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Positive About Youth Awards 2012

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Following last year’s success, Renfrewshire ‘Positive About Youth’ awards scheme is looking for nominations for 2012.  The main purpose of the awards is to celebrate positive images of young people in Renfrewshire.  The awards and ceremony is designed and organised by Renfrewshire Youth Voice – a Renfrewshire wide youth forum.  There are eight categories for the awards (below).  We are looking for a young person or a group of young people aged between 12 and 25 who do outstanding work in their own community.

The ceremony takes place on Thursday 27th September but please note the earlier nomination deadline below.

The nomination deadline is Friday 27th July so we look forward to hearing from you!

The Awards Categories are detailed below:

Young Artist of the Year

We are looking for a young person who is passionate about the arts, whether it be through a love of art, film or photography. This is a chance for their work to be appreciated and recognised within the community.

Young Carer of the Year

We are looking for a caring individual who has dedicated time to help someone less fortune than themselves or a family member. This individual should be recognised for their selfless actions on a daily and weekly basis.

Young Citizen of the Year

An award that aims to celebrate the work of a young person that has helped people in, or outwith their communities, changing lives. Along with this, we are looking for a person who consistently gives up their free time to help other people.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Do you know a young person who has demonstrated an entrepreneur flare and turned this passion into a drive to help growth and sustainability in their local community ? Your nominee may have had a personal achievement or may be shown to have used their entrepreneurial skills in their local area to great success.

Young Musician(s) of the Year

We are looking for either a group or a single musician who has consistently used their musical talents to inspire or help young people, or who have helped young people develop their musical skills through community projects.


Young Sports Person of the Year

An award that aims to celebrate single sports achievements of individuals, whether it be sports coaching or a major milestone in their own sporting world. We are looking for someone who gives up their free time to help others or always strides to do their best and achieve.

Youth Project of the Year

We are looking for a group of young people that have helped create or plan a youth project which has inspired others or helped to build a better community or school and can be shown to have made a difference to the lives of young people within their local communities and/or schools.

The Unsung Hero Award

This award is seeking to find a young person that has gone the extra mile but never seeks any recognition or reward for their work. Someone who brings so much more than expected to their community and to the people they help, and always works with a smile, freely giving up their time to help others.

If you would like nominate yourself or someone else please visit www.ryv.org.uk and click on the ‘Positive About Youth’ awards banner