St Mirren 10000 Hours Campaign – Updates For The Weekend

The 1000 Hours Campaign have a few things they would like you to consider this weekend.

First, you can now look at the First Draft of the Articles of the CIC online at www.10000hours.org/news/131-draft-articles-published and make comments on the forum. Please Read the notes and others posts also.

Second, If you have pledged but not yet returned your Direct Debit and your Membership form then now is your chance. They are close to having enough pledges but these Pledges need to turned into returned forms. No money will be taken at this stage. Forms can be found herehttp://www.10000hours.org/downloads

Finally it is a home game this weekend (three points please Mr Lennon!) so this is your chance to ask the folk beside you and around you if they have Pledged their support.

10000 Hours are close to making Community ownership and Fan Governance a reality for the Club, but they are not there yet, so please do encourage all of those you have contact with to sign up this weekend.