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Monkey Poet Presents Welcome

Monkey Poet presents Welcome at Paisley Arts Centre on Sat 21 April, 7.30pm

Described as a cross between Bill Hicks and Mark Thomas, Matt Panesh brings his double bill of critical acclaimed comedy to Paisley Arts Centre.

 is two acts of no-holds barred, full blown onslaught of engaging, interesting and topical stand up which is brought to you by a performer with seamless delivery and passion.

Act 1 – Welcome… to Afghanistan

The first half of the show is a one-man comedy play telling the story of the first Afghan wars in the 1840s.  

”Welcome to Afghanistan” is based on a soldiers memoir first published in 1844.  Lt John Greenwood joins up and journeys to India, taking the audience on a whistle-stop tour of the colonial continent, before arriving in Afghanistan, and the greatest disaster in British Military history; The 90-mile retreat from Kabul in which 16,000 people lost their lives…..And  It’s a comedy!Monkey Poet leaps from character to character, from cynical Generals to Indian beggars, and all walks of life in between. A Stage Must See show – Edinburgh Fringe.

Act 2 – Welcome… to the UK

The second half of the show is a selection of Panesh’s verse on the state of the UK today. Targets include the economy crisis, the BNP, the tabloid media, celebrity culture and whatever else is on his mind on the night.

Act 2 is satiric stand-up in rhyme. Likened to Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, Mark Thomas & Billy Bragg this is not for the faint-hearted or dainty-eared!

is mixture of theatre, comedy and poetry from a very enthusiastic performer who has won 7 fringe awards for poetry including Best Poet at San Fransisco Fringe two years running.

Expect plenty of audience participation and a medley of group shouting targeted at politicians. 

 cost £10 (£6 conc) and are available online at 
www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/onlinebooking or by calling 0141 887 1010.

For further information please visit 
www.monkeypoet.co.uk or follow us on facebook atwww.facebook.com/renfrewshirearts.