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Council Wardens Take Action Over Litter


Renfrewshire Council staff helped clean up the area’s streets as part of a one-day nationwide blitz on irresponsible litter-droppers.

The Renfrewshire Wardens Service joined forces with Strathclyde Police and environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of the Litter Day of Action on Thursday 7 June.

The event – which took place for the fifth year running – is aimed at raising the profile of litter enforcement and stressing to the public that dropping litter is a crime.

During the day, uniformed officers from the wardens service patrolled the streets and open spaces of Renfrewshire, to educate, and, where necessary, hand out fines.

The wardens also made special patrols outside two local high schools, St Benedict’s and Trinity High, in Linwood and Renfrew, with the aim of raising awareness among the pupils over issues around litter.

Any pupil caught dropping litter had their details taken, with the school informed and a letter sent to their parents.

Councillor Jim Harte, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environment and Infrastructure Policy Board, said: “While I’m sure the majority of Renfrewshire residents are responsible in how they dispose of their rubbish, sadly there remains a minority who are not.

“By taking part in this event, the council is hammering home the message that dropping litter is a crime, and that we are able and willing to take action against people whose selfish actions mess up our streets and parks.”

Donna Wilson of Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scotland’s leading charity for the environment, said: “The day of action has demonstrated that Scottish local authorities and police forces are committed to tackling littering.

“By working in partnership across the country we have taken a stand against low-level crimes, such as littering, and demonstrated that it will no longer be taken lightly.

“It is clear that littering is still a big problem but, by continuing to educate people, provide better services and issue fines, we are united in our approach to make our communities safer, stronger, greener and cleaner.”