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Top Hotels in Scotland

Are you planning on visiting Scotland this summer? Well, if you may be wondering which is the best hotel that you can reside in a while on your stay in Scotland. Let us view three of the top hotels that are found in Scotland, and from there you can choose the one suitable for you. The hotels include boutique hotels, the budget hotels, and hotel deals as well.

photo taken by Donald Tong

  • The Gleneagles hotel

This is one a great hotel that you should try out. The hotel is equipped with the best spa, and the food is to die for as it has great cuisines. The hotel is located in the Perth shire countryside from where the Scotland Highland begins. The unique thing about this hotel is the fact that it has its train station, and within five hours you can reach the hotel if you are coming from London. The hotel was built in the year 1920 as a railway resort and incorporates both the French chateau and Scottish Baronial designs making it stand out. You can never get bored while in Gleneagles hotel as there are so many activities you can engage in, such as golfing, there is a tennis court and swimming pool. Some sites like Thomson Holidays and Expedia offer significant discounts when choosing hotel accommodations. There is a total of 232 rooms with 26 suites, so you get so many choices to choose from. Also, you get a beautiful view of the countryside from the balcony of the hotel. The hotel also is family oriented as it has special services for people with disability and they also ensure that the children are well catered for regarding food and playgrounds.


  • Rock House

The hotel is found at the end of Georgian terrace and near the slopes of Calton Hill. The unique thing about this hotel is the fact that you can access it by foot and offers a lot of privacy. From the hotel, you get the best view of the city. The hotel has three different sleeping arrangements whereby the rock house accommodates around eight people the terrace apartment accommodates four people and the photographer studio two people. The rooms offer great privacy as they are self-contained and one can easily access to the garden or the terrace areas from the rooms. The hotel has the best services, and in case you need a delivery you will get the service from the hotel. The rooms are beautiful with all sorts of decor such as the William Morris wallpapers. There is a fireplace, and the kitchen is also quite stunning due to its traditional range cooker that you will not find anywhere else. When it comes to food, it is self-catering as you the rooms are self-contained you get to cook your food.


  • The pavilion at Lamb’s House

The hotel is found within the walls of lamb house on the Leith waterfront. The hotel offers privacy to its guests from the outside. This hotel is not far from the Michelin-starred restaurant and Martin Wishart which are known to have great cuisines. There is enough transportation as there are buses that frequently pass through the hotel as they head to the city center which is only 15 minutes drive away. The hotel rooms have warm colored decorations, and the furniture is well chosen and arranged. Both the modern and traditional devices are provided in the room such as smart TV which is placed in a beautiful traditional Chinese cabinet. The house also has a dishwasher machine, under floor heater and the blue tooth sound system. Wondering how to get to the Pavilion? Well, you can take advantage of voucher codes offered by some sites such as the Jet2holidays and get a discount on the flight charges or even accommodations. You can visit this website for a complete list of discounts.

If you are wondering about where to visit next summer, do not worry as Scotland is a great place that you can visit with your family. There are great hotels that offer excellent stay experience and are also equipped with great activities that you can engage with your family members.

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FREE function hire at 42 New Street

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What Is A CVA?


CVA stands for a company voluntary arrangement, and it is classified under UK insolvency law. The CVA is a form of composition, and it allows a company that is suffering with debt problems to reach a voluntary arrangement with its creditors in order to arrange repayment of all or part of the company’s debts over a certain period of time, which is agreed by both partners. Here, we’ve put together a quick guide to tell you more about what a CVA is and how it may be able to help your business.

Who Can Implement A CVA?

A CVA can only be implemented by an insolvency practitioner, but it has to be agreed and accepted before it comes about. The practitioner will draft a proposal to the creditors, and they will then have a meeting to determine whether they want to accept the proposal or not. The company voluntary arrangement will only be accepted as long as 75% of the creditors (calculated by debt value), agree to it. The company creditors will then be bound to the terms of the proposal, and therefore will no longer be able to take further legal actions in order to collect the debt, as long as the terms are adhered to. If 75% of the creditors cannot agree to a company voluntary arrangement, then you company could ultimately face voluntary liquidation.

Drafting A Company Voluntary Arrangement

The proposal written up by your insolvency practitioner can include a number of things: the financial difficulty arose or came about, up to date information regarding the company’s financial position, how much the company can afford to pay back month-on-month and the predicted duration of the CVA. Once this draft has been put together, you are able to review it and make any necessary changes in order to ensure that your business can keep up with the CVA if it is agreed by the creditors.

CVA Moratorium

While this is rare as a moratorium is difficult to obtain, to reduce or avoid creditor pressure you can apply for one of these through the courts. If it is granted, then creditors cannot take any legal action, providing you and your company with a little extra breathing space.

Potential Benefits

When it comes to a CVA, companies can have various benefits. Firstly, it can help to improve your cash flow quickly and stop pressure from tax while the CVA is being prepared. In addition to this, the CVA allows creditors to retain the customer, and still receive some of the debt back over time. In addition, the board and shareholders remain in total control of the company throughout the CVA. In short, you can prepare a CVA agreement to help your business.

What Happens If You Don’t Meet The Payment Schedule?

If your business is struggling to keep up with the payment schedule that is agreed to in the CVA arrangements, then any of the creditors can apply to wind up your business. This means that your company can end up being liquidated if it cannot keep up with the debts, and the creditors of your company can apply to the court to get their debts paid. This can be done through either a court judgement or through a statutory demand (an official payment request).

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Reasons to visit American this summer


America has been drawing in tourists to its country for a whole host of reasons since travel became readily available. We Brits never get tired of travelling to America in the search for our next big adventure and while there are endless things you can see and do at any time of the year, summer in America is guaranteed to offer you the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re a self-confessed beach bum or thrill seeker, summer time in the States offers all visitors a chance to really take in the atmosphere and discover America’s most hidden gems. Here are a handful of the most fun and interesting places to visit in America over the summer…


While over 4 million people take to the Grand Canyon National Park in the summer, few know about the hidden treasure found in Tuweep in the parks North Rim area. It offers excellent opportunities to hike and explore nature at its most vibrant state and, if you’re really feeling adventurous, try the rapids here. They are known to be the most treacherous and lively in the area! You have been warned.

The Gulf Coast

Going on a car trip along Route 66 is something many of us have dreamed about but you should be aware of another roadway in the states that is equally as historic and exciting and that is the one that curves around the Gulf of Mexico. From the Gulf of Mexico you wind down to the towns of the Redneck Riviera and hit the Mississippi and New Orleans before ending up in the Texas desert.


Alaska has a reputation for being cold and inhospitable on the most part, but there is certainly more to Alaska that meets the eye. Take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry as it takes a 3500 mile trip from Bellingham to the Dutch Harbour. This trip allows you to spot nature in its rawest form and you can spend your days relaxing, eating and drinking. This one is perfect for those looking to chill out on their trip to America.


One of the best kept secrets of Delaware is the 3500 acres of salt marshes that are tucked away between Lewes and Dewey Beach. Could there be anything more pleasant than lounging on the beach and listening to the sea crash on the shore? We think not! And when you’re done chilling out at the beach you can hit one of the local bars and restaurants and party the night away.

One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment in the USA. Make the most of our summer and see where our guide could take you! If you are heading to the states this summer or at any other time of the year, be sure to apply for an ESTA or apply for and ESTA renewal– it will ensure you are granted entry into the country.

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4 things you’ll need to have on you if you’re camping in the Scottish Highlands


Scottish Highlands is one of the best places on the planet, as it offers mountains, lakes, as well as forests. But if you are planning to go to that place, you should definitely carry some food, which can help you in case you need that. It is always advisable that you carry some dry food, that weighs minimum, such that you do not become heavy for you when you are carrying it for the few days when you have visited the Scottish Highlands. There are a number of dry foods available, and you can carry any of them. Carrying dry fruits is highly advisable, as it can give you both vitamins and proteins.


Scottish Highlands is not a small place. It is a very big place, which has its extension over a few hundred kilometers, and it is not possible to move across the complete area within a single day. You should take at least a few days in order to complete your trip to the Scottish Highlands. It is not possible to know all the places and the details of Scottish Highlands, and thus, it is advisable that you always carry a map of the Scottish Highlands along with you. It will help you in case you can’t understand where to go.


Compass is a small material, which can help you to know the direction. It always points to the north, and on proper calibration, you can understand all the four directions, where you can go. Though, compass is generally used by sailors and pilots in order to determine the directions, but it can be of immense help, if you are going to a place, where you have never visited. If you are going to the Scottish Highlands, and you are lost, but you know the direction where you can survive, a Compass is inevitable, as it will help you to know which direction is safe for you.

Satellite phone

By visiting a place like Scottish Highlands, mobile network might not be available to you. In such a situation, you can get the assistance of satellite phones, we directly communicate with the satellites in order to give you mobile communication. Satellite phones work even if no mobile network is available but you cannot get features like a smart phone on your satellite phone. It can only help you to make calls to satellite communication. But make sure that using satellite phones is legal in your country.


The last but not the least is a piece of knife. The knife can seem to be something very trivial but it is actually not that. Knife is the first and the most important item in a survival kit, as it can help you in a number of ways. You never know when you feel the need of using a knife, and thus you should carry one. You can carry a small knife legally, this can be used for preparing food cutting small bits of wood for fire etc, you can have a look through these survival knives, to see which would fit your needs while camping, also to keep your knife ready to cut while in the wilderness it might be worth pairing yours with one of these top knife sharpeners.

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Look at the best fashion designers in Scotland


If you are fond of wearing fashionable places, and you are from Scotland, you must know a number of top fashion designers in Scotland. Fashion is something, which is related or associated with your everyday life, and if you live fashion, you should worship the fashion designers, as without them, fashion is just blind. If you search for fashion designers, you can find hundreds of fashion designers, who plays an important role in developing the fashion industry. But it is not possible to mention all of them. Here are the top four fashion designers, and they also contributed a lot to the fashion industry in Scotland.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is one of the top fashion designers, whom you can find a Scotland, he came to the fashion industry or became a popular face in the Scotland fashion industry in the year 2006. He was also named the Scotty designer of the year twice. He has contributed a lot to the film industry, which eventually turned into personal life fashion of a number of people who live in Scotland. The costumes he designed has also earned popularity outside Scotland. Keeping all that in mind, he can be considered as one of the top are the best fashion designer in Scotland.

Jonathan Saunders

The next best fashion designer is Jonathan Saunders, worked with a number of the most popular faces in the fashion industry, which include British fashion Council, Vogue Fashion Fund, and and was also awarded with the Scottish fashion awards once. He graduated from Glasgow’s school of art in the year 1999, and then he attended the most popular and the prestigious Central Saint Martins, which is located in London. His work has been appreciated not only in Scotland but also in various other countries like London and New York, and his work is also seen in New York fashion weeks, which is really a prestigious show. If you are looking for cool dresses then opt for The Clothing People.

Holly Fulton

Another great icon in the world of Scottish fashion industry is Holly Fulton, who appeared in the fashion industry in the year 2007, and she is one of the most popular faces, and the most popular fashion designer among the young generation. She also got the British Fashion Council NEWGEN award in the year 2010, which is an hour given to the fashion designers for immense contribution to the young generation of the fashion industry. Apart from it she also became the Fashion Forward Winner in the year 2013, which is also a lot prestigious award.

Graeme Armour

Among other to fashion designers, who are popular in Scotland, Graeme Armour is another popular face, who has earned popularity as she stared designing dresses from the age of six, an age when people don’t know what fashion is. He stared designing dresses for Barbie, and has worked with a number of fashion icons in Scotland. He has also earned a number of awards, and contributed a lot to the Scottish film industry, as well as the Hollywood film industry. For more such people, go to Look at the best fashion designers in Scotland.

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Look at the 4 best gyms in Scotland to visit!


Look at the 4 best gyms in Scotland to visit!

Gym is the best place, where you can visit on a regular basis in order to have a healthy figure and to lead a weightless life, which is a dream of many people. But if you are visiting to the gym regularly, you must be visiting the gym which is located within the four walls, and under a roof. But if you want to know the best gyms in the world, you should visit Scotland which houses the top four gyms of the world, and they are worth visiting at least once in your life. The beauty of those top four gyms are given here.

Silverknowes Outdoor Gym

Have you ever thought of outdoor gyms! If you have already seen gym located in the open air, the Silverknowes Outdoor Gym is a gym which is completely different from the other outdoor gyms, which you find at different places. The best part of the gym is that, the gym is located at a place, where you can get a beautiful view of the beach. But there is a difference between the other outdoor gyms and the following gym. In the mentioned gym, you can get air conditioning comfort, which means the gym is actually made in a glass house, and the gym has glass walls around it, which make the difference.

CrossFit Scotland

If you want to lead a life, where you will shed certain calories from your body, and you want to go through a certain system for proper weight loss, CrossFit Scotland is the gym, where you can visit. Similar to other gyms, you can find cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, and a number of other instruments, but the difference is you should visit the classes, which are organized in the gym. The difference makes the gym great, and thus you should definitely visit the gym along with your friends. But then at times when you are looking for good diet plans then you may be searching for useful Diet Pill Resource then you should be quite careful with the resources like whether or not it is authentic or useful etc. Once you are certain about the authenticity then only avail those Diet Pill Resources.

One Spa

It is really going to be great, if you can get spa along with gym. Yes, if you are looking for such a gym, One Spa is a gym, which is located in Scotland. The gym is located on the top of a five-star hotel, in the famous city of Edinburg. Apart from getting a spa, you can even get a luxury swimming pool, where you can even practice swimming, which is also quite great for your health. Visiting the gym once in your life can be great, as you can get all kind of comfort at least once in your life.

Pure Gym

All the gyms come with a monthly subscription, and you will have to pay that amount in order to be a member of the gym. But Pure Gym is a gym located in Scotland is a network of gym, which has its branches in a number of cities in Scotland. The gyms are open all the 24 hours a day, and you can get the best out of your money. It also offers a number of different instrument such that you can work out in all the ways. For more such beautiful gyms in Scotland, you can visit Look at the 5 best gyms in Scotland to visit.

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Best presents to buy your children in 2017


Small children are always fond of gifts. If you are a guardian, there are a number of occasions, when you can give gifts to your small children. But depending upon the age of your child, it can be a very difficult task to choose gifts. Not everybody of the same age like a certain gift, and a certain gift cannot be suitable for all the ages. Thus, here are the top four gifts, which can be given to your small children, such that they can use it extensively, and it can be used by small children of all the age groups, to find the best things for your kids, you need to find the best website for cool stuff.

Study table

Nowadays the small children are fond of reading or studying on the beds, and in such a situation, study tables can be considered the best gifts. Such tables can be folded and can be kept at one corner of your bedroom, and they can be unfolded, when you or your child actually need that. Though, it is apparently a gift meant mainly for small children, it can also be used by you or any other adults, who require or need an elevated platform to do official tasks, and a number of other jobs. The prices are quite affordable, and they are also available at various price ranges.

Lego bricks set

Lego bricks can be considered as great gifts nowadays, when the small children spend most of their time playing games on computers and smart phones. Lego bricks are made from plastic, and they can be joined with each other to make a number of different items. They are also available in multiple colors, such that they can get the designed item of a certain color. Designing various items with the aid of cool Lego sets can help them increase the imagination power, and also their skills. Depending upon your capability to invest, the number of bricks present in it is a subject to vary.

Learning tablet or laptop

Learning tablet is one of the best items, which you can give as a gift to your small children, if you want that they learn a number of items through an interactive media. It is used as giving them smart phones and tablets, which adults use, as they can get unlimited access to a number of services, which did not want, and thus, they get addicted to it. But in case of a learning tablet, they are only bound to use services, which are meant only for learning, and they can play a few games in a way such that they are not addicted to it. You can also give learning laptops instead of learning tablets.

Outdoor kit

If your child is fond of playing outdoor games, it is a wonderful interest. In such a situation, you can give him or her a soccer ball, or a cricket bat along with a tennis ball. You should try to know the game which they are interested

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How to Create a Romantic Bedroom in a Few Simple Steps


If your bedroom is starting to become the catch-all location for clutter and mess in the home, or you walk into it and feel anything but romance, it may be time for a mini-makeover. While most people love the idea of a romantic bedroom, achieving it can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are some simple and inexpensive steps you can take to help create that romantic bedroom of your dreams.

Get Rid of the Electronics

The very first step in creating a romantic bedroom is completely free, and really quite simple. You want to be sure to remove all of the electronics that take away from the whole idea of “romance” in the space. Maybe you’ve got your tablet beside your bed so you can enjoy a selection of the best slot games each evening, perhaps you’ve got a TV placed on the dresser, or maybe you’ve got a laptop sitting on your bed at all times.

No matter the device, it’s time to move it to another spot in the house. These are all great sources of fun and entertainment, and can even be relaxing for people, but they just don’t belong in a romantic space.

Give the Bed a Makeover

Another place to make changes is with your bedding. If you’ve had the same tired linens for years, and the bed never seems to be made, it’s time to change things up. Pick lovely soft neutrals like beige, cream, soft greys, and lilac for a soft look. Another tip is to add decorative pillows in various textures. This will help give a more luxurious, almost hotel-like feel to the room. Be sure to also make the effort to make your bed each day, as this creates a more inviting space.

Remove Any and All Clutter

Now it’s time to clear the clutter. How can you create a vibe of romance when you can’t see the floor, dresser, or bed because of the clutter? Make sure that everything is put away and that the dressers stay relatively clear. This creates a sense of openness and is very inviting.

Choose a Warm Palette for the Walls

Paint is able to transform a space immediately and is guaranteed to help you create a romantic space. Opt for warm colours on the wall, such as caramel tones. You can always ask for help picking a warm neutral tone when you go to buy paint.

Add Candlelight

Of course candlelight is one of the most romantic lighting options out there, and your bedroom is the perfect space to use it. You may want to choose scented candles with soft fragrances. Once you purchase them, make sure you make a habit of lighting them and creating that beautiful atmosphere.

A Transformed Space

By using these simple steps you will be able to transform your bedroom into a beautiful, inviting, and romantic space that looks like something out of a magazine spread.

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Top 5 coffee shops in Scotland


A delightful cup of coffee will undeniably help you to boost your work ethic. According to some, coffee is a talent. It has boundless health benefits too. Coffee lessens the risk of type 2 diabetes, is a decent source of antioxidants, great for the liver. And among other health benefits, coffee has been known to improve ones intellect. There is nothing nicer than catching up with somebody that you care about over a strikingly prepared brew or cuppa. Below is a list of the 5 best coffee shops in Scotland.


Melt gallery & café.

Different to some, not only do they have an extensive range of unusual jewellery and art. This is a nice, quirky location to stop for a browse and a brew. The Melt Gallery specialises in Lavazza coffee but, if you don’t feel like going outside to grab yours, you can order Lavazza coffee beans from A1 Coffee. Melt, it is the newest addition to the Pitlochry coffee scene. Many people have claimed this to be their new favourite in its area.


The Steamie.

Here they use Artisan Roast coffee beans. And they also sell a range of wonderful food and cakes amongst other beverages. Located slightly west from Glasgow, this is a very chilled out, casual café. It is so cosy in there that you could show up in your pyjamas, and the workers are that relaxed that they probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid!


Castello Coffee.

Situated near Princes Street and Castle Street, Castello is one of Edinburgh’s favourites. Known for its pleasant, subtle service and remarkable surrounding location, Castello is definitely one to visit.  They also offer a refined range of food, with plenty for vegetarians also. You have the option to either sit outside with umbrellas or the inside seating area. If the weather is decent, why not walk over to Princes Street Gardens below the Edinburgh castle for a picnic and a cuppa?


Bearded Baker.

Honestly, it is in the name. This café offers some exquisitely made bagels and doughnuts among delicious cakes, meals and tasty Williams & Johnson coffee. The décor and style is effortlessly sophisticated and simple. Rowan and his staff ensure systematic batches of baked goods so that famished customers stay pleased and not disheartened. They are open seven days a week, usually early until five in the evening on weekdays. And on weekends, they are open 9am-4pm.


Round square Coffee House.

This has been set up on Morningside Road, right near the Dominion Cinema. The décor is trendy but also warm. There are white walls and one covered in matt black tiles, with chrome coffee equipment, wooden benches and tables the look really comes together nicely. You can expect to taste their house blend for espresso-based beverages.  And, of course, you can buy some Roundhouse beans to take home with you!