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How Will the Closure of the Chivas Regal Plant Affect Paisley?


It was announced earlier this year that the Chivas Regal bottling plant, part of the Pernod Ricard Plc. responsible for producing a number of well-known spirit brands, that the plant will shut in 2019, in a move which could have far reaching consequences for the small town.


One of the most important effects this move will have is on the availability and future prospects of employment in the town with the plant currently employing around 450 workers. Whilst Chivas Brothers has offered to transfer all the plant’s full-time workers to a new site in Dumbarton, there will no doubt be concern amongst the local community that jobs will become scarcer.

A pay deal recently offered by Chivas Brothers was not accepted by employees in Dumbarton, where they went on strike to try and secure a more favourable and, in their eyes, fair deal. This shows that there is growing discontentment amongst the workers and many at the Paisley plant will no doubt resent having to move location or change profession.

Local Businesses

Another party which may be affected by the move is local businesses, which will be set to lose some of the key lunchtime and after work trade. Since the plant employs so many people, the shops and food businesses in the immediate area will no doubt thrive off the lunchtime custom they receive, and it may even be crucial to their existence.

Paisley’s Economy

Although Dumbarton is only 12 miles away, it is clear that Paisley’s local economy may suffer in the short term as it is disrupted by the move. This may well have some residents worried that their town will lose out on future investment opportunities and become stagnant as valuable workers move away.

With this in mind the prospect of Paisley becoming the 2012 City of Culture will no doubt become an ever more alluring prospect as the local council seeks to inject further investment and put itself on the map as a tourist destination in order to reinject money in to the economy that may potentially be lost by the plant’s closure.

Future Opportunities

Despite initial concerns, the closure of the plant could well pave the way for a new company to set up on the site, which would potentially create more jobs in the area and provide a helpful boost to the local economy.

This would not necessarily have to be an industrial endeavour, and it could be the case that new facilities and amenities, such as a cinema (a fitting replacement for the demolished Kilburn cinema), may provide some relief for any jobs lost. It will be a while before the site is utilised for something different, but it still provides an exciting opportunity nonetheless.

Given the current economic climate and the prospect of Brexit upon the horizon, Paisley is not unique in suffering potential job losses and displacement. Many of the major UK financial industries such as Forex,  Banking, and Insurance Brokers are also considering the prospect of relocating abroad and the government is taking measures to combat this, but is worrying all the same.

The closure of the Chivas regal plant is undoubtedly a shock to the local community and economy. That being said, it is still two years away from being fully shut down, citizens and workers alike will be looking to the council to provide more opportunities further down the line.

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Write the best essays for your college application essay


Essay writing is something that most college students need to specialize in. If you want to secure a seat in any good college, you have to pen down a high quality essays for the application process. When you are writing an essay you need to keep in mind that the coveted seat you are looking for can be won with that essay. So writing a high quality essay is extremely important while you are applying for colleges. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while you are writing your college application essay.

Be realistic

While writing college applications, you need to make sure that you are very realistic. While writing the essay you will have to showcase yourself or a particular part of yourself. If you are writings things that are explicitly unrealistic, there is a high chance that you essay will not even be considered.

Know your matter

Most academic application essays require you to write on one particular topic. While you are writing such essays it is important to know the exact topic that they are pinpointing. Beating about the bush will not help you to get anywhere. While writing a good essay, make sure that you are incorporating points that are in relation to the topic. The best way to do so is by reading up on sample letters that pertain to your topic.

Be precise and factual

It is very important to write down factual things in the essay. Since the essay will give the readers a good idea about who you are, it is very important to note down points that are pertaining to you and your nature. Finding such points should not be too difficult when you know your won objectives from that essay try not to make the essay too subjective as well.

Have an interesting introduction

The introduction sets the tone for your essay so make sure to make it very interesting. While you are writing the introduction, incorporate some points that will help you to give an idea reading what you will be penning down in the essay. Along with that the introduction also needs to incorporate some points that will help you to grasp the attention and interest of the readers.

Take professional help

If you feel that you are unable to write the best you can for your college application essays, it is always a good idea to take the help of professions. Visit any good essay writing site for such aid.

These things will help you to write some really good essays that will ensure you that coveted seats. When you are writing the essay, it is always a good idea to get it read by some other people. They will be able to give you some precious feedback to help make your essay even better. Make sure to proofread your essay well so that you do not submit on with any mistakes. Even the best written essays can turn sour if there is even one small mistake in it.

Ruchi Gupta is a popular blogger who is well known for her creative writing, especially her academic and travel posts. She has an avid interest in education and self development.


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Paisley’s most scenic spots


We all need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life from time to time. To enjoy the chance to relax, breathe in some fresh air and slow things down for a day or two at least.

What makes this even better is if we have the opportunity to do it somewhere that also has beautiful views and scenery to savour – and the area around Paisley is absolutely perfect for this.

Despite just being a short drive from Glasgow at times it can seem like you’re a million miles from the city and, although it might not be one of the most remote places on Earth, there’s certainly seclusion to be had.

Gleniffer Braes Country Park 

This is a great place to start if you’re looking for scenery that inspires. It’s a marvellous combination of woodland and moor that is rich with wildlife of every kind. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or simply to escape into the fresh air for an hour or two.  There are several marked walking routes to suit every ability and for the very best views head for the area round the Robertson Car Park which looks out over Lower Renfrewshire to Ben Lomond and beyond.

The Hamills Waterfall

An equally impressive sight can be found at the Hamills Waterfall next to Anchor Mill. Up until the 1980s when, like so many of its kind, it was forced to close, the Mill was an important producer of fabric. Indeed it produced much of the Paisley material which gained its name from the town. After falling into dereliction a major project restored it to its former glory and found new uses for the magnificent building. Along with the waterfall in the foreground the mill still makes for a great photo opportunity.

Coats Observatory

As part of the town’s museum, the Coats Observatory is the oldest in the country, having been built in 1883. It’s not only an observatory but also an important centre for recording earthquakes around the world as well. There are guided tours all year round but in November and December you can enjoy scenic views of a different kind as you gaze through the powerful telescopes into galaxies far, far away.

Greenbank Garden

If admiring beautiful gardens is more your sort of thing then look no further than Greenbank Garden. Set in the grounds of a grand home built by Glasgow tobacco merchant Robert Allason in the 1760s today it is home to over 3,600 different plants which provide an ever-changing scene throughout the year. There are also regular talks and demonstrations that all keen gardeners are sure to enjoy.

Saucel Hill

For a truly panoramic view of the whole region take a stroll up Saucel Hill. Within minutes you’ll have climbed high above the town to enjoy some precious moments of tranquillity and peaceful reflection.

So hopefully these few suggestions have inspired you to get out and explore not just Paisley but the whole Renfrewshire area. And once you have, you’re sure to want to return again and again, that’s a promise!


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How could being a City of Culture change Paisley?



Last month residents in Paisley were overjoyed to find that the town had made the shortlist for the 2021 City of Culture.

Those behind the bid now face an agonising wait until the final decision is made in December. But with strong competition from the likes of Sunderland, Stoke, Swansea and Coventry, it seems as though Paisley faces a real challenge.

Paisley is now the only Scottish entry for this prestigious accolade after Perth was edged out of the running. What’s significant about the competing cities is that they are all industrial metropolises in decline that will be keen to use the economic benefits of the accolade to boost their fortunes.

This year it was Hull that was awarded the City of Culture prize. And although the benefits to the city are difficult to calculate, it’s clear that Hull has successfully boosted its profile and diversified its cultural activities as a result of this year’s endeavours.

Those behind Paisley’s bid have already outlined how they hope that being awarded the City of Culture accolade could bring in an economic boost of £172 million and create 4,700 jobs over a ten year period.

It is also expected that a successful bid could have many benefits that reach far beyond the Renfrewshire town. Most notably nearby Glasgow would hope to enjoy many more visitors to its vibrant bars, restaurants, casinos and clubbing attractions, and Glasgow Airport which resides within Paisley’s boundaries could also benefit from increasing passengers.

But it’s diversifying the attractions within Paisley that will be the real test of the City of Culture. Whilst Paisley Abbey, Barshaw Park, Coats Observatory and Paisley Museum and Art Galleries all attract plenty of visitors, there are other culture and entertainment areas that could benefit from the City of Culture accolade.

Whilst any investment would mean that people would still probably have to visit a website site like InterCasino in order to enjoy welcome bonuses and casino games without having to travel to Glasgow, it’s thought that the 1.7 million potential attendees for Paisley’s potential year of being City of Culture could help transform the perception and fortunes of the town.

It would undoubtedly seal what has been a remarkable story of success for the region in recent years. With Glasgow hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games and looking forward to the 2018 European Championships, a City of Culture accolade for Paisley would be a very welcome bonus for this wonderful area.

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Excitement is hotting up in Johnstone ahead of Fire Engine Rally

The ever-popular Johnstone Fire Engine Rally is set to attract another huge crowd in the town centre when it returns on Saturday 12 August.

2016 rally

Fire engines from across the decades are set to parade from Johnstone Fire Station at 11:30am into the town centre, ending in Houston Square.

2016 rally

A day of family fun then commences which will give people the opportunity to discover a variety of emergency vehicles from throughout the years.

Falconry, a bouncy castle and face painting will ensure kids are entertained all afternoon with a music stage hosted by the Fire Service keeping up the excitement until 5pm.

The event is being hosted by Renfrewshire Council in partnership with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Heritage Trust.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will undertake a variety of dramatic demonstrations to give an insight to how they respond to emergencies.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron will be in attendance and will welcome all to the event.

Provost Cameron said: “The Fire Engine Rally has become an extremely popular event with the local community in Johnstone and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

“The chance to see the evolution of the vehicles and equipment which the fire service have used over the years is fascinating.

“The event provides just the right balance of providing an exciting day of fun for all the family as well as informing the public of important safety messages.

“It’s always fantastic to see the many hundreds of people who descend on Johnstone to be a part of the day and I’d encourage everyone to bring their friends, families, children and even their pets along to join me.”

For further information visit www.paisley2021.co.uk/events

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Practices to make you a better writer


Be it writing essays for academic life or for writing blogs for your career, having strong writing skills will help you to go a long way. If you have always had a good interest in writing, then we are sure writing came easily to you. But if you are not too comfortable about writing and it does not come easily to you, then it can seem to be a very daunting task. But in reality, writing good papers and essays are not as difficult as they may seem.

If you are not sure about writing good essays on your own you can definitely buy essay papers from the different online sites. This will help you to get a good essay in a short period of time and at the same time; you will also be able to learn some tricks of writing good essays in the future. Here are some practices that will help to make you a better writer.

Read other essays

If you want to write good essays, it is important to read a lot of different essays that will help you to get a good idea regarding how to write. Reading high quality essays ensure that you understand the different styles of writing along with getting a clear idea on how to frame an essay.

Develop a style

When you are writing essays, especially for blogs, it is extremely important to create a unique style of writing. This will help you to write essays effortlessly without having to worry about the form. In order to develop your own style, you can study a few different styles and then mix and max some to create your own style. Once you style of writing is developed you can always experiment with the different types of essays.

Take notes in case of academic writings

If you are a student, it is advised that you take notes in class. This will help you to write essays that will impress your professors and thus get you good grades. You can incorporate the points that you have noted in the essay that you write.

Read aloud your writings

Once you have completed your essay, it is a good practice to read aloud the essay. This will help you to understand exactly how the readers will be hearing them in their head.

Research the topic you need to write on

When you have to write some essay or content, it needs to be full of information, hence it is extremely important to research well before you write. Make sure to read up on relevant topics whenever you need to write.

If you follow these practices, we are sure that you should be able to write very good essays whenever you need. These days blogging is a fantastic career option for people who love to write. If you inculcate a sense of good writing from an early age, it can help you to gain popularity in the later years. Follow the above tips to churn out some amazing content whenever you need.

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Steps to write the perfect academic essays


As a student, it is impossible to run away from writing academic essays. When you are sitting for an exam or just completing your daily assignments, you will be made to write some essays. Writing essays can be a daunting task for some. Each essay needs to be perfect if you want to get the best score on them. You can always take the help of custom essay writing service to write these essays. They can not only provide you will essays that will fetch you good marks but you will also get to learn a lot from such essays, for future use.

Here is a list of steps you can follow in order to write the perfect academic essays.

Know your topic

It is very important to have a clear idea about the topic you want to write about. When you are writing an essay, you might be provided the topic before hand or you might get to choose the topic. Either way you need to ensure that you have a very good idea regarding what you have to write about.

Start with a question

It is a good idea to start with a question as it helps you to draw the attention of the readers. You can phrase your essay around the question that you are starting with. This also helps to give your essay a structure.

Research and jot down the points

Before you actually write the essay, it is a good idea to have the points ready. A little bit of research will help you to get the details that you want to incorporate in the essay. It is a good idea to note down the points so that you do not miss out on any of them while writing the essay. It also makes the writing process simpler.

Write the body copy

Though it might sound weird, but writing the body copy first is a good strategy to follow. You can write the question you want to answer and then jump to the body copy. This will help you to frame a good introduction and conclusion.

Write the introduction and conclusion

Once the body is done, you can easily give your essay a strong introduction and conclusion based on it. The introduction can incorporate the question by you while the conclusion is the synopsis of the essay written.

Revise and edit

It is extremely important to edit the work done by you. Even one single mistake can create a very bad impression on the mind of the readers.

Check for plagiarism

Make sure you are checking your essay for any kind of plagiarism. Plagiarism content will not be accepted in any academic circle.

These steps are the best trick to write a good academic essay. As a student a good academic essay can do wonders to your final scores. It helps to create a good impression on your teachers. We recommend that you take professional help if you are unsure about writing a good essay.

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How can you customize your essays for better readability?


Writing is a skill that some people are able to master at a very young age. But then are those who find it very difficult to write any kind of essay or content. But is writing that difficult a task? Well, if you are able to portray your thoughts in a clean and concise manner, you would not have much difficulty in writing an essay or some paper. Good writing is essentially all about making the content readable. All those who are good at writing, concentrate on making the content readable for the readers, thus becoming good writer.

Be it for academic work or for blog purposes, you can always take the help of professionals through dissertation writing services. They will be able to provide you with some high quality content that is extremely reader friendly. Here are some tips from the experts that you can utilize to customize your essays for better readability.

Add a personal touch

It is very important to add a personal touch to the content that you are writing. By adding a little personal touch you will be making the content more relatable. When you are writing something, you need to draw the attention of the readers. Adding some personal touch does that wonderfully.

Try to connect to the readers

It is important to connect to the readers who you will be writing for. Each set of essays and blogs are made for specific readers. When you are writing content, you need to make sure that the readers will be able to find some connect with what you write. When you are writing an academic essay, it is important to stick to the points that pertain to the topic at hand.

Know your readers

In order to use relatable content in the essay, you need to know the demography of the readers. When you know the readers who you are writing for, you are automatically making the write up much easier for use. The language and style used in the essay also depends a lot on the type of users you are writing for.

Keep it free from jargons

Though we recommend you to use simple language, it is better not to use jargons in your essay, especially in academic writing. It might not create a positive impact on the mind of the readers.

Make the flow fluid

It is important to give your essay a fluidity, which helps readers to connect to each part of the essay. When you are writing an essay, you will be required to put in many points to make it informative. Make sure to give the points a fluid flow.

These tips will help you to write content that are very reader friendly. You should have no problem in presenting the essays to the readers as you will be able to communicate exactly what you want through your writings. Make sure that you are able to customize your content based on the readers who would be reading it. This will help you form solid content.

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5 points to keep in mind while writing a college application


Planning on applying to your dream college? One of the most important parts of any kind of college application process is the application essay that you need to submit. In order to secure a seat in a college that will help you to get a good career is becoming difficult day by day due to the growing competition. You need to make sure that you are creating a good impression in the mind of the people who will be in the application committee, in order to get that desired acceptances.

There are many sites which will offer you the services of expert professionals who will be able to help you with the essay. An important thing that you need to keep in mind is that these experts can help you to get a good idea regarding research papers online. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while writing a college application essay.

  • It needs to be informative

The essay you are writing needs to be full of information. Be it a personal essay or about some topic you have been asked to write about, it is very important to provide the readers with all the details they need. You need to remember that the readers will form an opinion about you based on the essay you provide and hence make a judgment.

  • Keep it crisp and concise

The readers who are assessing your essay will have to read many different essays at the same time. So it is recommended that you make it very light and crisp. If you are able to provide them with all the information they require without making the essay too big, you are bound to get a heads up.

  • Well edited essays are a must

Many a time, students write excellent essays but end up making a small mistake like a grammatical or spelling mistake. This leaves a very negative impression on the readers. So make sure to edit and proof read your essay before sending it in. you can use the different editing tools available on the internet for this.

  • Check for plagiarism

You need to ensure that the essay you are penning down does not contain any plagiarized content. It is important to check your writing for plagiarism before you submit the essay as it makes the whole process safer.

  • Needs to end on an interesting note

The essay you are writing needs to leave a lasting impression on the reader in order to get you chosen. One of the easiest and best ways to do it is by ending the essay on an interesting note. This will help you to stand apart from the others who apply.

If you follow these points, you should be able to write good application essays that will give you a head above competition. In today’s competitive field, it is very important to set a standard for yourself that you can follow in order to get the much coveted seat in your dream college.

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Tips to help you meet your assignment deadlines


When you are in school or college, it is very difficult to run away from any kind of assignment that is given to you. Finishing the assignment is not the biggest thing, finishing it within the deadline specified to you is the trouble. Many a time you might have so much on your plate that it becomes difficult to finish all the work assigned to you. This is when you can take the help of expert essay helper who will be able to provide you with high quality essays at very short time.

Not being able to meet deadlines will have a very negative effect on your grades. Even if you are writing very good essays for your assignment, you will have that late mark that end up bringing down your grades. So here is a list of few tips to follow to help you meet your assignment deadlines.

Plan your essay structure

Planning the structure of the essay will help you to write it down very fast. When you know the topic, you can research a bit and plan the things you want to incorporate in the content. It is very important to plan the structure before hand as it ensures that you do not end up wasting time on planning the essay.

Set short term goals

If you have a strict deadline, it is recommended that you set small goals for yourself. When you have some goals to meet you will be finishing off little parts of the essays well in time. This will help you to finish the whole thing well in time thus making it easy for you to meet the deadline.

Write the body first

If you are a crunch of a time, it is very important to give your essay a proper structure. The best way to do it is by starting with the body copy of the essay. When you are writing the body copy, you are giving the readers the exact information they want. Now once the body is done, you can go ahead and fashion the introduction and conclusion accordingly.

Research before hand and keep your points ready

When you have a deadline to meet, you need to research well and have the points ready at your finger tips. If you have the points ready, you can give the essay a structure by incorporating the points that you want to put in the essay. At the same time many good sites that will help you to get the details that you want regarding any topic you need.

If you incorporate these things while writing, you can be sure that you will not have any problem in meeting deadlines. When you are writing a good essay you need to make sure that it is well edited as well. We recommend that you do not keep anything for the last minute. But if you do end up having to write things at the last minute, it is advised that you take professional help.