SMDSA – Match Commentary for Visually Impaired Fans


The St Mirren Disabled Supporters Association (SMDSA) was formed under three years ago and in that time they have proved to be very innovative and many of their ideas have now been adopted by other clubs in Scotland.
The Scottish Disabled Supporters Association received a donation of top of the range equipment for use with fans experiencing visual impairment. It was the unanimous decision of the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association to donate this equipment to St Mirren in recognition of the efforts by SMDSA.
The system, including transmitter and several receivers, will provide commentary on the game and is the same as that used in the Etihad and Emirates stadia. It is capable of use anywhere in the stadium and is available to both home and away fans. Commentary will be provided by UWS students.
The procedure for borrowing a receiver is as follows:
1. The booking form can be dowloaded by clicking HERE, it must be completed and e-mailed to 24 hours prior to kick-off.
2. The equipment will be collected from Reception where a deposit of £10 will be taken.
3. At the end of the game, the receiver must be returned to Reception and the £10 deposit will be returned.
Further information can be obtained at the club, via the scoreboard or by e-mailing