Volunteer Stewards Required for Paisley Development Trust

The Paisley Development Trust are looking for volunteer stewards to help out at the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 re-enactment event happening on the 9th of June 2012,

They are currently looking for two types of stewards:

Heath and Safety Stewards

The Health and Safety Stewards will be dressed in Casual Wear with a high-vis vest,

Key responsibilities include:

  • Manning the stage at busy periods
  • Manning lit torches and ensuring members of the public remain at a safe distance
  • Escorting the horse and cart, keeping a clear pathway at all times
  • General Crowd Control

Information Stewards

The information Stewards will be dressed in a black RWH1697 t-shirt and black trousers

Key responsibilities include:

  • Distributing Maps, Schedules and Broadsheets
  • Answering Public enquiries about the event and the story of the Witch Hunt
  • Inform public about areas of interest in the town centre
  • Gather interest from the public for the 3 planned processions and direct them to the designated areas for performances


The first performances begin on stage at 11am in the morning and scheduled to finish at 6:00pm


There will be a meeting on Wednesday 6th June 2012 from 6:00pm at the Paisley YMCA (address below) to discuss logistics of the event, there will also be a chance for the stewards to ask questions regarding the event,

There will also be a short brief on 9th June at 9:30am in Paisley Town Centre

Volunteers are needed from 9:30am until 6:30pm (including de-rig)

There will be breaks and basic refreshments available,

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Dale Irvine at dale@thepdt.org.uk