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Youth Academy – Gold Award



By James Hunter

The St Mirren FC Youth Academy maintained their position as the only club in Scotland to achieve Club Academy Scotland’s Gold Level. It’s the third year in a row that the Buddies have received the award after satisfying the requirements of the Scottish Football Association.

Head of Youth Development, David Longwell said: “The gold award is all to do with criteria. Over the past few years the SFA have brought in a rigorous criteria for clubs to follow, which ranges from facilities to coaching qualifications to medical provision, etc.

“You need to have a tactical and technical curriculum and show that there’s a pathway from younger kids all the way to full time, there’s lots that goes into it.

“It’s a bit of gratification for the work that goes on. We don’t have a lot of staff in here so we have to put a lot of extra hours in and work very hard to achieve something as high as that.

“It’s a credit to all the staff we have in here, all the coaches who put an awful lot of work in for me and the football club and this is a wee bit of a reward for everybody.”

Well done to David, Max and everyone involved with the Youth Academy!

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