here is a list of various aspects of essay writing over which you can gain a command and excel in the art of effective essay writing.

All in all, these are the basic aspects which unite to form an essay. Gaining a strong foothold over in few of these can act as a huge contribution in ameliorating the quality of your essay. So, try to acquire command over as many of these aspects as possible for you. For already prepared essays by professionals, you can visit http://writingdone.com.

I am not asking you to excel in each and every aspect that is mentioned below but if you acquire a tight hold over even half the things then you can still improve your essay writing skills to a great extent. These skills are as follow:

  1. The capability to stick to the format of essay writing: Many of you might have observed a flaw in yourself that you fail to confine yourself. Not only does this flaw affect your life decisions but also your ability to prepare an essay. Learn to confine your ideas in to a limited array of words as per the demand of the question. Next you need to place your ideas not as the passage but in the form of the paragraphs.
  2. The capacity to be quick at making the draft: Here you brainstorm ideas or there you collect information from the other sources, the next thing that you should be capable is of quickly making the rough draft which indicates towards the information covered and that left out or that left out.  This gives you an outline and the framework of the essay that you wish to write.
  3. The know how to place the ideas in a well- planned manner: Now once you have all the ideas and facts handy, one task that you need to ensure is compiling your ideas. You need to satisfactorily compile your ideas in a proper sequential manner. This has a positive impact on the readability if the content.
  4. Efficient distribution of time: Ideally there is a limited time that you get to prepare an essay. If you wish to complete the essay on time then you need to divide your time into slots. You need to fix a time limit for planning the essay, writing the essay and then proof reading the same.
  5. Proper use of phrases and vocabulary: You are thought several phrases since childhood that are perfectly applicable to the essay that you have to write. You as a writer need to ensure that you make use of these phrases appropriately. Only then will these add charm to the essay.


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Tricks To Avail Help At Essay Writing


You as a student of the 21st century have to submit the essay as a part of your academics. Some of you are good at writing the essay whereas many of you find it a herculean task. In order to submit the essay on time and score good in your exams, you try to see help from whatever source of help is available to you. Sometimes it is a friend of you who lends the helping hand and sometimes it is the family member. One thing that you forget in the race of seeking help is that, it is a technological world, there is help that is readily available to you just at the click of a mouse. Now many of you might be thinking how? The answer to this question is internet. If you have any query regarding the essay writing task, you can simply get connected to the internet. The following are the guidelines that will help you to use internet as a means of cheap essay help provider.

The various tips are as follows:

  1. Brainstorming: One essential ting that you need to possess in order to write an essay is the ability to brainstorm. If you are unable to get ideas on your own, then you can simply connect to the internet and type the topic in the search bar along with the keywords like, “causes”, “effects”, “solutions”, etcetera. You will get a whole lot of information there.
  1. Format: If you are unaware about the proper format of the essay then again you can simply use the internet to have a look at the format of the essay. Basically, it consists of the word limit and the paragraph formation. There are different types of essay, each having a different format as per the word limit to be covered and the number of paragraphs to be formed. You will get the answers for all your questions.
  1. Linguistic range: gone are the days when you had to go into the depths of the books just to find out the proverbs and idioms that you can use as a means to enhance the linguistic range of your essay. Today you simply need to type in the reference to which you need an idiom or a proverb in the search bar and you will get the results. For example, if you type the keyword proverbs on solutions, you will get the following result, every lock has a key, where there is a will there is a way, every cloud has silver lining etcetera.
  1. Prepared essay: not only this, if you wish to put in the least efforts the best you can do is surf the site to find out the sites where you can get the essay that are prepared by the professionals or else a site where you can find these professionals who can prepare the essay for you at minimal cost.

All in all, the helpthat you need to write an essay is readily available on the internet, it is just that you need to know the appropriate way to avail this help.

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Celebrating Burns Night? – Paisley Museum has evidence the Bard loved to party

A wonderful, rare Burns manuscript that was recently rediscovered in the collection of Paisley Museum has gone on display in the museum in time for Burns Night.

The text, which has been authenticated as genuine, is the Bard’s response to a party invitation from friends.



Yours this moment I unseal,

And faith I’m gay and hearty!

To tell the truth and shame the deil,

I am as fou as Bartie:

But Foorsday, sir, my promise leal,

Expect me o’ your partie,

If on a beastie I can speel

Or hurl in a cartie.


Robert Burns



Monday Night, 10 o’clock


A letter to the Museum from Professor Gerard Carruthers from the Centre for Robert Burns Studies at the University of Glasgow says the poem dates back to 1785 – 1786.

It is on display at Paisley Museum alongside a portrait of Burns by James Tannock (1784 – 1862) until Sunday, 19th February.

For more information on Paisley Museum visit www.renfrewshireleisure.com   

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Cars set to depart Paisley for historic Monte Carlo Rally

The clock is ticking to the start of the 2017 historic Monte Carlo Rally when up to eighty cars will be flagged away from the centre of Paisley.

Drivers from the Monte Carlo rally with Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall in Paisley’s Fountain Gardens today

It’s the fourth time the town – which is bidding to be UK City of Culture 2021 – is the only British start point out of seven European cities including Stockholm, Lisbon and Barcelona, for the 1300-mile trip to the South of France.

A stunning range of classic cars will leave the start ramp outside Paisley Abbey at 6pm tomorrow (Wednesday January 25th) in three separate categories.

The Historique class is being run for the 20th year and is restricted to car models which competed in the Monte Carlo Rallies between 1955 and 1980. It will take place over eight days on open public roads with the cars and crews undertaking a series of fourteen demanding test stages in the mountains of southern France.

Included in the line-up will be an ex-BMC works Mini Cooper S which competed in the Monte Carlo Rally 50 years ago, finishing 6th overall in the hands of rally legend Paddy Hopkirk.

The Classique event is for older cars from as early as 1911 to 1980 and follows the same route to Monte Carlo but does not include any test stages.

Among the cars in this category are a 1930 Austin 7 Ulster open 2-seater sports and a Sunbeam Stiletto, built nearby at the Linwood car plant and looks as good as it did when it rolled off the production line in 1968.

Once again the event will also feature the popular Monte Heritage Runs which will take in a series of short classic routes in Scotland.

Last year a crowd of more than 10,000 gathered in the centre of Paisley with the magnificent backdrop of the Abbey to wave off the crews in a party atmosphere with lights, music, street food and pyrotechnics.

Working with staff from Renfrewshire Council and volunteers from many motorsport clubs in Scotland, the organisers expect this year’s start to be even bigger and better.

The council has laid on a programme of entertainment, which starts at 4pm, and includes car-themed arts and crafts, street entertainment and music from Pulse FM

Final preparations are now being completed and Douglas Anderson, the UK co-ordinator and the man responsible for bringing the Monte back to Scotland in 2011 believes this year will be the best yet.

He said: “This year’s Monte start has all the ingredients to make it a unique mid-winter festival which is guaranteed to lift the spirits of all the folk from Paisley and beyond who come along each year to enjoy the wonderful carnival atmosphere.”

Douglas will also be doing the trip to the Mediterranean in his MG Midget which will run ahead of the group as the official opening car.

He joined some of the entrants who’ll be heading off on Burns Night as they proudly posed with their cars in the shadow of a statue of the Bard in Paisley’s Fountain Gardens

Against the striking backdrop of the park’s A-listed ornate Victorian-era fountain was Paddy Hopkirk’s Mini, Cuthbert the Rover, a Volvo Amazon and a branded Paisley for UK City of Culture 2021 Sunbeam which will also be making the run to Monte Carlo.

The event is being supported by Renfrewshire Council. Provost Anne Hall said: “We are thrilled to be welcoming the Monte Carlo Classic Rally back to Paisley for the fourth year in a row.

“Hosting such a truly international event as this is really helping to put Paisley on the map ahead of the town’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021 being submitted in a couple of months.

“Paisley Abbey always makes a fantastic backdrop for the spectacle of these classic cars setting off for France.

“The people of Renfrewshire have given the event great backing in previous years as they turn out in their numbers to wave them off and I am sure they will again – I’m looking forward to being part of another memorable night.”

Tomorrow afternoon, the cars have to undergo strict scrutineering checks to make sure they comply with the Rally’s regulations. Among those casting a careful eye over the cars will be apprentices at GTG Training in Glasgow.
Ian Taylor, Group Operations Manager at GTG said:”It’s wonderful to once again have the Monte Carlo Rally cars here. Our apprentices look forward to working with the cars which gives them fantastic, hands-on experience. We wish all cars and drivers taking part this year the very best of luck”.

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Phil Steven Poolball Challenge

At 5.30am on Saturday 10th December, Phil Steven made an incredible effort of potting 5,000 pool balls in just 24 hours.

cheque for £2,500 being presented by Phil Steven in our hospice reception to senior fundraiser Carol-Anne Lamont.

Phil chose to support St Vincent’s Hospice as he knew of a few people whose family and friends received great care and support at St Vincent’s. Phil mentioned “They do amazing work there and I wanted to help.”

Phil originally hoped to raise £1,000 for the hospice but ended up raising an incredible £2,500.

“On behalf of everyone at the hospice, we would like to thank Phil very much for all the effort he put in to organising this challenge. To raise such a magnificent sum of money for St Vincent’s Hospice is greatly appreciated.”

“If you are interested in holding your own fundraising event in aid of St Vincent’s Hospice please contact the fundraising team on 01505705635 or email  info@svh.co.uk


Quote from Carol-Anne Lamont, Senior Fundraiser

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When Cats and Kids Collide

Research indicates that cats are the most popular pet in Western Europe. Their loving yet independent nature makes them a perfect choice for busy families but they can also be sensitive and territorial. These traits could see them clash with young, excitable children who may not have the correct level of understanding to treat them appropriately. But with some guidance and consideration it is possible for the two to cohabit successfully and form a long-lasting, loving bond. Here are some tips on creating harmony between the cats and kids in your home. 

photo taken by Veronika Homchis

If you are thinking of introducing a cat into the family home then take time to research the temperaments of different breeds – this may affect how they react to your children. For example, research suggests that Birmans are easy to train, American shorthairs tend to be playful and Persians are more docile. Do also bear in mind that a rescue cat can come with a difficult history that could affect his behaviour. If you are bringing a new baby into a home where you already own a cat, try to familiarise the cat with the scent of the baby beforehand. You can also use associative tricks such as providing treats upon introduction so that the cat connects the baby with something positive. 

Mutual respect
Having a pet can be a great way to educate children about care and responsibility but they need to know from an early age that a cat is an animal, not a toy that can be pushed and pulled around. Enlist them in the basic care of the cat – such as feeding and grooming routines – to allow them to establish a caring bond. Giving the cat dedicated quiet areas that can’t be accessed by the children can be a good way to give him an element of control. This will hopefully lead to a happier pet who is gradually more receptive to attention from the whole family.  

Safety always comes first in a family home and no matter how much you love your cat, you should always be aware of the dangers they can pose. Never leave a cat alone with a baby and always remove their food and litter trays out of reach of a baby or toddler. Cat faeces contains bacteria that can lead to toxoplasma in children so always be vigilant. Keep your pet’s injections up to date and always seek medical advice for a cat scratch/bite that leads to fever or general illness in children. 

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Step By Step Guide To Write The Essay


Instructions make doing things a little easy. When you have a guide according to which you have to perform an action in order to reach the ultimate goal then performing the task becomes even the more easy. All that you have to do is read the instructions and follow them accordingly. Such is a case for writing an essay as well. You have to follow certain guidelines and the steps which will lead to the formation of the essay. This article will provide you these guidelines in the form of easy to remember steps which you can follow and prepare an effective essay. These steps are as follows, which will make you a good essay writer:

Step 1. Choose a topic: unless and until you do not give something a name you cannot expect it to flourish. Such is a case with the essay writing also. If you do not choose the topic carefully, you tend to fail in the very beginning. Therefore make a careful selection of the topic which will act as a driving force for you to write an effective essay.

Step 2. Gather information: once you have selected the essay, you have the duty to collect the relevant subject matter for the same. Brainstorm the ideas and at the same time collect information from the academic books, magazines or visit the library.

Step 3. Prepare an outline: Built an outline for the essay. Decide the number of paragraphs that you should form and then divide the information to be covered in the each paragraph accordingly. This will help you to develop coherence in your essay. The sequential arrangement of the ideas will also gain a platform here.

Step 4. Prepare a rough draft: Now when you have the outline and the relevant ideas and also because you are aware of the sequence these are to be placed in, the only task that you are left with is to give the shape to your essay. Instead of writing it down on the final sheet, prepare a rough draft.

Step 5: Proof read your essay: The rough draft that you have prepared need to be given a final reading again. Read the essay and check if there is mistake or any sort of error. If no then go in for making the final draft and if yes then eradicate all the flaws in your essay one by one.

Step 6: Transfer time: Now you essay is ready to be transferred to the final paper. This paper needs to be submitted to the one who is supposed to read your essay and evaluate the same. One thing more that you need to keep in mind here is that you need to submit the essay on time. Timely submission has an important role to play.

All in all, these are the 6 steps that can lead you on the path of writing a good essay. Each time you sit to write an essay, follow the same steps and prepare something tremendously awesome every time.