Going on holiday is the way that we unwind, get rid of stress, and take the time to do the things that make us happy. It’s important to take time out from our busy lives to relax and not worry about the usual things that keep us up at night. So, if summer comes around and you fund your funds a bit lower that you expected, there are still some options to make the most of your holiday:

Choose a home holiday

Low budget is not nearly as bad as it sounds. Going on a low budget holiday doesn’t mean mouldy beds, ugly weather and dodgy neighbours. To go on a low budget holiday the right way you just have to keep an open mind. Camping, for one, is a great holiday option if you get the location right. If you enjoy scenery then you should head towards the hills up north to see some incredibly clear skies, soothing lakes and rugged cliff-tops. You can go kayaking, fishing walking and make memories with your family around a campfire. If camping’s not your thing you could take a tour of the historical sites. The important thing is that you get out of the house and away from your problems.

Company holidays

Although it’s not common, there are a lot of companies that go on holiday together to strengthen the team bond. It’s normally the company that pays for these packages and it’s mostly small but financially stable companies that take their employees on holiday as part of a bonus package. This isn’t usually an annual thing. It might be the case that they’ve had a particularly successful quarter and want to reward their staff for their hard work. If you’re a business owner, this might be something you could consider in order to give something substantial back to your employees (as well as benefit from yourself). If you need to save some money at work to afford a weekend away with your team then one way to do it is to reassess wheat you’re spending on your equipment and outsourced services. At websites like you can compare suppliers and prices and make the switch to better suppliers that give you greater value for your money. Maybe then, within a year’s time, your company could afford a weekend a way to somewhere sunny.

Try a package holiday or a resort

While it might be nice to have a three story villa and pool in Tuscany all to yourself that might not really be within your budget. If you’re used to remote holidays a holiday package might be a cheaper alternative for you. There are so many available that you could go literally anywhere for sometimes half the price of what you would be paying otherwise. These packages sometimes come with inclusive services, coupons, tickets to local attractions and flight tickets, so you barely need to worry about a thing. You can also get additional discounts on these packages when you look at discount and coupon websites. However, don’t be conned into paying more than a holiday is worth. Do some shopping around a look at the normal prices of the places included in the package. While most of the time packages tend to be cheaper overall, you will still get the occasional crafty salesman trying to charge you more than you should. All you need to do is research packages and keep an open mind when it comes to location.